PSI Seminars: The Cult of Cults?
Posted by: X of PSI Zombie ()
Date: December 28, 2008 12:16AM

I was trolling the other sites and found this written on a blog by a teenager. Seems she's a lot smarter than most of the adults who attend PSI.

The Cult of Cult
Break a rule. Preferably, break an unwritten rule. Stand at the back of the elevator, face three inches from the wrong wall. Nobody ever says you have to face the doors, it’s not written anywhere, and yet, it’s a rule. Now pay careful attention to yourself, how your feel physically and mentally as people get on and off around you, as they notice your strange behavior. How do you feel?

When you are alone, it’s totally cool, no worries. As more an more people get in, especially as more people NOTICE you, you will feel uneasy. Embarrassed. You will feel a strong compulsion to turn around, face the front like everyone else. The disapproval of complete strangers will hurt you, almost at a physical level. It will be both uncomfortable, and hopefully enlightening.

Disapproval is the basic engine behind almost all human social groups. Religions, cults, sports teams, protest rallies, anywhere that large groups of people gather, they will control one another with nonviolent disapproval. Sure, there will be positive reinforcement too, but that’s less effective as a means of control. It’s much more difficult to hold your hand in the fire for a second than to resist the temptation for a sweet for a minute.

Last night I went to my first “grown up” party. There were all sorts of “around 30″ aged people drinking terrible white wine and telling even more terrible stories in loud, obnoxious voices. It was actually getting fun for a while, and then things turned… interesting.

It turns out that pretty much all of these people are in the the same brainwashing cult called “PSI”. Oh, it’s not as bad as most, it’s basically a series of progressively more expensive “leadership seminars” where you pay a few thousand dollars and visit convention centers and wilderness camps filled with all sorts of tribal bonding rituals and simple mind control. They were all huge fans.

For me, it was very uncomfortable, of course, as I was an outsider, but that was the point. There was a very mildly disapproving vibe that I didn’t understand their magic speech filled with redefined words that bound them together. It wasn’t hostile, of course, because that’s part of the process. I am to feel cautiously uncomfortable, yet slightly invited… then I guess I would be asked to join one of their seminars where I would be given less hostility and more approval as I went up the chain. I’m sure it would feel grand…

As much as I personally have a distaste for this kind of thing, I watched these people, and began to wonder just how wrong it really was. I mean, sure it was a “waste” of money, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. I “waste” money all the time on toys and games, right? If they are having fun, what is the harm? They were meeting people, forming friendships and marriages with each other, and basically having little adventures with their lives. In fact, if they didn’t take it so seriously, I would absolutely have no problem with it whatsoever.

…but that’s the problem, I guess. They really did take it seriously. They don’t really understand what’s going on. They don’t see how they are being manipulated and controlled by each other. I’m not convinced that this “PSI” group was intentionally a money cult like some other, similar groups I can think of. It could very well have started as a sincere attempt at motivational speaking and “leadership” development, and just “naturally” slid into a kind of hierarchical pseudo-religion. Still, even if it’s roots were sincere, it had fully blossomed into a very Scientology-like cult.

Now that I’ve discovered them, and discovered that a friend of mine is mixed up with them, I wonder what I should do about it. I don’t think I could just go to her directly and tell her what she’s gotten into, at least not without knowing more about how strongly the cult has defended it’s little nest of ideas in her mind. And I also have to ask myself, is it right to illuminate other people without their permission? If she really understood how it all worked, maybe she wouldn’t have as much fun going to the seminars anymore. I will have taken something magical away from her… Is it right to shatter people’s illusions?

I guess it all depends on how detrimental it is to her life. The seminars are expensive for her, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, but if it’s just once or twice a year, then it’s no different than taking a vacation to Europe. Needless to say, I personally believe that a Roman Holiday would be more eye opening and enlightening for her than a week of totems and taboos, but that’s just my opinion… Even though my opinion is right, and even though she’s not very deep in the group yet, I think, I still wonder if it’s worth the cost of taking away a source of pleasure for her. I guess I will just have to run the numbers and see if it’s more a benefit or a detriment to the entire world, that’s usually the best way to choose actions, right? :)

Anyways, if anyone from the PSI cult reads this and wishes to email me and discuss any of this with me, I offer a series of progressively more advanced deprogramming seminars. Get in on the action early, you won’t want your friends to be deprogrammed before you and leave you behind!

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Re: PSI Seminars: The Cult of Cults?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: April 27, 2009 05:03AM

I found this on another website:

“Attend a PSI seminar with eight of my closest, newly-converted PSI buddies. While I’m at it, why don’t we refinance the house to pay for their upper level seminars too? ***, let’s just give them the house for their weekly PSI meetings. That would seriously be the lamest thing I think anyone could ever do.

People whose loved ones got involved with this group said after the person in question attends the big seminar (its like a week long retreat) they usual break up with their significant other 30 days afterwards then go and do really crazy poo poo - like buying houses and cars they have no way to afford, quit their jobs, and its really common they hook up with someone they met at the retreat or start dating people they met on internet dating services.

They commented that the "core group" that they were with at the seminar become their support circle and they have constant contact for awhile. They support each other through all the radical decision they make after the seminar. Then after everyone's life goes haywire due to the batsh*t behavior they lose contact and everyone spins off in their own orbit of crazy. They then just promote and staff the local events (that are just recruiting new members) so they can go to the next level retreat. (I think there are 3 major levels of retreats and you are not allowed to contact any outsiders during it (no phone calls, cell phones, email, nothing) totally isolated from your normal circle and surrounded with fellow recruits and members only.

That about sums it up. Want to Join this Batsh*t Now?”

Then I was checking out PSI on FACEBOOK and found a perfect example of what happens when your so brainwashed by PSI Seminars:

Heather wrote at 3:44pm on March 4th, 2009
Hey Everyone! I am so driven in life now that I have graduated WLS. I did the Basic Seminar Jan 29th, four days later went to PSI 7, and then five days later went to WLS. I see the vision. I have felt the urgency needed to make changes in my life and my true vision came to me at WLS. My vision and purpose in life is to be of service to those all over the world. I will create and cause some kind of change in this world. PSI Seminars has a great vision, but it needs to be taken a step further or the vision will die. I will be a part of creating the first of many expansions of PSI all over the world. The first step for me, is getting to principia, so that I may also become a facilitator. With that being said, I am asking for support from my fellow PSI graduates. I exhausted my credit cards and bank account just doing what it took to get through Basic to WLS this last month. I need to raise $3800 to go to principia by March 6th, this friday (to get the discounted price anyway).

Now tell me this is “Normal.”

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Re: PSI Seminars: The Cult of Cults?
Posted by: hhuynh ()
Date: May 14, 2009 01:45PM

The principles and exercises in this seminar can be of great benefit for the participants. When there is a large group of people interacting with high energy levels there’s sure to be an exciting experience. PSI Basic takes people out of their comfort zones allowing for self-exploration and self-discovery. Goal setting exercises are also a great benefit to the participants. Meditation, NLP, and guided hypnosis exercises are some of the techniques employed by the seminar. Visualization sessions, called “workshops” are also performed. Group sharing is highly encouraged allowing people to overcome their number one fear of public speaking. After every “share” there is cheering and applauding to support and encourage everyone to take part. People can gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence by being so openly accepted by the group.

Emotional responses are triggered and childhood traumas are dug up. Counseling and cognitive therapy techniques are performed with mostly complete strangers. Professional psychologists who are trained in dealing with these issues should only perform these counseling techniques and not some stranger you just met moments before. This is in case a person suffers severe psychological breakdown or any subsequent long-term damage. Support systems are created as well as a dependency on PSI methodologies.

“Emotional stripping” techniques are used allowing vulnerability and the activation of peoples’ automatic stress response systems. Praise is usually given after emotionally deflating the participants. Various push/pull techniques are performed to further create more vulnerability. New belief systems and different neurological associations are programmed. Laws of attraction and other “New Thought” principles are thrown in to help inspire and teach positive thought processes. These teachings coupled with entertaining stories create a sense of empowerment. The dream is sold, but the process is not described in any practical manner.

Exercises that convey behavioral variance are conducted. When a person hears their personality traits and tendencies accurately pointed out they are brought into a sense of agreement. “Win-win” and “givers-gain” ideologies are anchored into the different levels of mind. Self-improvement or life success courses are the foundation of these Large Group Awareness Training seminars (LGAT). People are inspired during the seminar and feed off the energy of the other group members. Physical exhaustion, a lack of breaks, and food deprivation cause people to become more impressionable to suggestion. A sense of unity is created in the seminar.

Advanced persuasion and coercion are utilized to sell the next level(s) of courses. People are made vulnerable then brainwashed into signing for the next course in order to become a better person or to help solve their personal problems. Participants are manipulated to become addicted to the emotions these training sessions create.

World peace one mind at a time shouldn’t involve the people digging so deep into their pocket books!

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Re: PSI Seminars: The Cult of Cults?
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: May 15, 2009 01:32AM

Check this out.

"Mad Mike
Sunday, July 06, 2008

Message me

Deanna Carlock
Friday, May 02, 2008


My name is Deanna Carlock and I work for PSI Seminars. I was browsing the web and found your website because it has a link for PSI Seminars on it. We are working on a project to take control of what is found about PSI in Google Yahoo and the internet!

We are trying to do is essentially trail Google to pay attention to pages that we know are good pages for the search "psi seminars" so that the negative pages do not appear high on the results. This is what we need your help to do! Essentially, because you have a website or blog you have a "Vote" on what is important out there, our job will be to send in the votes to the pages that are going to do the most good in terms of presenting a positive message (or at least an accurate one) to people when they search for PSI.

Since you already have a link on your blog for PSI Seminars, would you be willing to add a few more links to help optimize out position on the Google search engine? Please let me know if this is something you're interested in helping with.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

Deanna Carlock

"We are working on a project to take control of what is found about PSI in Google Yahoo and the internet!" Isn't that something. They are trying to take "control." I wonder if that means they are losing new recruits? Good Luck with that Deanna.

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