Anyone know about International Black Summitt?
Posted by: stevew ()
Date: August 17, 2003 04:11AM

I may have asked this before, but if so, was long ago and am wanting to talk now.

These people spun off from Landmark some years ago, but use most of the same ideology. On the surface, the idea is good - enpowerment in the black community. But some of the leaders (who my soon-to-be ex is a part) are required to go to several training weekends around the country during the year to lead up to the main event. A lot of time and money (not as much $ as Landmark) is spent on all this, leading up to one major conference a year where most of the same few hundred attend every year, doing the same things with a different spin.

The worst is these long calls or shares, which take hours more. Someone else on this board used the term "relentless self-analysis" when discussing something else - very appropriate here.

Any thoughts, or contributions?

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