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Landmark Education - status
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: May 17, 2009 03:19PM

Hi everyone,

I will give you a short update here. My goal is to close down Landmark Education and Vanto globally.

- Sweden - Landmark has left after a very revealing documentary. It showed that somepeople end up in psychiatric hospitals after having done landmark courses
- France - Landmark left after it was revealed they use people as free labour.
- Australia - a revealing documentary will air soon
- England - I have connections there

What you can do:
- inform your government about landmark. Send an e-mail with your personal story - what happened to you.
- inform the media in your country. Tell your story.

I have been doing this since I left landmark in 1997. I have survived and I have not been sued by landmark. They cannot win in a court of law since they make you sign contract under duress.

Also they (landmark) knows that they will fail if they try to sue me. I use everything they taught me against them.

Lars Bergwik / nisseberka on youtube / nettie here on rickross

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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: Excalibur ()
Date: May 23, 2009 08:08AM

Thanks for the info Nettie.

Do you know anything about Landmark in Switzerland? I think they might have been run out of there as well but I don't have any details.

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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: June 03, 2009 01:52AM

no - I don't know what happened in Switzerland.

There is one forum leader from Switzerland - I guess she is disappointed that they don't have an office there. Maybe there is some underground activity there.

I have received information that there is some activity in Sweden. However I don't think it is very big.


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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: June 03, 2009 02:08AM

there was a radio program in Australia about Landmark Education;

search on google for abc radio national . ( www dot abc dot net dot au /rn/backgroundbriefing/ )

I haven't heard it - it is not available on-line.

It aired May 31. I hope it did something for the Australians.

Lars /nettie / nisseberka

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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 03, 2009 03:46PM

It says the audio and transcript will be released soon.
On the site, there there is also a...
"Statement from Landmark Education in response to the Swedish documentaries broadcast on Cold Facts".
anyone have a link to those shows in English?

Also, the Cult Awareness and Information Centre which is in Australia might make it available.

One can be certain that the Landmark intellectual cowards are in a orgiastic frenzy to try and censor and block this documentary from reaching the public on the internet.
Its amazing that Landmark is able to maintain any credibility even with Landmarkians, when all they do is try to censor and block documentaries and news articles about Landmark.

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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: dtroy ()
Date: June 03, 2009 03:48PM

The Radio show did nothing for the Australians! Nettie

How are we supposed to write to our politicians when they send high ranking police defence (and others) officials to Landmark "courses" ?
What will we write ? Landmark make sure they do not break any laws. They've got enough lawyers working for them to do that.
They make sure no one can classify them as a cult.
They even make sure to tell you "they teach you nothing you did not know before".

So please, tell me. How can we fight them ? And shut them down. I feel helpless.

I must admit, I am new here. And have not taken any of their courses. But my girlfriend has, and now she's about to take the advanced course.
I did spend a lot of time researching them, and I did not like what I've found one bit. I think I am informed enough now to see them for what they are.

If you've got any advice for me, please let me know !


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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: June 03, 2009 09:24PM

I do think the radio documentary did some good - all info about landmark's practises is one piece in the puzzle.

They landmark has NOT infiltrated enough people - write your politicians - very few politicians will defend landmark.

Be concise - tell them about your view on landmark - and if you see any changes in your girlfriend - tell her.

I am sorry that I cannot help you more. When your girlfriend has been introduced to the landmark programming of the mind it is hard to convince her that she should get out. But most people tire of landmark after a while.

Whatever you do DO NOT do the landmark forum. I am very sorry to tell you that your relationship may suffer from her participation. She will say that you should trust her and do the course yourself. Do not fall for that.

But I am not telling you what to do - you have to make your own decision. Read what I write as suggestions only - it may turn out ok for both of you. I hope so.

nettie / Lars Bergwik / nisseberka (on youtube)

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Landmark Education - Australia,
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 04, 2009 03:51AM

also, don't listen to the Landmark propaganda.

They get very few, if ANY "officials" to attend their courses, they already have too bad of a reputation. Its at the same level of a politician taking Scientology "courses".
and yes, you complain to the politicians, the media, and anyone else who attends.
If they are using PUBLIC MONEY, then raise holy hell, that will stop them from putting tax-payers money into Landmark's pockets. They have no right to use tax-payers money for Landmark, or any other LGAT seminar, which is NOT a legit training in anything.

Now that the Australian Background Briefing radio doc is done, more work can be done in Australia. Australians aren't gonna fall for Werner Erhards American con-game.

The only real solution is public education. For former Landmark people, to carefully explain step by step, EXACTLY what Landmark does to people, and how they do it.

For example, the Cult Awareness and Information Centre []
has a lot of good information about Landmark.

The reality is that exposing the FACTS about Landmark works, and that is why Landmark fights so hard to censor. They know if the public become AWARE of the precise techniques being used on them, and how Werner Erhard designed them, their enrollment drops like a stone.
Typical of these groups, they have to use DECEPTION to get people to attend the LGAT seminar.

So precise, accurate knowledge of exactly how Landmark and the other groups work, does help thousands of people. Many decide not to attend based on the facts.
Those who have attended who have doubts, can learn the facts.

This is why Landmark has tried and FAILED REPEATEDLY to ban criticism of Landmark on the internet.
Landmark is actually very very weak, as they constantly fail in their attacks.
They have failure after failure in trying to ban freedom of thought, and freedom of speech.

Landmark and the Internet Archive | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Rick Ross: Landmark Education
Landmark Education, Landmark, Werner Erhard, The Forum, large group awareness training, LGAT

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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: dtroy ()
Date: June 04, 2009 09:52AM

A bit short on time, so couldn't dig up more links .
but : (defence force)

The Anticult
Now that the Australian Background Briefing radio doc is done, more work can be done in Australia. Australians aren't gonna fall for Werner Erhards American con-game.
But they do fall for it. I was amazed to find out how wide spread it is here in Australia.

I did not listen to the radio show and look forward to do so when it's available for download.
I believe that the way to handle this issue is over the media and not in politics.
I was actually considering creating a website or blog only for this purpose. I've seen lots of information in different places, but I think it will be much helpful if it was all in one place, dedicated only to Landmark and no other "cults".

I also believe that most powerful thing is testimonies of people who have done the courses and worked for Landmark. After all people like me just don't "get it".
Till this day I could not find a single testimony which could clearly articulate what Landmark actually do in their course (positive or negative testimony). Maybe because there's nothing to describe but the manipulation of language and the psychological pressure used to make people "get it" (no one could explain what "it" was).

If we want to inform people I believe it's important we gather as much of this testimonies as possible and make them public, and do our best to describe and explain exactly what goes on behind their closed doors.
I believe that if there was evidence in form of video, audio, or even transcripts of each and every one of their courses distributed all over the internet and TV, Landmark will be left powerless.
If you find this a cause you want to support, let me know!

Maybe I shouldn't care about this as much and spend my time and effort resisting this thing which posses no threat to me personally. I will never do a landmark course. I am in no need of someone telling me how to think.

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Re: Landmark Education - status
Posted by: Vic-Luc ()
Date: June 05, 2009 06:00AM

Their response:
Statement from Landmark Education in response
to the Swedish documentaries broadcast on Cold Facts

There is overwhelming evidence that Landmark Education’s programs are not only safe, but exceptionally effective, and experts confirm these facts. Any questions as to whether Landmark’s programs might be harmful, religious in nature or even sect-like, have been clearly answered by numerous top experts worldwide. Among those experts who have personally observed our programs are Dr. Norbert Nedopil, renowned forensic psychiatrist from the University of Munich, and Dr. Raymond D. Fowler, PhD, retired CEO of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Fowler stated, in an independent report which reflected his own opinion and not on behalf of the Association, “I saw nothing in The Landmark Forum that I attended to suggest that it would be harmful to any participant.” Dr. Fowler went on to say, “The Landmark Forum is not a cult or anything like a cult, and I do not see how any reasonable, responsible person could say that it is.” In addition, Dr. Charles Watson, PhD, Former Chief Health Officer of Western Australia and Executive Dean of Health Sciences at Curtin University, said, “I have personally observed The Landmark Forum and, speaking from my expertise and experience as a medical doctor and former Chief Health Officer, my view is that there is absolutely nothing harmful in Landmark Education's programs.” He went on to say, “This conclusion is fully aligned with those of numerous independent studies by top experts." Moreover, Harris Interactive®, one of the largest and most respected market research firms in the world, conducted an independent survey on behalf of Landmark Education of health professionals and educators who have taken Landmark Education programs. The results show that an overwhelming 94% agree that Landmark Education’s programs are professionally conducted and provide great value. To date, over 40,000 health professionals and educators have participated in Landmark Education’s programs. In fact, McNeil named Landmark Education one of the top personal training and development program providers in the world.

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