anomie and social trivialization causing this phenomenon ?
Posted by: socrates ()
Date: April 24, 2004 01:51AM

Going to a higher logical level, as John Grinder would say, is the attraction to LGATs a response to general cultural failure ? Is whatever normal people get from a healthy culture, psychic nurturance, a feeling of an ordered world, personal meaning, stable identity, the bedrock of personhood, not being adequately provided for by the mainstream commerce based world that is the only thing many people have ?
It sure seems like the underlying reason some feel disproportionate responses to LGAT groups is that they have substituted for all that is missing, incomplete, or bogus in what they define as their social reality.
The ordinary masses living lives of quiet desperation problem. Did the LGATs evolve as a flawed response to alienation ? Are they the problem, or are they a symptom of a larger problem ?
Secondly, are other power centers, like the political system, or the advertising-marketing system, or the corporate "motivational" system learning from the LGATs and incorporating their techniques ? I have had to notice that much advertising on TV now appears to be substantially influenced by either Eriksonian hypnosis or NLP's submodality work.
Thirdly, is contemporary advertising technology slowly moving the viewer population more into the direction of permanent light trance ? More and more people appear to me to be in a waking alpha state trance especially when you look at their faces while they are driving.
Fourth, is there a information- mental state cycle here, the broad culture learns about specialized techniques from NLP, EST-Forum derived things, Scientology, and uses them to increase the permamant hypnosis state of the population, and that then recycles back in to the seminar crowd, who then go substantially deeper into trance ? Are "we" getting better and better at hypnotic influence that we are eventually becoming a hypnotic culture ?

anomie and social trivialization causing this phenomenon ?
Posted by: Dafellah ()
Date: April 24, 2004 08:01AM

Hi Socrates

I cannot say that I will be able to answer your questions but do find them interesting. These are just my thoughts.

But I do believe that society as a whole is being constructively dumbed down through subtle means.

The internet is a classic example of "quantity of information v. quality of information" that its difficult to assess what passes for credible and reliable facts and data as oppose to "tabloid-type" information that is so often portrayed as actual facts.

Hypnotic rap music, mobile texting (that corrupts the way english is meant to be spelt and expressed), restructuring of educational policies that waters down the skills the students need to survive in this world all these lead to one thing "me" a self-centred focus and to heck with everyone else.

Political correctness is another curse of modern day society, a brilliant piece of social engineering that controls debates, restricts responses to only that which is acceptable and suppresses a person's right to express how they feel. Not that I am advocating being rude, racist or otherwise but it diminishes a person's ability to think and respond in a rational manner.

Combine these and other factors and I agree with you that there could very well be a form of hypnosis that is being used constantly to control and manipulate people.

An opiate for the masses.

anomie and social trivialization causing this phenomenon ?
Posted by: patrick-darcy ()
Date: April 24, 2004 09:30AM

some of the successess of the cults
has to do with our culture.

people want to be loved.

people want to be wanted.

people want to be a part of a group
or community.

and one of the biggest reasonf for their
success is that so many of these people
come from abusive backgrounds.

if u beat your children.

spit on them

lock them in closets

scream obsenities in their faces

use creative ways to degrade them,
u set them up for the cults.

in the united states one of the biggest
players in the abuse game is the
christian right.

there are many people in the cults
now because the christians tried
to beat them to make stronger for God.

there are many other reasons, this
unfortunately is part of them.

and so i am not misinterpreted, the
christian right is possibly the biggest
cult of them all.

anomie and social trivialization causing this phenomenon ?
Posted by: Guy ()
Date: April 24, 2004 09:43AM

We're no different now from our cave days.
Same mechanical principles used today were used for eons.
It used to be a secret club of awake practitioners called priests and such.

Now you too for only $9.95 (our special low introductory offer) can hold the world in the palm of your hand.
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Just imagine what you could do holding the world in the palm of your hands.
The thrills of going where you always wanted to go :) and....
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With whomever you wanted to go with...;)
Just think of the look on your friends faces when they see you holding the world in the palm of your hands.:p
They'll be amazed.:eek:

Ad infinitum..................urrrrrp......barf.:(

Just remember what happened to your namesake....
He was just asking questions....

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