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Michael Skye keeps sending invitations
Posted by: patrick-darcy ()
Date: February 09, 2004 12:45AM

What a lame-ass BS sales pitch!
3 Grand down to ONLY 0!
Keep it a SECRET!!!
This guy is just BAD.

I wonder if some people are so naive and foolish as to fall for so bad a sales-pitch?
I wonder.


i think part of the reason people will
fall for stuff like this is that
many people want to belong to something. some are lonely, some are

where in the u s do u go when u are
searching for community.

the christian right has become a hate

cults make it seem that they care
for u.

if u didnt know anything about cults
which would u choose ?

If so, i really feel sorry for them.
You know, its sad thinking about all of the innocent folks out there, being lead by the nose to the slaughter by these two-bit huckster con-artists.

I think some type of "Critical Thinking" training should be part of the mandatory curriculum for all kids.
But perhaps those in Authority don't want the huddled rabble to think too clearly and carefully...
They might ask too many tough questions, and stop following orders...and stop buying what they are told to buy...


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Michael Skye keeps sending invitations
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: February 18, 2004 12:43PM

He's still trying. Pretty unbelievable.


I apologize for the barrage of recent emails to you,
yet I had to write you just now...

You're gonna think I went NUTS when I tell you this...

I'm gonna give you 600 bucks out of my own pocket.

Yep. You heard me right. Give me a moment to
explain why...

A few weeks back, I was practically "suckered" into
offering the secrets of my 3-day, $3,000 boot camps
in a 2-day workshop (the one I invited you to).

I agreed to it, because I saw that by recording it, I
could create an multi-media workshop package that
people all over the world could take from home.

So, I figured I'd fill the room with a few close friends
and customers first and then invite the public, but...


And I need your help.

You see, being busy me, I didn't get the word out to the
public in time, and now its almost too late to fill the room
with 48 people (the ideal # for my recorded product).

Yes, people are still signing up (4 more in the last day or so),
but I CAN'T RISK not getting 48 people total...

So, I'm going way out on a limb here and I am willing to give
you the the first day of the workshop PLUS 6 Ben Franklins
just for booking your flight at the last minute and coming
to Baltimore.

Call me stupid, but I desperately want you there. (I
really don't want to have to fill the workshop with
anyone off the street!)


1) You go to PayPal right now and register for the
workshop for only 297 bucks, then go to
and get a cheap package deal on a flight to Baltimore
and your Inner Harbor hotel room.

2) Attend day 1 of the workshop (this Saturday), get
some absolutely killer unexpected insights and break
throughs for your life or business, and

3) If by 6pm on Saturday, the first day of this insanely
inexpensive $297 weekend workshop, you aren't
completely convinced that you've already gotten every
cent of your money's worth and more from this powerful
workshop, I will open my wallet with a smile on my face,
and hand you 6 $100 bills that you can spend all day
Sunday as you tour the famous shops and restaurants in
historical Inner Harbor.

So register now here:

Or, go directly to:
and send $297 to


This is more than twice the $297 you invested in the
workshop. Sounds insane, I know, but this is how
confident I am that you will be thoroughly satisfied with
your choice to invest 2 days and $297 in this life-shifting

I know that your time is important to you, and if you are
willing to set aside one weekend of your life and trust
that I can deliver what I promise, then I am willing to
guarant'ee that it will work for you. I am trusting
that you will participate fully in the workshop, and that
you will not come just to go shopping. ;)

So, if for any reason the workshop just isn't work for
you, then you enjoy a fun trip on me! So you either
get an incredibly powerful workshop or a virtually free

And, even if after the second day of the workshop,
you for any reason feel it is not worth all that you paid
for it, you may still receive a 100% refund on your $297
registration fee.

So register now here:

Or, go directly to:
and send $297 to


because I must give the hotel a final head count.

Don't hesitate on this, because when I have 48 ppl
I will close the sales, and if you are #49 I will have
to refund your money.

Note: Of course, this $600 guarantee does not apply
to those who only pay $177 to attend the first day of
the workshop instead of both days. But in this case
the 100% refund does of course apply.

So register now here:

Or, go directly to:
and send $297 to

Thank you and I'll see you in Baltimore!

Your Friend,
Michael Skye

P.S. If you try to find a way to get to Baltimore,
but you absolutely can't make it, then I'll be willing
to presell you the the audio recording of the workshop
and virtual workbook for a fraction of what everyone
else will pay later. My way of saying, "Thanks for trying!"

To get the audio workshop / workbook package before
everyone else at 73% off of the $397 package price, go
to PayPal right now and send me $147. (Only those who
attend the workshop will be offered the same price!)

I'll even pay the shipping out of my own pocket. So hurry.


Michael Skye
Wealth Warrior Academy
237 Tramway Drive, Suite B
Lake Tahoe, NV 89449

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Michael Skye keeps sending invitations
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: February 18, 2004 12:59PM

Oh silly me! It was my fault for not unsubscribing from ALL the lists that I didn't know I was on.

Mt friend, Mr. Skye wrote...

THanks for the reminder. You must have been unsubscribed from one
list and not the other. I just now clicked the unsubribe link for
you. For future notice, just click unsubscribe links. Easier and more
effective for you. Thanks again.

At 10:37 PM 2/17/2004, you wrote:
>Okay - I'll call you stupid. Stupid for continuing to send me SPAM after I
>kindly asked you not to.

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Michael Skye keeps sending invitations
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: February 19, 2004 08:32AM

This is the worst sales pitch I've ever read!

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Michael Skye keeps sending invitations
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: February 19, 2004 09:18AM

That guy is one snakey little weasel.

And for a Genius, he sure has crappey speling!

Double your money back, eh?
The oldest scam in the book.


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Michael Skye keeps sending invitations
Posted by: LoriS ()
Date: February 19, 2004 10:34PM

Sounds like he's getting desperate.

I wonder if he has any doubts creeping into his mind yet about his "first best seller".

Ego is a fascinating thing to observe.

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