Tad James and Timelines
Posted by: kath ()
Date: December 13, 2006 01:48AM

What you need to understand....noowwwww.... is that

You've heard this done before a few times then Nutrino lol :D

Tad James and Timelines
Posted by: nutrino ()
Date: December 13, 2006 01:50AM

Well, Tad has grown, maybe he hasn't grown... I can't say one way or the other... attended a seminar of his with an emphasis on Timelines, long time back... walked out before the end of day 1... it stunk, it was boooooring, Tad was uncontrollably laughing nonstop, as if this were his best birthday party... the crowd was schmucky.... complete schnooks... so there you have my highly biased opinion formed out of one experience... your mileage may vary.... as I said, possibly Tad has grown, or grown up, or wised up, or learned something of material value... possibly... depends heavily on the life choices he's made, the ways his intellect and his ethical framework have been challenged, how primary relationships have shaped him.... he may be a different animal today... NLP, in general, has had a hard time living up to its initial promise... although there are highly ethical people involved in it who have tried hard to keep it on the straight and narrow... it has also, as a field, been infested with slippery, difficult to pin down, ambiguous types who blow a lot of glorified hot air, well understanding the market for entertainment is larger than the market for education.

Tad James and Timelines
Posted by: nutrino ()
Date: December 13, 2006 02:02AM

You've heard this done before a few times then Nutrino lol :D

I sincerely wish only a few... NLP has become a breeding ground for all manner of [i:ef994896f6]hypnotistes[/i:ef994896f6] , "human plasma generators" , and those who speak great wisdom couched in the deepest of mysteries... and very fond of scary contracts and documents too... there is a great power struggle behind the scenes as to who, exactly, may grant "trainer status" onto whom...and they want to be paid, handsomely, in exchange for a "trainer certificate"... oh, the gritty business of money aside, HOW hard is it to become a trainer ? You will pay me lots of pretty money....noowwwwww.... lots and lots my pretty.... did you ever wonder where that character Gollum came from, once Tolkien was done with him ?

Tad James and Timelines
Posted by: nutrino ()
Date: December 13, 2006 03:11AM

According to the Tadster from his own website:

[file under Mind Numbingly Verbose][/color:b948f4db96]
Since the introduction of the Line Therapy® Techniques in 1988 in the book Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality, there has been, not only excitement about the techniques themselves, but also major interest by the psychotherapeutic community and a rather rapid adoption of the process by people actively involved in seeing clients daily for various reasons.

[which people, exactly are these "rather rapid" adopters ?][/color:b948f4db96]

In the last few years, it has become obvious that an individual's Time Line with all the person's history -- his joys and fears, his happiness and sorrow, his loves and hates, his limiting and empowering decisions -- is a major part of that person's personality.

[[i:b948f4db96]Obvious ? Obvious to whom ? How has this belief been tested ?][/i:b948f4db96][/color:b948f4db96]

Over the last few years, we found that, if we were able to intervene in a client's Time Line therapeutically, we were able to assist the client to create seemingly miraculous changes in his life -- changes that extended even to the deepest level of personality.

[ [i:b948f4db96]ah, "seemingly"... that Federal Trade Commission approved expression[/i:b948f4db96]][/color:b948f4db96]

Models, such as Time Line Therapy®, are interesting devices. A model is a description or simulation of how something works. In essence a model is a blueprint or a map. Like a map, a model is not necessarily "true."

[[i:b948f4db96]Heck no, why should it be "true" ? But here language quickly leads us into the labyrinth of Eternal Murk... what then, SHOULD a model be, functionally speaking ? Isomorphic ? What if significant percentages of the population don't encode temporaility on anything line-like, or superhighway like ? What if they store experiences in little balls they keep under their beds [/i:b948f4db96]?][/color:b948f4db96]

It is just a representation of reality. So, we are not necessarily looking for truth in our model, we are only attempting to offer a description of how a portion of the human personality works. Like a map, it is only a description of the territory; and the value of any map or a blueprint lies in the results that you can produce by using it. In retrospect, even after 5 years, this model still seems to be a major discovery.

[ [i:b948f4db96]Really ? To whom is this discovery major ? Why haven't we heard about it in Scientific American, or in the APA journals, or on the Discovery Channel... or... anywhere but here ?[/i:b948f4db96] ][/color:b948f4db96]

From the time of Aristotle to William James to Freud and Jung to Milton Erickson, M.D., people interested in Psychology have been searching for a way to adequately describe the human experience of time. Time Line Therapy®, as a model, has the potential to not only make sense out of our temporal experience

[ [i:b948f4db96]Uh, Tad, what the hell are you talking about ? Make sense out of temporal experience ? Say what ? Ever heard of Filofax ?[/i:b948f4db96] ][/color:b948f4db96], but also to change our understanding of how negative emotions and limiting decisions affect us, as well as describing how to create a meaningful future for all time to come, because with Time Line Therapy® we now understand the human temporal experience and can change the basic elements that make up someone's history.

[ [i:b948f4db96]So, why isn't everyone doing it ? Where are the marching bands ? I asked this same question to the Scientology community. If your technology kicks ass like all that, where are your geniuses ? Where are your great success stories ? Harumph. They stopped talking to me at that point [/i:b948f4db96] ][/color:b948f4db96]

Since 1988, thousands of people have been affected by the techniques of Time Line Therapy®. Hundreds of people have been trained in the techniques and use them daily. Thousands of others have attended the Secret of Creating Your Future® seminars given all over the world, and have seen dramatic changes in their lives.

[ [i:b948f4db96]This is all carefully documented, cross schecked for confounding variables, you have records of intake interviews, 6 month and one year follow ups, and supporting psychometrics ? Yes ? Ready for publication is it ? We're tugging at our leashes ! [/i:b948f4db96]][/color:b948f4db96]

Today, there are institutes in Europe, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil and the United States authorized to teach the techniques of Time Line Therapy®.

[ [i:b948f4db96]Institutes ? In what sense "institutes" ? As in Institutions ? Trade Schools ? What constitutes an institute, anyway ? [/i:b948f4db96]][/color:b948f4db96]

Re: Tad James and Timelines
Posted by: light34 ()
Date: January 17, 2020 07:18PM

Found Lisa Turner from psycademy linked to timelines she studied there .. she now has formed her own organisation put up a post about psycademy as it seems a bit of a negative brainswash my partner used to be in cults and he left one like 4 years ago nearly.. and about a couple of months he signed for pyscademy training .. it seems after his last retreat with psycademy he said he felt different and questioning things

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