The Wave
Posted by: Dafellah ()
Date: April 25, 2004 07:27AM

This is more of a heads up thread.

But if any of our readers are confused as to how people are lured into groups or be moulded into a particular line of thinking and action.

When we convince ourselves, "we'll never fall that" , how easy it was and how we loathe the fact that we were taken for a ride.

Then I can recommend a docu-drama that recreated an actual incident at an American High School (early 80's I think was on video or now on dvd) where a history teacher teaches his students about Hitler and Nazism.

The students ask how was it possible to transform decent German citizens into supporting and carrying out the will of the Nazis.

In response to this question the history teacher starts to encourage his students to form a power base within the class, create a dynamic name/identity, determine who the leader should be, start to influence other students to join the group.

Watch the results!

Its called "The Wave" , it has a very poignant ending which I won't spoil for others to watch. Mighy be a bit surreal but outlines the way in which people can be manipulated rather well.

An interesting story, but frightening at the same time what a fine vyneer there is in society between common decency and barbarism.


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The Wave
Posted by: Templar ()
Date: April 26, 2004 06:47PM

You might find it kinda funny but, Rick has that very movie available for download on his primary site.

It is a great example of how to avoid being seduced by the idea of one's own superiority and how to avoid being lured into a cult.

Since we're on the topic of recomending movies I'd like to take this opportunity to suggest one myself.

The Wave is a good movie as preventative medicine, watch "The Boondock Saints" for an idea on a cure!!!!:D ;)

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The Wave
Posted by: tricky ()
Date: April 28, 2004 07:24AM

There is a movie called "Safe", starring Julianne Moore, which is a stunning depiction of a cult. The cult in the movie is a kind of environmental/allergy relief/purification type thing, but it's great, they talk about transformation, etc. it's all there.

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