Sex ashrams of India Narayan prem sai son of Sant Shri Ashram bapu Ji
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Date: April 23, 2009 06:36AM

This is about Narayan Sai who is son of so called Sant Sri Asaram bapu ji.
Narayan learned the tricks to fool innocent religious people in the name of guru bhakti & guru sewa.
His cult follows same principles of asaram bapu. Asaram bapu’s criminal empire in the name of guru sewa was boosted about 10 years ago when he taught his son narayan to do all out of ashram criminal activities.

Narayan Prem Sai himself used to go to number of places to learn how to fool people while disguising as guru so he too can exploit ancient GURU CHELA system. Asaram knew today or tomorrow his crimes will be exposed so he thought of a plan to make his son a different god and distribute his son’s pictures. This way if he is doomed some of people who have made narayan as their guru will follow his son and their crime kingdom will continue. Narayan who helped asaram grab number of people assets by fooling and forging.
Narayan along with his sister bharti mastered the art of forging. The whole network work like this.
First they identify a family who have huge assets, then they send some of their followers to their homes and invite the family member to come visit satsang. Then if one person has come form family that is is enough. Now they will focus to brainwash new recruit. Once that person has been given lot of superstition about next life previous life then the process of recruiting him /her to their ashram starts. First they will ask for sewa for ashram which they have made in number of cities as there is no control of police or political party’s. As any political candidate is least concerned who are they going to because to them all matters is if local people have gathered then they show their support to that guru or criminals as only thing matters is local votes for them. Once local MLA/MP is in pocket then local government machinery is in pocket and then they start grabbing posh properties by putting their sadhak’s who are groomed in their different ashram to serve guru as god. Remember GURU CHELA system was ancient system where children used to learn and move on to do their life duties, but as schools came in so guru chela system is no more. But criminals like asaram and narayan have used that system to make slaves for factories they have opened in ashram. Number of products are made in these factories ranging from agarbatti’s , masala, oils, and all sort of superstitious stuffs.

The goal is to make more followers which can be groomed into sadhaks so their life can be exploited. Lies, Deceit, Cheating, Forgery is common and is used to lure people and keep them in ashram. Once a family member join in ashram then sadhak is told outside inside theory. Every ting outside ashram is bad. Basic route to keep slaves doomed and fanatic in the name of guru sewa is done by keeping sadhak busy in ashram. They are told to dhayan three times a day in the name of criminal asaram (ooops they call him chote bhagwaan inside), So a picture is given of narayan and people are told to focus on his picture this way even if he doesn’t want to see his picture he will be forced to his picture everywhere in ashram. Then continuous bombardment of lecture discourses of this criminal in ashram. People living in ashram are living a psychotic life where they are controlled every thought. Women are raped number of times by narayan disguising as god Krishna. whose followers have ever minded having sex with god. Having sex with god mean you will reach to heaven. A lawyer who lives nearby ashram has seen condom boxes number of times and have reported to local authorities but who cares. In India news against Goldman are suppressed as there are limited channels and either they are controlled by money or some by influence of fear.

Follower who was recruited is made to sign lot of blank papers, which are used against him if he ever comes to his senses. Like his property is taken over by narayan ashram or they can just write whatever they want. Ad so far they have misused number of times for which one ex insider had made FIR in VIRAR police station also. There are number of cases against narayan all over India. Especially sexual exploitation & murder cases are given priority then father and son both start propaganda and start distributing 8-9 lakh of books and papers giving their explanation and stories to disguise. A book & material they publish costs only Rs.6 as is printed in lakhs but followers are charges Rs.10 so even while distributing their propaganda material they make money. Ashram is mere a money making machine which narayan learned from his criminal father asaram. His father only used to sexually molest women because of his age, but asaram made number of women pregnant in ashram then they are aborted. Women he has had sex with GOD is shattered emotionally when she is told to abort, but abortion is done in the name of guru sewa. Pregnant women is told if she doesn’t abort the child then she is guru drohi. she is forced to abort in a ashram located in the village. After sex, abortion and humility she went through women is left no choice and she is told to recruit more women and train other women. She can’t go out of ashram, as she is mentally tortured in ashram. She is made to say she has given her life to guru. She follows what guru tells her to.

All GURU’S are not like this, and all ashrams are not run in this manner this is why lot of guru’s have distanced themselves from asaram & narayan. Lot of guru’s have spoken against these father son duo criminals but lack of political will in the system kept these criminals out of jail yet. Human Right Violations of all kinds are found in every stone & dirt of their ashram. There are number of murders which are hidden because of 45,000 Crores of assets. In India you have to pay even in courts to get a order copy on time but these criminals have lot they have succeeded in getting the entire files of investigations from court premises. It takes lot of time for evidences to gather in courts after number of dates and number of hearings but when it’s time for justice they know they will be in trouble their team of posh lawyers have succeeded in getting the entire file disappear from courts. So far in none of these they been let go free all are pending but delayed by their politics and money game. In India it takes years for a case to finish but as this cult had grown so much that they were killing people in large numbers and so many whiteness’s are there in number of cases that this cult will make history in India. In India it’s the first time that a GURU is exposed in public on such massive scale and who has been exploiting faith of people for such long time that this will be an example for India to not to follow Televangelist who have no value for human life.

That follower who was recruited in ashram had some assets which are made to sign over o ashram, but in case his family is not willing to give money to this criminals ashram then recruit is forced to put pressure on family to sign over their asset to ashram. It’s money money money all over, father and son invent new schemes to fool people in the name of guru sewa , guru bhakti in their ekaantwaas.

A sadhak is made psychotic in ashram so if his family ever wants to take him back, public is told that we have not tied him ropes to sadhak if he is living in ashram. But a follower will only do what guru tells him to do. Guru tells him teaches him in all of his statement s and all of assets every day hundreds of times guru is everything family means nothing to you this is what puppet sadhak repeats. People who are in the same gurudom business says Narayan ashrams have nothing to do with religion or humanity, they are sex camps, where women are exploited then made sex slaves to sleep with criminals who help narayan criminals empire. All types of superstitions are given and are printed in their books ranging from miracle testimonials to people seeing narayan sai on Bread. They have copied all miracle stories which Sai devotees were experienced, narayan just changed the name and made his testimonials. Rest business is no problem as father has looted number of mandir and made it into sex camps.

Some thing about their BAL SANSKAR KENDRA : Narayan & asaram has about 300-2000 doomed followers who live with their families and asaram left them their so they can recruit more people from their societies/localities. Asaram gave them books to distribute & gives them his posters flyer and advertising magazines which they are supposed to distribute locally. now \narayan has gathered number of ashrams but they are loosing followers in large number s and sometimes not more than 100 people show up so they came up with plan to invite people in the name of children. now local follower called samiiti members are told to recruit parents who have children, and parents are told to send children to children camp. this way some parents will be recruited for guru sewa. In India massive population is there who is not only illiterate but also superstitious due to religious beliefs they are recruited as followers. More on BAL SANSKAR KENDRA with picture will follow soon in next news. How mother of a child was sexually molested in children camps theses father son duo organized. All sorts of names are given posing it as gurukul which is in fact a camp to recruit children at young age so when narayan is of asaram age he will have some young followers. But this cult has done so much crimes and their crimes sheet is so long that time has come where Justice system is watching and they will in jail. Portraying themselves as go , sexually assaulting followers, brainwashing in the name of guru sewa, murdering if you want to leave or expose their tactics is just common day to day activity of Narayan Prem Sai ashram.

In each of their satsangs they preach things like :: GURU MERI PUJA , HariOm Om Gayeja (ENTIRE DAY forever life no other word from mouth - a person will become slave - even a dog has a life - they make un humane conditions for human who come in their ashram as follower - a person can’t see because his mind is gone once you are in control of ashram ). They add all sorts of Salvations in front of their names like Param , Pujya, SRI, Bhagwan Parmatma etc etc. to fool people and really people have gotten into their trap in thousands but after their expose they are leaving their trap. Father son duo are desperately trying to save their crime kingdom of death cult but they are going faster. This cult has opened number of people eyes and have been skeptical in Guru system which is exploited by these criminals. Now other genuine religious leaders and guru’s are coming forward and distancing themselves form this cult and preaching people how they had always opposed the way asaram and narayan ashrams were run. top good regius leaders agree that asaram & narayan cult should have ended long time ago.

Next we will be writing some of the role model who have exited and some who are still in this cult along with some of the testimonials/advertisement they are showing.

anandamayi maa & leela shah are exploited and are told to public they were their guru’s but followers of both these guru’s have denied asaram or his son narayan was ever invited by any of them. both guru’s had opposed these father son duo.

This is destructive religious cult and is also known as death cult of slaves. Sadhaks are tortured till death.
Although SRI SRI Ravishankar’s art of living foundation is different and they are not affiliated with sai but in narayan videos you will see how art of living name and sudarshan kriya is exploited by his activities. Sant Nirankari, Swami Narayan & Iskcon missions are quite as of yet but hopefully they will get together and will protest against this death cult

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