Landmark's abuse of the word "Integrity"
Posted by: Blue Pill ()
Date: September 30, 2008 08:56PM

I had a good clear out yesterday and while chucking out some Landmark material with the rest of my unwanted rubbish I came across a leaflet on their favorite topic "Integrity".

Landmark brainwashing technique in this area as I recall was to setup the victim in an unsolveable state of terror that you were "not being your word". So, as is innevitable for each and every human being, you say you are going to do something based on a set of assumptions, the assumptions prove to be wrong, or something happens that you could not forsee and you end up breaking "your word" as you have to seek compromise with conflicting priorities.

Then you are immediately cast out, and reemed out by the nearest LM junkie or represantative as not having integrity. Of course the most likely scenario is you simply haven't invited enough guests, or failed to turn up to classes, or if you volunteer failed your sign up to your targets by 0.000001% (ie - Landmark didn't get what they wanted so its time to turn up the flames on the favorite guilt inducing technique).

I quote Wikipedia -

Integrity is consistency of actions, values, methods, measures and principles. Depth and breadth of a value system may also be significant factors due to their congruence with a wider range of observations. People are said to have integrity to the extent that they behave according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold. One's value system may evolve over time while retaining integrity if inconsistencies are accounted for and resolved.

Interesting difference isn't it. This definition seems to say that in the end, only the individual can be certain of their own integrity because they are the ones setting up the rules they are going to be judged by, summarised as "be true to yourself" or "be able to live with yourself. Sounds like a pretty smart way of being happy to me....

Landmark, like all cults and extremist religions prefer to call the shots . Cults use Integrity, Religions use blasphemy in much the same way - A control system for the believers.

Also Interestingly, it adds...

Hypocrisy results when one part of a value system is demonstrably at odds with another and the person or group of people holding those values fails to account for the discrepancy. Hypocrisy is considered to be the opposite of integrity.

So shall we take some of the following Landmark issues and scrutinise a little -

On the one hand Landmark claim to have the "well being" of its clients, workers and volunteers as top priority. And yet they force all of them to work hours that are basically illegal and bully them into doing more.....

On the one hand Landmark claim to be "Humanitarian's" on a mission to improve the world. And yet, as these boards prove, that doesn't appear to be the case.....

etc etc etc

So Wikipedia agree that Landmark are a bunch of hypocrites that have absolutely no Integrity. Good, glad we got that clear!

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