Another interesting forum, or was...
Posted by: sunsetserene ()
Date: December 06, 2003 08:25AM


Here is that site I was talking about. It used to be pretty good forum, although be warned they're serious about it not being a happy, happy, joy, joy place. It wasn't the last time I read there, but it may be different now.

Landmark Forum:Rants and Raves
Funny stuff
Apostate's Attic

A totally unofficial and unsponsored independant site
with NO connection to Landmark Education Corporation
If you're looking for a happy, happy, joy, joy place
where everyone is in alignment please tiptoe quietly away.

If you think you've got the stomach and the balls to hang out
with both the PROs and the CONs and the 'TWEENERS

where the discussions get hot, silly, or outrageous
and we can still see each other as people worthy of respect

Start Reading it here:


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