Landmarker trying to scare me into silence on youtube
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: April 07, 2008 04:05AM

Since I have posted some comment on videos where Wernie talks about his est training I got this guy on my neck;

"Have you nothing better to do with your life?

Even if landmark is faulty as you say - what are you up to? What are you producing? I do not repect you if you only find fault with others and produce nothing in the world yourself. Are you willing to put yourself out there and create something and have people like you attacking you for what you produced from your heart? If not, like I said, i do not want to know you. If yes, then you have my support and my attention.

Over a million people have participated with Landmark. people are lining up on waiting lists in Canada to do their falgship program. Are people lining up at your door to do what you are up to? Or are you just a windbag as we say here in america?"

I responded and very soon this message came to my mailbox;

"may I ask as well, are you a sceintologist? Are you practicing the faire game policy to disrupt landmark and werner's work in keeping with scientologies fair game policy?"

I answered no and some more stuff and this came to my mailbox;

"disgruntled people like you are a dime a dozen nettie
very common

people like you need people in the public eye
who are out there on the edge to bring attention to yourself
and your ugly remarks

you need landmark to express your disatisfaction in your own life - you take 0 responsibility for your own happiness but try to lay it squarely on others

that is why i would never want to be around anyone like you

if you had any balls (and you do not) you would create a company like landmark but improve all that you see is missing
but creating something and risking everything takes time and money and character

read your own posts
they are insulting infantile tantrums at best
who are you without your complaint against landmark?

are you someone I should listen to?"

I responded something and then;

""I have seen the bad side of landmark. You may not have seen that. But it is really bad. Worse than you can ever imagine." (his quote of my answer)

nettie , I have participated for 24 years and seen it all. Anything creepy that human beings do I have seen at Landamrk. Anything I have seen at school my my community I have seen these flaws at Landmark. That is humans. We are flawed.


I doubt it. Can you please tell me specifically what you have seen that you are talking about and feel superior enough to be a judge of."

I responded and then;
"thank-you for your responses"

The person known as zigzagidiot gave up! I did tell him during our "conversation" that he couldn't win. All his insults were just lame attempts at making me angry - I could read him as an open book. It is so much fun to talk to these landmark robots :-)

a creation that did not come from an egg and a sperm - I came from outer space

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Re: Landmarker trying to scare me into silence on youtube
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: April 07, 2008 04:12AM

Let me just add that I made pretty insulting remarks to make the landmarks robots come up to fight. So one guy took the bait. Mostly they just try to ignore you.

It is never personal for me with the normal landmark robots - just business....They just try survive in their thought system - but with Werner it is personal - and all the forum leaders!

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Re: Landmarker trying to scare me into silence on youtube
Posted by: Vic-Luc ()
Date: April 08, 2008 05:38AM

They always take the bait, as sure as vultures circle the dying.

Same programming. Easy to piss off. But they're supposed to be all happy and well-adjusted.

Somewhere inside, they know they were Rubes but can't admit it or they'd lose ego integrity.

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Re: Landmarker trying to scare me into silence on youtube
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: April 09, 2008 02:06AM

I am sorry I couldn't include my answers in the time i will do better an I will be in integrity with my word and make a difference and make a stand and I will be on the court and I will be unreasonable and I will be unstoppable and I will be...........well...nothing again. (landmark jargon ends here).

the very p-d off person who will party hard the day landmark leaves Europe (as a start)

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