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Posted by: Ilunga ()
Date: March 28, 2019 04:10AM

I'm really hoping that this thread is still active and I get a response on here..

I've been having quite a hard time with life in general over the last 6 months or so, and a good friend of mine told me about the Turning Point workshop offered at the Insight Training Centre/Centre of Light near Kyalami/Midrand, claiming that it would change my life and transform me for the better.

I attended the presentation evening with said friend not too long ago and it piqued my interest, so much so that I decided to sign myself up for the next workshop thinking "What's the worst that could happen and what do I have to lose?"

Suspicion and skepticism slowly crept into my mind over the last few days with regards to certain things about that evening, as well as the workshop and those who appear to run it in general:

#1. The location (if it's so hugely popular and attracts so many, why is it so out of the way?) and the room in which the workshop is held (why are there no/such small windows and why is there such a large stage setup?)
#2. Something about Royee's personality as he spoke to us that evening put me off.. I got the impression that he was being too 'facade-ish' or friendly for what it's worth, it could have just been me..
#3. The fact that very little to almost nothing is mentioned about what we would actually be doing in this workshop for more than 10 hours a day 5 days straight.. I later pressed my friend and her partner for some details, but neither of them would say much. All I heard about was the 'anger game' (whatever that is...), but I got the sense that some kind of agreement or something must have been in place prior to justify such secrecy amongst attendees?

All of this together raised a red flag after I gave it some thought, more so I'm not the kind of person to go head in first for anything unless I've done enough research to satisfy and convince myself beforehand.
Obviously the actual website for the Insight Training Centre yielded little and testimonials do nothing for me, same went for the Google Reviews which I found highly suspicious since the Centre received an overall rating of 5 stars from 49 people (not even the best restaurant in the country has a 5 star rating from Google Reviews or HelloPeter, someone somewhere was unhappy about something (no matter how arbitrary) and at some point!).
HelloPeter only yielded one review and a bad one at that, but the comments discredit it and seeing as it's just one review it's nowhere near enough to give the Centre an 'overall' bad rating, if that makes sense?

But then I stumbled across this forum and read through everything here while keeping another tab open to do additional research.. I'm shook to the core from what I've learned from some of you.
It appears that my suspicion and skepticism was justified and there is a dark side to this apparently miraculous workshop that changes everything in your life (including you) in just a matter of 5 days..

The only thing that's unfortunate here is the anonymity of those who have posted, since I am genuinely interested in pursuing this further and already got in touch with a psychologist that is well versed with cult and LGAT psychology.

Additional commentary and/or support in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Although many people have seemingly benefited from this, and other workshops on offer at the Centre, I'm particularly worried about those who were worse off afterwards and have no voice or place to go where the can publicly share their awful experiences for others to see!

As a last point, there is also a very long paper trail following Baruch, and to a lesser degree Royee (his son I think), that I'm not sure they are actually aware of. Turning Point is just a 're-branding'of sorts for similar workshops that have been undertaken by numerous organisations (and Baruch!) in the past which have become enshrouded with scandal and conspiracy; not to mention Quest, Inquest, EST, LandMark, etc. Most of the main people involved (also check Buster and Wendy Sefor) are linked to one another and in this country a lot of this kind of thing seems to come down to Pat Grove who, even though he is dead, may have been the starting point.

My research seems to indicate that this is much larger than we think it is..

Re: Quest (Johannesburg South Africa)
Posted by: StillSane ()
Date: April 27, 2022 11:48PM

One of the branches / roots / offshoots of Quest based in Durban is being investigated by the Human Rights Commission (HRC) for employment contract abuses.

The group is part of an insurance sales company called “The Ultimate” and is run by Royee Baruch, who also ran Joyspring and Turning Point. His father, Baruch Banai, trained the Quest leaders who then broke away and formed their own group. Quest has now shut down and last I heard the daughters were running similar courses in Cape Town.

Staff turn to HRC to save them from 'cult-like' course

Above article was also published elsewhere on this site.

This one below has good additional research on owners of The Ultimate, and how non disclosure forms are used.

Company accused of brainwashing employees

I’m very grateful to Rick Ross & co for keeping track of these groups over such a long time span.

Also thank you to everyone for kind and helpful comments and updates on this thread…

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