More than one kind of virus
Posted by: sunsetserene ()
Date: December 17, 2003 07:46AM

Those of you who visit the various cultic websites for whatever reason may want to get a firewall, anti virus and even anti spybot software.

On several occasionas when I've visited certain cult-related discussion groups and/or websites my firewall has detected port scans and even backdoor sub 7 trojan horse attacks--not to mention a whole slew of inbound connection attempts, unauthorized file sharing...

Also beware of downloading any "freeware" from any site--especially if it's from a controvertial organization. Quite often at the very least adware is covertly included. Worst case scenario there might even be spyware embedded in a "free" ware that will monitor your keystrokes and where you've been on the net and then covertly sent the data to the originator.

If you're cookies setting aren't at default medium you may want to at least do that.

At the very least you may want to get some of the very good freeware out there that will provide some protection from the above threats.


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