Tony Quinn in Denver
Posted by: jimmy247 ()
Date: April 18, 2004 04:08PM

Hello again, I follow this forum with great interest. My Brother is still involved with the Quinn cult, they call it Educo.My brother is now claiming that his young child has phychic powers. I am anxious to let people know that there will be a weekend of tony Quinn activities in Denver on the weekend of 29th of May, I will have to check out the date again. I don't know how much information I can give on this forum but I would be happy to reply to any emails with the information that I have. Please do your part to save other families from destruction and people from coming under the influence of Tony Quinn and his "mob"as somebody else on the forum called them, and quite rightly so.
Thanks Jimmy

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Tony Quinn in Denver
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 18, 2004 09:35PM

There is a well regarded computer bulletin board called, where people commonly post announcements and leave messages.

Craigslist has a site for Denver. You can post your info there


I advise posting both on 'General Community' and in the 'psychology' and 'spirituality' forums. (for the latter you need to register--easy to do)

Keep your post brief, courteous and stress the facts. Give the URL to the other thread on the LGATs forum and give LGATs to any news articles on the group. As they said on the old cop TV show Dragnet--'Just the facts'.

By staying brief and courteous, you cannot as easily be accused of being either defamatory or inflammatory.

Be prepared to cope with shrill accusations that you are negative and cynical. The New Age/yoga crowd specialize in this. Ignore it and forge ahead.

If your posts are flagged (that is enough people vote to remove them--kind of like Survivor) courteously inform the webmaster via the 'feedback' forum that there is a trend where people can advertise worrisome programs yet anyone offering warnings based on conscientious documentation is getting flagged, producing a context that keeps people from getting access to balanced information needed for a fully informed decision.

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