Posted by: poppop ()
Date: November 03, 2003 04:10PM

Landmark is an corrupt organisation, selling abusive seminars promising people a happy and successfull life.

The Forum leaders are corrupt people selling their integrity for money. Before their minds were conditioned by society, now their minds are conditioned by Landmark. The Forum leaders are just parroting the same unauthentic information like copy cats. Forum leaders are company men, never qustioning the company policy. They are not open to life, they are not serving humanity, they are not thinking for them selves using their own intelligence and experience. They have gone too far, they will not listen. They are just waisting their lives away for money, they will never flower.

To transform anybody one needs to transform oneself first. One must solve ones own problem first. The Forum Leaders are not enlightened people, they are just greedy for money and power and to be somebody, thats all.

It is a shame that ordinary people still are being abused and ripped off by Landmark, it has been going on since 1971.

There is so much more advanced courses and programs today design to enhance peoples consiousness, find an enlighten master and go and sit with him and flower in love and intelligence and consiousness. Eckhart Tolle is one contemporary master with very clear and effective teaching, a modern Jesus or Budda or Ramana or Osho.

Well good luck to You all.

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