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Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 29, 2003 11:41PM

We have gotten lots of reports on this message board from people concerned about this group.

As for deprogramming, you'd need to talk with Rick Ross. Given that your wedding is about one month away and you've already been in a fender bender, I would recommend taking care of yourself, first and formost.

Since your friends are Asian, they may be especially vulnerable to LGAT indoctrination, because in many Asian cultures, you're socialized to get your sense of identity from group affiliation, and to preserve harmony in social relations, no matter what.

This makes you especially vulnerable to the group games and peer pressure utilized in in LGATs.

Preserve your sanity. Get new bridesmaids. And warn everyone you know about problematic LGATs .

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Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: September 29, 2003 11:55PM

I had a group of friends/colleagues who got into Landmark years ago.
One guy WAS a really good guy, i did many projects with him over many years.
Then he got into Landmark (The Forum), along with a few others I knew, and he began asking me ALL THE TIME to go to The Forum, and he also became extremely obnoxious, trying to point out all my psychological flaws, and basically doing the "Landmarking" personal attack and shaming method.

Now this was years ago, before i was on the internet, and knew anything about Landmark.
But he was behaving so obnoxiously, i literally stopped talking to him.
He got more and more into Landmark, and started hanging out with Landmarkians, and basically he disappeared from the scene i work in.

He is no longer my friend.

As a matter of fact, i think a lot of the Landmarkians, if they can't covert you to their Religion, think they are superior to you, and write you off as well.

That's life.
Some people just get into these nutty things, and there is nothing we can really do about it.

That's my approach anyway.
I try to help, but if I can't get through to them, and they are being really obnoxious and destructive, i have no problem ending the friendship.

Don't allow others to violate your personal boundaries.
Just because other people go "crazy" doesn't mean we have to go nuts too!


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Posted by: elena ()
Date: October 01, 2003 09:24AM


Tell her/them you "choose" to have a Landmark-free wedding.

Tell her/them you "choose" no "enrollment conversations," jargon, "coaching," or "junior Forum leaders" on your special day.

Tell her your friendship is not an "enrollment possibility" for a commercial enterprise.

Tell her/them you have found out through research that Landmark "Education" used to be "est" and was started in the 1970s by Werner Erhard, who used some of the things he learned in scientology to start his own group.

Tell her/them that the use of jargon and attempting to "enroll," (proselytize or recruit) others is a sign that their brains have been taken over by their Forum leaders and they are being used as free labor or advertisements, meaning they have become VICTIMS, (a worse crime in Landmark-land than robbing a bank).

Best to you,


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