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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: Skipshot ()
Date: January 20, 2015 04:52PM

Part 4

The fifth and last day of training and I told my wife nothing the trainers said would get me to leave. The day was filled with more psycho-babble and I was again selected for abuse before the class, but I was in the home stretch and wasn't going to quit. Two hours before "graduation" Manuel and Kristin pulled me aside during a break for another private talk. This time Manuel really made it clear that I shouldn't go back into the classroom since I still hadn't got with the program and opened up and revealed my true self. Five more minutes of his blah-blah-blah and I told him break time is up and I need to go back inside. I "graduated", my wife was there, then the class went to a restaurant for drinks and dancing and I made it. I was on a high and felt great.

Then it all fell apart. . .

The next day was going back to my normal life, but something nagged me about my experience. It was unlike me not to research something before going into it, but I made an exception for my wife and took her recommendation on faith. I googled "New Era" and was brought to this forum. My hair stood on end as I read what I had gotten into, then, coincidentally, my wife called to say that we need to talk about me going to the next level of training because Manuel had just called her to talk about me and not opening up to the training. When she related to him that his aggression towards me meant nothing to me he told her I was either a liar or a manipulator. I told her that was the last straw. No man may call another man's wife behind his back and disparage him. She then dropped the bomb and said she wasn't being entirely honest with me. I said we need to talk face-to-face about this and she needs to come home as early as possible to talk about it, and she agreed.
Shortly after this call, a neighbor knocked on the door to ask about my "training", and I related what just happened to him and he gave me the number to two local, licensed marriage counselors who had last names.
Shortly after the neighbor left a friend called to ask how my "training" went and I again related what just happened, only said that he has seen this before and it is a serious problem that can end very badly, and since our kids go to the same school he will pick them up and take them to his house where they will do their homework, eat dinner, and if necessary, spend the night and he'll take them to school the next morning. He said my wife needs to come home immediately and talk about what is happening. And this is what happened.
I told her I was scared I was being made into the bad guy and New Era was coming between us. I was afraid she was going to leave me for someone in her class and stick me with the kids. Three hours of discussions later, we agreed New Era will not come between us, that family is much more important than pushy strangers who won't give you their last names or credentials but will gladly take our money and insult us.
I called Manuel and quit without confronting him. I told him I got what I wanted and have no need for him or his training any longer. My wife, on the other hand, had started ACT and wanted to continue mostly out of loyalty to her classmates. I told her I was nervous about her decision but that she may continue on the condition that she not give them any more money, and that she notify me if I am brought up in a negative way again by the trainers. She lasted only four more days and they she quit New Era, and although she had a good experience with them, it was my bad experience which turned her away. She broke ties with New Era but is in occasional contact with her former classmates.

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You've given a valuable report
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 20, 2015 10:17PM

Dear Skip:

Going by your report,


She broke ties with New Era but is in occasional contact with her former classmates.

Beware of this 'occasional contact with former classmates.

This lingering loyalty is powerful, but it is a product of
the training.

These great experiences are created by social engineering.

In ordinary circumstances, a lady should feel
outraged to learn that her favorite man has been treated badly
and want nothing to do with anyone involved with the set up
that treated him so badly.

*New ERA made an investment in your wife, and they know she's been
indoctrinated -- 'cooked'. So, she's worth keeping tabs on.

All that's needed is a crisis in her life -- and we all go through
this. Someone she loves may die. Or be given a scary medical diagnosis.

She'll feel vulnerable, tell her NE pals. Bang, they have a way to
massage the indoctrination she already got and she may re-enter the fold.

* You may get a big promotion at work and bring in more money. Or,
you or she may inherit some money, or get an inflow of cash by selling

Bang. NE may find a way to re-enter the picture.

And, no one is a fool or stupid to get pulled into something
like this.

How can an ordinary person ID whether a pack of playing cards has
been marked?

One needs special equipment for that. How many of us have that?

Luckily, we have the internet and forums like this one.

All the best

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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: Skipshot ()
Date: January 21, 2015 03:21AM

Thanks for the tip, corboy. I am still on alert. My wife's admin. asst. went through Explore with me and saw and heard about everything I went through, but the admin is convinced the training is helping her and she wants to get more people from the office to attend. My wife is adamant that no one from the office go to New Era and is doing her part to undermine the admin's efforts.

Lynn and Manuel sold the training by saying they don't want weak-minded or troubled students. That the training is for people who are in a very good place in their lives and want to accelerate their life to reach higher goals, but that is a lie. They want people who are on the edge of needing serious therapy, the lonely, the neglected, low self-esteem, the insecure and mentally injured, and then prey upon the weaknesses. Students may not question, doubt, or argue with the trainers because the trainers claim to know all the answers and know you better than yourself.

In one way I am grateful for the experience because I was able to understand what my wife went through, and if I didn't take the training I would not have been able to communicate at her level and she would have used the training to dismiss my objections. The training teaches students that they now have more power over others who don't, or won't, get it, and I have a sinking feeling I narrowly avoided a divorce.

I consider myself a well-balanced person, and I have never been to therapy because I don't think there is anything wrong with me. But, wow!, New Era nearly messed me up. These carpetbaggers know they are playing fast and loose with other people's minds and families just to get money. They are evil and don't care who they scorch.

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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 21, 2015 10:20PM

It is often against the law for a business to allow managers to
push employees to attend this sort of thing.

Upper level management may be unaware of what this admin assistant is
up to.

Thing is, how to tip them off without your missus losing her job.

If the local economy has improved, it might be wise for your missus
to update her resume and ID other places offering as good or better
salaries without the pressure to attend this LGAT.

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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: Skipshot ()
Date: January 27, 2015 04:18PM

Apparently Jim Hellam died April 14, 2014. The new president is Lynn Bomben and she is the "Lynn" I mentioned above.


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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: jtaylormade ()
Date: February 08, 2015 03:01AM

Sad to see this place is still in full swing. This particular LGAT seems to invade the workplace like a virus. What I saw was almost exponential growth in the lending/real estate/escrow industry. It was like a secret echalon, the in crowd all belonged and most were part of LP or ACT whatever they were calling it at the time. It was the top producers as well so its easy to see why the others were attracted to joining blindly. My employer is the person who singed me up for this and paid as well. This was presented to me as a required training...I was unaware when I agreed that it in fact had nothing to do with the mortgage industry.

What you described (being singled out and attacked) I saw this at both of my trainings while the blinders were on it looks like the trainer is trying to help, after waking up I realized the person was just speaking their mind and asking the right questions.

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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: jill w ()
Date: February 09, 2015 11:03PM

This crap is always trying to find a way into churches.

These groups want your money.

If you have found this website by accident or maybe you intentionally have been searching for answers about these groups, then you have just hit the jack pot.

There is a wealth of information that will educate you. There are first hand accounts of these groups and the damage they do.

Do yourself and your family a favor and take time to read through some of these topics.

Thank you to the many who have shared their experiences.

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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: Skipshot ()
Date: August 22, 2015 02:43PM

My wife is still in contact with two others from New Era and the news around the knitting circle is that New Era is closing down. As of today, New Era's web site is a blank page.

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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 22, 2015 08:47PM

Hmmm. The entity may appear under a new name, perhaps in a new location.

Let us wait and see.

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Re: LGAT in Concord California
Posted by: jtaylormade ()
Date: May 20, 2016 07:23AM

John Hanley has morphed New Era again.....

Same bs language saying nothing with a lot of words....different website... he seems to be taking advantage of Bogota Columbia for a new feeding ground. Looking at his pictures with these people still send chills up my spine. Still as slimy as ever.


"QTA is available for everyone, but not everyone is willing to make it happen, so if you are one of the leaders who is committed unconditionally to invent your own reality, welcome, if you are willing to shift the conversation to create impossibility now, welcome, and if theres still circumstances that have been bigger than your imposible future now, well, my question would be what are you waiting to get committed in an unconditional way?"

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