Landmark: The Cult Question
Posted by: dutch ()
Date: December 08, 2003 10:09PM

Hi Jack SF,

I have read your posts over the past several days with great interest. Your banter with Guy is, to be frank, some fascinating entertainment. Thank you. But something struck me in one of your recent posts that I'd like to respond to.

You mentioned considering an "opportunity to leave" should it come up at SELP. I finished SELP a few months ago and there is absolutely no moment when the "leader" gives you the opportunity to leave. That only happens in the forum and advanced course. At this point the "leaders" know you've been indoctrinated and don't waste any more time on giving customers easy outs.

Jack, the point I'd like to make is this: If you'd tell the us here that you're considering "an opportunity to leave" then you're intuition is already screaming: NO, NO, NO I DON'T WANT THIS. The biggest mistake I have ever made in my life was not trusting my own instinct (which was absolutely anti-LEC) when a family member brought LEC into my home. I remember thinking," this is a crock of shit!"But I signed up anyway (trusting her with my life) and regret it everyday.

If you wait until you're seated in that SELP room, surrounded by "people from your advanced course community", seated around you smiling and asking you how you've been, you'll already be in too deep and will most likely stick it out 'till the end.

for what it's worth.

good luck


Landmark: The Cult Question
Posted by: JackSF ()
Date: December 09, 2003 02:12AM

>I finished SELP a few months ago and there is absolutely no moment
>when the "leader" gives you the opportunity to leave

dutch -- Thanks for the friendly post and the heads-up. They didn't give an opportunity to leave in my Advanced Course either so I figured there probably wasn't one in SELP.

Basically after my recent experience in the online Landmark group I've had real qualms about further participation in Landmark.

gc -- At this point would there be a good way for me to play it, to leave SELP and get my money back for SELP?

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