Media & Academic Research into Landmark & LGATs
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: September 08, 2004 11:05AM

Recently, journalists from TV and magazines/newspapers have requested people to come forward with their first hand accounts involving Landmark Education and their courses.

Students from universities have also requested interviews for research projects.

I applaud these projects.

[b:12ec43cea6]It would be helpful if this board received some feedback from the requestors:[/b:12ec43cea6][/color:12ec43cea6]
1. When the article or TV production is going to press or air;
2. Advise how international interests may obtain a viewing or media copy if the release is national considering that this board is international;
3. Results or findings from research;
4. Any follow-up research.

I encourage anyone to come forward with their accounts. The more is known via the media and in academic circles, the more people can make an informed choice regarding Landmark or any other LGAT.

[b:12ec43cea6]Recent requests are:[/b:12ec43cea6][/color:12ec43cea6]
1. Canadan Television - []

2. 60 Minutes Australia/International Request - []

3. CSNU Student Research []


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