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The Legacy Center: Any info ASAP
Posted by: The Shadow ()
Date: September 22, 2007 01:44AM


to answer your question: "have you done the training".

I don't have to swallow arsenic to know that it will kill me!


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The Legacy Center: Any info ASAP
Posted by: The Shadow ()
Date: September 22, 2007 05:17AM

I must say those are interesting comments. The concept of brainwashing only makes sense if you want to be a victim. If you take responsibility for your choices then this conversation and website wouldn't be happening.

what a load of rubbish, brainwashing is not a CONCEPT! it is obvious to me that you have been brainwashed to believe that you have not been brainwashed. Tring tring, thankful, answer the clue phone!![/i:b34d086bf1]
As far as the cost of the program is very affordable and I would have paid 20 times what it costs.

[i:b34d086bf1]again, more rubbish, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, one does not get value for money. You could spend a year with a QUALIFIED therapist and get more than your money's worth than you get from Landmark/EST, Quest, Insight, Legacy, et al... that IS a fact. so stop talking rubbish!.[/i:b34d086bf1]
This will be the last time I write to you:

[i:b34d086bf1]- good, please write when you have something sensible to share![/i:b34d086bf1]I want to leave you with a couple questions:

Have you done the trainings?
Are you a skeptic of everything?
Do you walk around not trusting anyone?
Are you broke spiritually? financially? relationships? etc?

to answer the above four questions, - none of your GD business!

I hope you go somewhere outside of this screwed up website to do something that is forwarding instead of bitching and moaning.

[i:b34d086bf1]this advice of yours is demeaning, and I for one will not be following it.[/i:b34d086bf1]
Good Luck

PS Open your eyes to the people that are on this site, if you want to end up like them stay on it and continue to bitch and moan and make up stories

thankful: we will not "end up" any way, we are what we are, and this is probably what you find threatening!

please keep your bad advice to yourself, truthful,


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The Legacy Center: Any info ASAP
Posted by: The Shadow ()
Date: September 22, 2007 05:26AM


You say: "the concept of brainwashing only makes sense if you want to be a victim".

How uninformed are you?
Do you know anything about bnrainwashing?
Do you know who Robert Jay Lifton is?
Do you know about his studies on brainwashing?
Do you know that he did studies on captured POWs who underwent brainwashing?

They must have wanted to be victims, according to your statement.

Your conversation is littered with LGAT-speak. For example: "If you take responsibility for your choices then this conversation and website wouldn't be happening."

You probably cannot even see but, trust me, people who have been through the LGAT experience, seen it for what it is, and come out the other side, can see it. Others who have been put through it indirectly by their association with LGAT VICTIMS, recognize it too.

Are you even aware of the clich├ęd LGAT thinking you exhibit in that sentence?

You're writing for the last time so hopefully you will consider these questions CRITICALLY in your own mind:

Are all people who claim to have been through brainwashing and written books afterwards lying? For example, Deborah Layton, who was involved with Jim Jones.

Does brainwashing not exist and it is merely a belief - "a reality people create" in LGAT-speak - manufactured by some great conspiracy?

According to your cold, lump-everyone-into-one-barrel thinking, everyone on this website must be screwed up. Yet, you have no idea as to the unique situations each and every person has been put through.

That includes people who have been subjected to harmful trainings, and that includes people who have been affected by them by the harmful influence they have had on loved ones.

Your last post is among the most insulting, heartless, screwed-up expressions of a narcissistic LGAT world view I have yet come across.

If this is the connection you have learnt to the world from Legacy, you have been duped.


thank you Brad69, you have said this much more eloquently than i could ever have done.

What a pity that people like every_day and 'thankful' are so trapped in their extraordinary, distorded altered reality they cannot hear how silly they sound. And even on the most basic level, they don't even notice how bad mannered they are.

I only hope that one day they will, and when that day comes I hope they can accept my apologies for getting so mad at them while they were trapped in their idiotic 'altered reality'. I guess I have to keep reminding myself that when they do finally "see the light", they will be overcome with dramatic feelins of shame, anger, confusion...i have to feel sorry for them.

enuf blethering...

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Re: The Legacy Center: Any info ASAP
Posted by: boba ()
Date: September 17, 2008 07:51PM

There does not seem to be too much talk here about the Legacy Center lately. For those just finding this thread, please be aware that these people are still hard at work lying to, and more importantly, hypnotizing your friends and neighbors.
I went to a guest event.
To say the least, they took issue with me. I don't like being lied to. I don't like being implied upon either.
If you can point out their presuppositions you can really affect the group, not just your diad partner.
Not in Charlotte you don't Lori! They may fall for that in Asheville, but we bankers wrote the book on NLP long before Bandler named it.
I advise everyone try this fun exercise. Find a place where you can practice your nonverbal communication and do something good for your community at the same time. Sit on the front row if you want to be most effective. Sit in the middle if you want to have a control in your experiment, but go to some place where LGAT is being practiced. Notice how your posture and the timing of it's change can sew seeds of doubt and skepticism in the minds of the people behind you. After whatever church meeting, guest event, or rally you went to is over, take note of the people that sat behind you and their opinions of the speaker. You may see a sharp contrast to the the people that sat in front of you. They will leave these meetings in state, or high from just coming out of one, because you were not part of their visual experience.

"I went to church incognito" Alice Cooper

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