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Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 03, 2008 05:57AM

That's hilarious about The Secret lawsuits between the director and the greedy Rhonda Byrne.
Its the old trick in the movie business...they shift profits around until it looks like there is nothing left. Then all of those who are supposed to share in the "net" profits, get nothing. HA HA HA!!
That is the real "Secret".
That is why if you cut a deal with a professional huckster like Rhonda Byrne, you have to get a % of the GROSS profits, not NET!
And it better be monitored by an outside authority, or you are going to get screwed and tatooed, like the Director of the Secret.
Rhonda Byrne just went out and hired a gaggle of fancy contract lawyers to move the money all over the world.

300 million bucks.

This is why every scam artist on earth goes into the New Age can be like taking candy from a baby. They can make millions overnight.

Maybe all of the other contributors to The Secret will see this as their chance to get paid as well.
Now that the carcasses of The Secret are drying up, the vultures will turn on eachother to fight over the last bits of flesh on the bones.

Our only hope is that Rhonda Byrne actually believes her own propaganda, and will lose all her money making more Secret movies, which will flop.
But don't hold your breath.
Rhonda clearly sees this stuff in terms of Advertising and making impulse sales of books, etc.

More likely is she will set up companies like Hay House, and just rake in the cash.

At this point, every con-artist on earth must be fighting to get into the New Age must be the easiest business to make big money really quick, as the audience is so pliable.

April 26, 2008
The Word Is Out on Legal Tussles Among Creators of ‘The Secret’
The secret does not seem to have brought happiness to some of those involved in the creation of “The Secret.” But perhaps high-priced lawyers will help.

This popular straight-to-video movie, and the best-selling self-help book based on it, promise that adherents to its philosophy will receive “unlimited happiness, love, health and prosperity,” according to the official Web site, All they need do is follow “the law of attraction,” an ancient principle that holds that the universe will make your wishes come true if only you really, truly believe in them. Following that creed before the movie’s release in 2006, Rhonda Byrne, the project’s creator, held parties celebrating its success, envisioning worldwide acclaim.

Nasty legal squabbling is most likely not what Ms. Byrne wished for. But it has nevertheless come to her: the director of the movie and the developer of the “Secret” Web site are separately claiming she has reneged on promises of a cut of the project’s profits.

On Monday the movie’s director, Drew Heriot, filed a copyright suit in United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, against Ms. Byrne and her production company. The suit claims that Mr. Heriot is the co-author of the screenplay and the book and is therefore entitled to up to half of what his lawyers estimate as $300 million in “Secret” revenue.

Originally scheduled to have its premiere on Australian television, “The Secret” turned into a Web and publishing phenomenon. At one point the “Secret” Web site was selling as many as five movies a minute (either as downloads or DVDs), according to legal papers. The book version has spent 66 weeks on The New York Times’s Advice best seller list, mostly near the top. Oprah Winfrey devoted two shows to it.

The suit alleges that Mr. Heriot worked on the screenplay, conducted most of the interviews for the film and supervised its editing and postproduction. The book, much of it a transcription of the movie, is based on documents Mr. Heriot created, the suit alleges.

Because he was an independent contractor and not an employee of Ms. Byrne’s production company, Mr. Heriot retained rights to his creations, and Ms. Byrne promised him a percentage of profits, the suit argues.

Mr. Heriot wanted to make it clear that the problem wasn’t his lack of faith in the ancient mysteries. “To all who have been inspired by ‘The Secret,’ ” he said in a prepared statement sent by e-mail through his law firm, “please know that I am not suing the universal principles of ‘The Secret.’ Rather, I am suing the corporate principals behind ‘The Secret,’ who promised at the outset that profits would be shared, and who have not kept faith with ‘The Secret’ ’s tenets of gratitude and integrity.”

Karina Carretero, a spokeswoman for TS Production L.L.C., the company Ms. Byrne and Robert E. Rainone Jr., an investor, had registered in Hungary, said the organization would not comment for this article. “ ‘The Secret’ chooses not to participate in media interviews,” she said in an e-mail message.

The legal wrangling over the project began in July 2007, when TS Production applied for the United States copyright to the “Secret” movie and spinoffs. The next month Mr. Heriot applied for copyright to “The Secret,” claiming authorship of the movie and the screenplay.

Soon after that, TS Production filed suit in the Australian courts. Both Mr. Heriot and Ms. Byrne are Australian, and they began working on projects together around 2000. That’s when Ms. Byrne, then a television producer, contracted with Mr. Heriot’s production company for his services as an editor on “Australia Behaving Badly,” a “Candid Camera”-style series.

In the Australian courts, TS Production has asked to be declared owner of all copyrights to the book and movie “The Secret.”

Mr. Heriot, the court papers argue, “directed the film under the terms of his employment under a contract of service” with Ms. Byrne’s company and is not entitled to any copyrights.

After filing suit in the United States, Mr. Heriot’s lawyers filed a motion in the Federal Court of Australia, Victoria District Registry, notifying it that he had started litigation in the United States, the country where the copyright registrations had been filed, and asking it to postpone or dismiss its version of the case on jurisdictional grounds.

In its various forms, “The Secret” makes life look simple. “Ask, believe, receive,” the movie instructs. Legal fights are not always so straightforward. Ms. Byrne herself is scheduled to be deposed May 6 in Los Angeles in a separate case involving Dan Hollings, who helped develop the ”Secret” Web site.

In that case, TS Production and a related company, TS Merchandising, charge that Mr. Hollings has tried to profit illegally from his association with the project by releasing two CDs, “The Secret Symphony” and “Journey to the Secret: Stone, Strings & Udu.” Using his expertise in search-engine optimization, the suit charges, Mr. Hollings drove Internet traffic to the Web pages where his CDs were for sale and to his own “Secret” look-alike site,

Mr. Hollings’s lawyer Christopher E. Parker said in a telephone interview that Ms. Byrne and Mr. Rainone filed the lawsuit against Mr. Hollings only after an attempted mediation over compensation related to the official “Secret” Web site failed.

“Dan was promised a percentage of the profits that came as a result of the Web site,” Mr. Parker said. “As soon as the movie started to sell, they fired him.”

In mediation, Mr. Hollings had been offered a six-figure settlement but rejected it because he is owed 10 times that, Mr. Parker said.

In the lawsuit against Mr. Hollings, the TS principals argue that his actions continue to interfere with their business, and they ask the court to declare that they owe him nothing more.

The battle over proceeds seems a far cry from the munificent spirit Ms. Byrne espoused as her movie was first entering the self-help pantheon. In an interview conducted for The Times on the beach in Santa Monica in February 2007, she recalled how she had mortgaged everything she owned to finance the movie because she wanted to give the knowledge it contained to the world. Success was never about profit, she said, but about the journey of discovering what she was intended to do with her life.

“One of the big things in discovering the secret,” she said, “was discovering me.”

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Re: The Secret (a movie)
Posted by: DownToEarth ()
Date: May 05, 2008 10:49PM

The Secret message board and Powerful Intentions message board have a new website, all revamped.

In my travels, I came across the message from Rhonda Byrne:


"Hi Marcy,

Can you post this reply from me to all the people who sent me birthday wishes.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for your beautiful words and birthday wishes. There is only one thing I want in my life and that is to help lift humanity to joy and freedom. It can only be done in one way and that is through giving the wisdom of Truth. As I continue to study within and without, the mightiest picture of the Truth of Life unfolds…..and I will share all of this wisdom with humanity in the future. The more you know, the more you will be free and move into a state of bliss.

In the meantime, before the next book and film, live the law. Do not violate it. Master your thoughts and emotions and do not be the slave of them. Watch your thoughts. When you become aware that you are thinking a negative thought, destroy it immediately by thinking the opposite of it, using your will. Your thoughts are energy and once thought they have left you. Cancel them out, by sending the equal and opposite thought energy. Be careful of your words………speak less……..speak deliberately knowing the law that is underneath every word you utter. Make sure your actions are what you want to receive back. Sow the seeds of greatness in your thoughts, words and actions. To think a negative thought, speak a negative word and take negative action are in violation of the law and you cannot escape their consequences. However you also cannot escape the consequences of kind thoughts, kind words and kind actions. Become the Master of your being! This is your work and as you do this, you will open a pathway for the light of bliss, wisdom and truth to reach you. You must become the Master of you before you can become the Master of all the powers of the Universe. And a Master of the Universe you will be because that is your evolutionary path. The question is, do you want to become a Master in this lifetime, or do you want to do it over 200 hundred lifetimes?

So much love to each and every one of you,

Rhonda Byrne, The Secret"

I found this extremely heavy-handed on the 'thought control' thing, and the italics and bold above were done by me to illustrate that point. In all my time of having practiced the "Law of Attraction" stuff (which I no longer do...I am out of the woo now), I have never seen it hammered home like this before. I find it a more than a little disturbing.

Re: The Secret (a movie)
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 07, 2008 08:31AM

Rhonda Byrne has always seemed to be quite similar in personality to Mary Baker Eddy who founded Christian Science. A combination of aggressive entrepreneur, ideological fanatic, crackpot, hypocrite, and plagiarizer.

Rhonda Byrne is going to SHARE HER WISDOM with HUMANITY!!
What a joke.
There is not ONE single word in The Secret that was not plagiarized from other texts.
Who is she now stealing from for her next books and film? Which public domain book is she going to use this time?

And she is telling her followers they are going to become MASTERS OF ALL THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE. What a load of crap.
She is going to trigger delusions in disturbed people.

Rhonda Byrne is such a hypocrite and cynic.
Her own former partners from The Secret are having to sue her in court to try and get paid properly for their work.

It is absolutely true that the biggest scammers and crooks float to the top in the New Wage field, as they are the most aggressive and ruthless in their business practices.

Re: The Secret (a movie)
Posted by: DownToEarth ()
Date: May 07, 2008 11:26PM

I'm still getting newsletters from The Secret, and yesterday I received this:

"Every good thought, every good word, every good emotion, and every act of kindness, is lifting the vibration of your being to new heights. And as you begin to raise your vibration, a new life and a new world will reveal itself to you.

There is no limit to how high you can increase your vibration, because there is no limit to the good thoughts you can think, or the good words you can speak, or the acts of kindness that you can do. Other than transforming your own life through lifting your vibration, you lift others' lives too. The positive vibration of your energy emanates out like a stone thrown into water, touching our planet and every living thing on it. As you rise higher, you take the world with you.

The Secret Team has created a gift for you. This clip features our beautiful Planet Earth. As you experience this clip you will emit positive forces of energy across Planet Earth that will reach every single living thing on it. You will lift yourself, and as you lift yourself, you lift the entire world.

The magnificent music was composed and graciously gifted for this clip by composer Jo Blankenburg.

From The Secret to you, here is Planet Earth - our home. "


At the end of the clip, the words "Planet Earth Forever" appear superimposed on a space shot of the planet. I wonder whazzup with that? And if this is going to be the theme for 'the next book and film' that Rhonda had referred to. It was a nice little video (although it pales in comparison to BBC's "Planet Earth" DVD set, of course), but I am wondering what the point was, why this was sent out. Some project currently in the works, trying to prime people for the next big thing? (Maybe Oprah knows, LOL!)

Re: The Secret (a movie)
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 08, 2008 09:32AM

man, that video is classic Rhonda Byrne...

first off, she is such a twit, hammering you over the head that the video is a GIFT GIFT GIFT.
Oh my god, what a GIFT.

She cut a deal with the composer for FREE music, to promote the composer.
Then Rhonda went and bought what is called Stock Footage of various animals, plants, and strung it together.
Classic Rhonda Byrne.
Take other people's stuff.
Hire an editor to cut it together.
Pretend you did something.

What is ironic is the New Agers love to show shots of dolphins, eagles, and flowers, etc.
Well, dolphins are a cool animal, but they are vicious as hell, and they literally rape and kill. They are predators.
And an eagle is also a predator. These are not pleasant New Age animals...they are ruthless predators.

Maybe that is the message. Rhonda Byrne is a New Wage predator?

and the stock shots of Flower Power are so 1960's.
That video is just filler content, until her next products come out.
Notice how she transforms the EARTH into The Secret logo at the end?

As far as Planet Earth Forever, to me that means that in New Thought humans are supposed to become physcially IMMORTAL, literally like the Risen Christ.
Maybe Rhonda Byrne will float out into space if we are lucky.

What a crank that woman is...

Re: The Secret (a movie) and the myth of Aladdin
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: May 08, 2008 12:49PM

I happened to see an old classic telling of the old myth...ALADDIN.
Its interesting, in The Secret, they refer to Aladdin.

But in the real story, its NOT like they say at all, of course.

Aladdin in the tale, seems to be a metaphor for your own Unconscious Mind. The "castle" it builds, could be something like a work of art, ideas, etc.
In the classic story, the Evil Magician tries to deceive Aladdin, and rob him of the lamp (his Unconscious mind), and Aladdin has use another Genie to turn into a viper, to kill the evil magician to get rid of him.

In reality, Rhonda Byrne, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle...they are the EVIL MAGICIANS.
They are deceiving people, and leading them away from a healthy relationship with their own Unconscious minds, and getting people to focus on THEM, in place of their own Intuition, and even in place of "God".

They literally are playing the role of the deceptive, greedy, evil Magician, trying to dupe "Aladdin" and steal his own resources from them.
Get rid of the evil mind magicians, then everything is fine.
That is the real message.

Re: The Secret (a movie)
Posted by: yutolia ()
Date: May 10, 2008 02:01AM

I did ask about Robin Gardner's credentials but that wasn't addressed in the agency's reply. I was a bit confused at the reply also - if it is free, presumably because the clients cannot afford to pay to view, then they are indeed building the Rolodex for the coach, no?

Robin Gardner... I was trying to remember where I had heard that name before, and then I realized that this is the person that was going to throw an event at my university - it was supposed to be something about getting your career started, and was only for seniors and grad students (as in, people who know what they want to do and are the most likely to be worried about getting their careers started). The seminar was supposed to be 60 dollars (when anyone could just go over to the Career Services Center and get free and probably much more specialized help). I could just smell a scam, so I reported it to one of our events coordinators and they did some more research and discovered that I was right - and the event was canceled.

Hope, there is a chance that you might just need to talk to the right people about this. Whoever booked her might be a true believer, but that doesn't mean that everyone in the organization is - maybe you need to go over her head on this one? Good luck, anyway.

Re: The Secret (a movie)
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: May 10, 2008 09:43PM

Thanks for your post, yutolia. I really hate seeing these people infiltrating the organizations that are supposed to be helping the most vulnerable.

Re: The Secret (a movie)
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: May 10, 2008 09:57PM

Inner Realm is a free publication filled with all kinds of articles and advertising for new wage practitionrs. It is entertaining reading.

This article by Robin Gardner appeared in INNER REALM MAGAZINE, July 2004.

Well, I’m sure over the years, you’ve heard your share of affirmations… “I am good enough”, “I am healthy and whole”, “I accept myself unconditionally” and the list goes on and on from here. But for most of us, the real underlying concern was always, how can you simply put a statement over an old belief and expect it to magically cancel out the old negative messages? So with all the information and the hype, the age old question still stands, do affirmations really work? Well, I’m actually here to say – they do work and here’s why…

The mind does NOT know what is real or imagined. You see our brains are actually wired in such a way, so that they hold information while never actually knowing what is truth or not. It simply registers thoughts and then we in turn associate a feeling to that thought. But we never truly know what is fact or fiction because we simply store perceptions and judgments that exist from our past limiting beliefs. This means that you can basically feed your mind any variety of information that you choose whether it is negative or positive.

With that said, take a moment and look around in order to see what you have created in your life. Are you satisfied with your present day circumstances? Since our thoughts produce feelings, which then lead to actions, it’s now easy to see what we have produced in our lives. If there’s a sense of scarcity around you, then you’re obviously still operating from an old belief that reinforces this sense of lack. So, in order to counteract that old belief you will need to replace it with a positive affirmation. For example, you might say, “my life is filled with abundance and the Universe supports me”. In order to further reinforce this message you will want to verbalize it and write it out several times a day for at least a month in an effort to recondition your mind. Remember consistency really counts here. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you focus on a positive thought or affirmation rather than a negative one, you can accomplish better actions and more desirable results. So, don’t you think it’s time to produce different results?

In fact a great way to begin is to first remember the classic slogan….“act as if”. This valuable principal definitely applies here. In fact, by implementing this saying in our everyday life, we reinforce a powerful message within ourselves. Why don’t you try it out this week and see for yourself? Think of one new positive message that you can begin affirming in your life today, and then use it everyday in everyway! Before you know it you will soon see the subtle changes occurring all around you.

Here’s some helpful guidelines for affirmations - keep it short, keep it simple, keep it in the present tense, use it as often as possible and refrain from using negative adverbs such as not, never, etc.. Good luck!

©2005 Robin Gardner
Phoenix Life Coaching
Phone 201-612-1220

Re: The Secret (a movie), Rhonda Byrne falsehoods EXPOSED
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 11, 2008 12:21AM

Happened to see a book about The Secret, and quickly read it. Its called...

The Secret of The Secret: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Runaway Bestseller by Karen Kelly (Author)

What is interesting is the book is very soft on The Secret, in style. Its as if she is wearing silk gloves...but by the end of the book, she has basically strangled Rhonda Byrne with those silk gloves.

She pretty much opens it up.
- Abe-Hicks, she shows how sleazy Rhonda Byrne was in dealing with them.
- How Byrne copied What The Bleep
- why this junk sells so well in America
- Rhonda Byrne's false claims about weightloss and "healing".
- Byrne refuses to talk to the media anymore.
- the placebo response limits.

- the fact that the New Thought ideas were NEVER SUPRESSED and always for sale in dozens of books, which is another falsehood by Rhonda Byrne.
- Mulford, a New Thought leader, appears to have committed suicide.
- Quantum Quackery, the New Age "physics" in The Secret are FALSE.
- There is zero proof thoughts affect external reality directly.
- Confirmation Bias []
- the connections with religions are dubious at best.

- Byrne hinted to the press those who suffer genocide attracted it.

- Rhonda Byrne's list of "Great People" who she says did The Secret, are FALSE.
- she uses false quotes for Einstein, Churchill and Emerson. Those are just FALSE, they never said what she said they said!! She just fabricated those quotes.
- Edison did NOT practice The Secret, quite the opposite!
- Rhonda Byrne appears to have just copied Think and Grow Rich, without attribution.
- Henry Ford did NOT practice The Secret, not even close, read his antisemitic writings, for example.
- the ideas of The Secret were NEVER BANNED at any time, unlike what Rhonda Byrne says. It was always being promoted and sold.

So this book is very FRIENDLY to The Secret, yet with a tiny bit of research, it shows the book and movie by Rhonda Byrne are full of falsehoods, and outright lies.
The fake-quotes are beyond the pale, and this is why Rhonda stopped talked to the press. Can you imagine? Fabricating quotes from dead people?

So basically, the book says everything in The Secret is false.
It very clear Rhonda Byrne did this on purpose.

Add to that, the fact she and her partners are suing eachother, and its all very clear.
The only happy thing, is the fight between the creators of The Secret, will kill any sequel, as noone knows who really owns it right now. She might have to give up 50% of The Secret.
So they are really killing themselves with their own that's positive.

But its amazing when you look at it all together. Rhonda Byrne is another shocking bald-faced seller of conscious falsehoods, who ends up hiding from the media, and bilking her personality cult of followers once the mainstream success dries up.

And it does put to the lie the central idea of The Secret, that THOUGHT DIRECTLY EFFECTS EXTERNAL REALITY.
That's not how itworks. Only indirectly, through our behaviors.
That is the fraud of The Secret and New Thought.

The Secret of The Secret: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Runaway Bestseller (Hardcover)
by Karen Kelly (Author)
Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books; First Edition edition (July 24, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312377908

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