Very new here..I was lucky, thanks to this site
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 12, 2004 11:03AM

At my college, one guy was notorious for his Porsche--it enhanced his 'batting average'. (Puke)

And a guy in my neighborhood who went to a completely different university, said there was a guy who was notorious all over campus for his stuck up attitude--who ostentatiously drove a Porsche--and for the same reason.

I am not against nice cars, but my first question is always:

1) Is it paid for? Until it is paid for, the bank owns it. You do not.

2) If it is paid for, was it paid for using clean money or dirty money?

Ditto for mansions, designer clothes, entourages and other fancy toys.

Very new here..I was lucky, thanks to this site
Posted by: elena ()
Date: April 13, 2004 07:31PM

It doesn't sound like ethics or integrity to you because it isn't, as you've suspected. It's all pretense. The only people they rope in with that stuff is people who do actually have some sense of their own integrity or ethics. The words don't mean anything to a sociopath unless they are being used to manipulate others. The concepts themselves are a joke to a sociopath.

This guy has you pegged. I'll bet he can push your buttons. There aren't that many routes into the soul of another human being to make it too complicated for these predators. All they have to do is figure out which one leads to yours. (Hint: it probably has something to do with the above "ethics or integrity" by the mere fact that you have sensed the hypocrisy.) The fact that you are serious and hard-working is just that much more beneficial to the group. They don't want lazy goof-offs.

The more I consider what this guy and others like him are doing, the angrier I get. I'd be tempted to expose him. Here's a thought; post this website to the bulletin board under the heading "Landmark Forum" or make business cards with the URL and pass them around to the others he is targeting. You could do it anonymously by getting a friend or someone unknown to the group to do it. (Just make sure they are well dressed and drive a Porsche.) ;)


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