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Posted by: HurtingAngel ()
Date: May 13, 2017 08:01AM

Mediator really is playing games with me, telling me that I should not only be over this by now but that I should have no triggers left over from my childhood. The thing is that I have a much more extensive background in psychology (master's degree) than this life coach has and know intellectually that she is being ridiculous but she is screwing with my head. She started out with all this love, love stuff but now tries to tell me that I should switch therapists. At one point she even offered herself instead. She is very invested in protecting her own image of HAI and seems a bit btainwashed herself. I am having a hard time getting past the fact that Jason Weston, executive director, kicked me out of the group and left a sex offender in. Hr said he wanted to protect me from being triggered by the offender. Meanwhile he left the other women in the group at risk. Fortunately, the perv, whose name was Jim, was scared off by me pressing criminal charges. Only after Mediator's involvement did Jason ban perv Jim from HAI. Mediator acts as if this is a trivial matter. What would happen to an executive director in any other organization who put people at risk like that? Just want some confirmation that my perceptions are solid. These people are great at gaslighting and manipulation.

Re: human awareness institute
Posted by: crback22 ()
Date: May 13, 2017 11:43PM

I guess it's a little confusing reading your entries. You acknowledge the fact that they manipulate and influence people and "brain wash" yet you state in a previous entry that you enjoyed the program. You have a masters in psychology and are recognizing the techniques and abuse applied in these programs. So why keep in contact and continue to put yourself in a situation that gives them the power to have you second guessing yourself? It just seems very back and forth. These LGATs main purpose is to make people question themselves and their critical thinking so that they can indoctrinate their "new belief system" into people. I understand they've caused you pain and it isn't ok. It just seems like you're holding onto something?

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Posted by: kdag ()
Date: May 14, 2017 01:10AM


My recommendation would be that you stop talking to this mediator.

She is NOT qualified to make these assessments, you don't have a therapeutic relationship with her, and that is not her purpose. It looks to me as if she is blowing right through your boundaries and doing you further harm. It sounds as if she is deliberately trying to throw you off-balance.

If it were me, I would cut off ALL contact with these people.

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Posted by: kdag ()
Date: May 14, 2017 01:35AM


After re-reading your post:

Any other executive director might be brought up on charges.

As you've already pointed out, this mediator is involved in the HAI program. I don't know that program, but it sounds a lot like LE. It looks as if she is still trying to run the program on you ~ everything she says to you is within the paradigm of the program, (thus her recommendation that you switch therapists ~ your therapist doesn't fit their philosophy, which is a good thing, IMHO). Also, once again, she is trying to put the focus back on "what's wrong with you, " instead of what's wrong with the program, or with the way the situation was handled.

Does this woman even have a license as a therapist? If not, she is breaking the law even offering herself up as a therapist, and i have a hard time believing that ANY professional would recommend that someone dump their therapist and offer themself. I suspect that would be a breach of ethics.

If it were me, I would run screaming. There is a whole world outside of the program, and part of it is the law. I would look there.

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Posted by: HurtingAngel ()
Date: May 14, 2017 06:11AM

Helpful as always, kdag. My brother is also pleading with me to break off contact with them. Mediator is a life coach and, thus, is not bound by any code of ethics or licensing board. Today I wrote an email to Mediator and cc'ed it to Jason Weston telling them I wanted no further contact. I am going to continue to work with my therapist and if I have any future contact with HAI I will have my own lawyer. Mediator was making her support contingent on me not doing anything to "threaten" HAI. They were also telling me that I could take more levels in another city if I spoke to Jason and Mediator first. I asked Mediator if I could talk about my experience in the Midwest if I went to another level, she didn't answer.

Re: human awareness institute
Posted by: HurtingAngel ()
Date: May 14, 2017 06:29AM

I also want to write about what happened when I first asked for help. The next day I settled down enough to call Paul Black, the Ohio organizer who facilitated the event. Paul began to offer an inventory of my moral shortcomings then tried to impose Landmark teachings on me. When I said I didn't want to hear about Landmark Paul said well, then, he wouldn't help me. It took two years for Jason to take any action against Paul. Paul, along with Mo Fritz and Eve Baird, is not allowed to serve on team until he takes their new training on sexual assault and trauma. For two years after the training it was business as usual for Paul.

Re: human awareness institute
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: May 14, 2017 06:00PM

I don't know why Paul would bother offering up Landmark. It sounds like pretty much the same thing, and I would expect them to handle it the same way. They pretty much say on their consent form that YOU are responsible for anything they do to you. People sign it, not knowing that they respect absolutely no boundaries, and use methods that I could only describe as psychopathic.

Their offer on the "more levels," in another city is hilarious, and predictable. They just don't know when to let go, as much as they preach that very thing. They just have to get in the last word, it has to be within the narrow parameters of what they teach, and any disagreement is never due to flaws in their own teachings, as far as they're concerned.

As to going "No Contact," good for you! Also, I'm glad that you have retained an attorney. If you hear another peep from them, be prepared to back it up with a restraining order.

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Posted by: keymi ()
Date: May 15, 2017 04:29AM

Yes, good for you! I think it's really important for your mental health not to listen to them anymore, they are def trying to gaslight and confuse you and get you to see things their way, which is not good for you. It's only good for them, and you have zero obligation to talk or listen when they've shown so little care and concern for you. You should certainly have a lawyer if they try anything again. *hugs* Do what's best for you, you know what that is. Make a blog or keep posting here so you feel like you have a voice, tell your story, that's important too, but don't talk to them. They've failed you on every level, you deserve better.

Re: human awareness institute time to expose the perversion and lies
Posted by: danerose ()
Date: September 03, 2018 09:50PM

I am creating awareness about HAI issues and trying to expose them. You can submit a sexual abuse against HAI on my website.


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Posted by: DayDreamer ()
Date: December 06, 2020 10:55AM

I haven't logged onto this site in years, but I re-read the entire thread today. Things have definitely changed.

Harbin (the northern California location) burned in the California wildfires in 2015. It was catastrophic damage and they have not rebuilt, but they still do workshops elsewhere on occasion.

Midwest no longer has an official producer running things. There's also been a dramatic drop in participation.

I just checked out the website, and the only workshops currently available in any of the locations is an Introduction sort of thing, via Zoom.

I guess the pandemic has done ONE thing great... screw up the workshop schedule.

I am in a HAI facebook group (I was put in it) but I don't participate at all... and I can tell you, there is very little activity. I'm so happy to see that the organization seems to be dying.

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