Exposing a mystical moment
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Date: July 08, 2006 03:53PM

I finally worked this one out after piecing things together. Not having been on the course, and with my girlfriend having been told not to say what went on during the course so as not to spoil it for others (yes, right), I have had to reconstruct this illusion from what I have learnt in conversation with her (back when that used to happen).

It seems, though, THIS WAS WHAT IMPRESSED THE RECRUITS THE MOST AND IT WAS THE MOMENTY THAT REALLY BROKE THEM, AS OPPOSED TO THE BREAKTHROUGH THEY VIEWED IT AS. I say that, having met many of the people who did the course and having interacted with them, getting info out of them. It is not a shot in the dark.

The stuff below comes from one of numerous letters/documents I am penning, as if writing to my girlfriend, as I gather information and see things. Hopefully not too long from now she will find herself able to read them and see what has happened.

It does dart back and forth a little, but should be clear enough to understand. Read on, I will explain in brackets where additional info might clarify things:

[On a three-day weekend away at an isolated place, where no communication was allowed with the outside world because it would 'disturb the resonance' (anyone hear loaded jargon?)]

You were told that each of you had a core word that summed up who you are. During a long meditation, lasting through to the early hours of the morning, you had to “find your word”: Yours was innocence.

YOU GUESSED IT EARLY ON in the process, but it WASN’T recognised at that point by Louis Smit.


Because you hadn’t gone through the necessary emotional stress to cause the breakdown he required to impose his thought reform – from lack of sleep and food, from stressful mental activities. You hadn’t yet been transferred to the mental state of lowered resistance he required to use thought reform on you.

It took many hours until, when you suggested the word again (Was it four of five in the morning) , that he said “yes”.

But you had guessed it much earlier on! What did he tell you as you searched? "Go deeper, go deeper". Under his thought reform spell, it seems.


After all, HE KNEW! He had your song lined up! Wow! Where did he find this special knowledge from? How could he have known? He must be connected to great spiritual forces!

After all that time under stress, you would have believed anything he said was so, including knowing your word.

So, how did he know what your word was and then have the song ready? Frankly, he had it lined up like a conductor conducting an orchestra:

- He chose a word for you long before the fact. After all, he had learnt enough about you to know what would appeal to you. In the introduction classes before the weekend away, you had to interact with him, writing out tons of stuff about yourself. All the material he needed was there.

For heaven’s sake, during the meditation, you even gave him a clue by guessing “innocence” early on.

- So, once you had been put under sufficient stress to make the "breakthrough" – which was combined with numerous other stressful activities previously, designed to lower your resistance to his suggestions, he then magically gave the “yes”, and magically had your song ready to go.

[These stressful activities included cross-dressing and going out, finding a stranger and telling your darkest secret to that person, dancing and dressing like Kylie Minogue in front of others (although beautiful, my girlfriend has always struggled with issues of self-esteem, so making herself the focus of others by doing the Kylie Minogue thing was big for her). This was quite apart from the huge workload which was fostered on her from the beginning, keeping her focused on the course and the 'teacher'].

- There was no great power in what he did. It was simple. Like a magician using magic, he created a diversion.

- He reduced your ability to critically question his ways by having you do things that put you under stress, doing things you didn’t like doing.

- Then, he put you through more stress by hosting a highly-intensive weekend away, in isolation, cut off from others, characterised by lack of sleep, little intake of food, and stressful activities.

- These included further breakdown methods such as having a list of your “so-called faults” hung around your neck. Then having people surround you, shouting and screaming at you that you were this, this and that. ALL NEGATIVE. ALL HIGHLY STRESSFUL.

- You had to write about these ‘faults’, in other words take ownership of them.

- All this time, your body is struggling to keep up with the massive amount of information it is taking in, due to lack of sleep and sustenance.

- Then the search for the word begins. Even though you find it early on, it is not admitted to you.

- However, 'nice' people are around you, helping you to get there. Athele and Frankie (recruiters for Smit). Frankie you didn't know before (or maybe just a bit), but Athele you had been wary of, and suddenly she becomes a wonderful person with all her support, whispering in your ear.

- Eventually, you are on the point of cracking. That is when you know your word. Innocence!

- But Louis Smit knows it too. He’s been guiding you there with suggestion already in the lead up to this moment.

- And YOU HAVE TO COME BACK TO THE WORD YOU GUESSED SO MUCH EARLIER because if you didn’t, the song he has chosen for you, Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within’ would be out of place.


No, just another trick easily explained as are most magician’s acts.

And now for the greatest irony of them all, this con man, Louis Smit, called the course "Magic"!

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Re: Exposing a mystical moment
Posted by: wise awake ()
Date: September 22, 2014 10:49PM

quite scary to read this. I saw Louis Smit and CO in action some year ago in Hong Kong. Such an ego maniac person with little man syndrome and a crowd of followers that were unders some sort of spell or else just being paid a lot of money. He had some artist girlriend and another broken witch sort of woman called Atlas or athel some others. They did the same thing, made everyone sign contracts to say that if they left the course they were letting everyone done. They found out reams of information of a deeply personal nature on each person which was then later used against them to progressively break them down and make them vulnerable. Then they were brought to a seedy damp reeking house for a weekend and had sleep depravation no food and ridicolusly humiliating tasks, one woman was weeping in a corner and hitting her head off the wall and another woman so vulnerable overweight rolling on the floor being encouraged to play with herself. If anyone questioned it they were called an "entity" they had to wear boards around their neck with highly humiliating nick names and the group were encouraged to gang up on individuals one by one and deeply insult them and the person had to stand there without crying and say "thank you for your truth" He then got some people to have private sessions which I believe were sexual. He earned a lot of money and caused a lot of damage. It was called MAgik Alaister Crawley came to mind

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Some stuff on Google
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Date: September 23, 2014 09:19PM

A) The Truth about Human Potential Seminars: Why am I doing this?Nov 3, 2006 ... ... one Louis Smit, a South African, who has messed up many people's ... ex-cult
Resource Center · International Survivors Action Committee ...
lgattruth.blogspot.com/2006/11/why-am-i-doing-this.html - 73k - Cached - Similar pages

C)Spinoff group in Olympia, WA? in Castaneda's Legacy Forum... I looked around for more on the Castaneda cult, and ended up here. ..... Note
next the mention of Louis Smit alongside Balch in the 2003 ...
sustainedreaction.yuku.com/topic/.../Spinoff-group-in-Olympia-WA - 104k - Cached - Similar pages

A) The Truth about Human Potential Seminars: Why am I doing this?

(Quote)the truth about Human Potential Seminars and Large Group Awareness Training.

Friday, November 03, 2006
Why am I doing this?
There are a lot of groups today, selling themselves as having the solution to the problems people are experiencing in their lives. It is a massive industry, but it is unregulated. Any person can set themselves up as a teacher, and that means that this human potential seminar industry is open to serious abuses. And serious abuses are happening every day.

Some of the groups I am talking about: Landmark Education, Personal Dynamics, The Mankind Project, Millionaire Mind, PSI, The Human Awareness Institute, Impact Trainings, Peak Potential, MSIA (Messiah), Rapport Leadership International, Life Success Seminars, Sterling Institute, NXIVM, Avatar.

Many of these groups use methods that should only be used by trained psychotherapists because when handled by unqualified personnel the results can be very dangerous. Hypnosis, group pressure, lack of sleep, lack of food, meditation, shaming, blaming, confessions are some of the methods used to make people more susceptible to an often twisted ideology that can totally screw up a person's perceptions and understanding of their world, including of their families, their finances, and their responsibilities.

These methods are the same as those used in cults.

I have been exposed to it indirectly. I lost the woman I have loved the most to a man who claimed to be a 'master', one Louis Smit, a South African, who has messed up many people's lives in South Africa, Hong Kong, and the UK. He claims two esoteric degrees and two diplomas that are false.

He used every method as outlined by Robert Jay Lifton in his seminal book "Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism" to break apart my relationship with my ex, all for his own sexual purposes, and for the purpose of selling another course, and then another, and then another...

Many individuals such as him exist, and so too do many groups. Sadly, I discovered my story was hardly unique. A visit to the Rick Ross website's (The best resource on cults and contoversial groups on the Internet) message boards confirmed this.

Pay a visit there at [www.rickross.com]. Check out the Group Information Database. Take a look at the message boards and see how this industry is being exploited.

If people are considering doing a course that could be life changing, then they should treat it with even more due diligence than buying a car or a house, so check out the information on whomever you are interested in very carefully.

I don't want anybody to go through the trauma I and countless others have gone through.

Take a look at this spoof on cults on YouTube [www.youtube.com] because if you attend an intro seminar for any of these groups, you might hear a lot of this stuff.

I'll have more to say, but let this be my introduction. Don't be caught out. Don't allow yourself to be hurt. Don't allow your family and friends to be hurt. Learn what mind control, thought reform, brainwashing is. Make informed decisions. Most of all use your own critical thinking.

You have the answers to your questions, not some group that doesn't know you from a bar of soap pushing their one-size-fits-all story. And pushing course after course upon you.
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C)Spinoff group in Olympia, WA?

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May 20 11 9:29 AM


My Recent Posts

Hi folks.The Belch Guy Has No Overt Connections to Casta ConceptsPaul Balch was listed in 2003 as one of the teachers in Patrick Desplace's organization, which regularly quotes from Castaneda in its newsletter. The Casta concept of "trickster teacher" makes an immediate appearance in the description which Desplace gives of himself at [www.worldevelopment.com] (emphasis added)He is a formidable teacher and healer who has the ability to guide, trick and inspire people to go far beyond what they thought they were capable off.Note next the mention of Louis Smit alongside Balch in the 2003 newsletter (worldevelopment.com/pub/Back_issues/Newsletter_Jan_03.PDF)After Africa, Patrick will be going on a round-the-world tour, so people in various parts of the world will have the opportunity of working with him again. Paul Balch is running courses in the USA and Canada at the moment. Lisbeth and Norbert Rossel (currently in Austria) are doing very good work in Cape Town, South Africa, and Louis Smit is very actively teaching in Johannesburgbecause Smit is also mentioned in [forum.rickross.com] has now come up with a way to use Castaneda material in a LGAT format. His name is Louis Smit and he operates in South Africa, although I know he has also presented courses in London, Zanzibar and Hong Kong.

...(Since my girlfriend first did a course with this con man, she hasn't experienced any of this so-called abundance. She has experienced serious depression, suicidal thoughts, a business going in reverse, and has become very serious, isolated, evasive, and fears she will not make it i.e achieve her potential - ah the instilled phobia. And she believes in stories made up by Castaneda, Florinda Donner and Merilyn Tunnenshende, all of which Smit has prescribed to her to read).(emphasis added)

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Re: Exposing a mystical moment
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 23, 2014 09:29PM


(Quote)Join us for this unique adventure in seven delicious sessions. Begin to live your dreams with passion and joy as you create your destiny with fun and laughter!

“How many wishes do I get? - As many as you want…” The Never Ending Story

Course Presenter:
Louis Smit, of South African birth, has lived and traveled in the world. At the age of seven he became interested in martial art, and achieved Black belts in Karate and Aikido. He achieved B.Com and Economics degrees from Wits University and presents business training seminars. He studied with Patrick Desplace, the Rosicrucian Order, Hermetics, and the teachings of Don Juan. Within the auspices of WDHR, Louis graduated with a Bachelor Of Esoteric Sciences – Honours, a Diploma Of Esoteric Education, a Healing Diploma and a Masters of Esoteric Sciences in 1997. Louis, now offers a full program, and invites you to join him on a special journey, filled with an abundance of life, laughter, happiness, joy and fun.

We have within ourselves a multitude of responses and ways of being. Mastery 1 helps you acknowledge your many inner resources and gives you a tangible framework within which to explore who you are. Through identifying and integrating a Higher aspect of Yourself and awakening what we call The Observer, a unique transformation process takes place.

We invite you to join us in fun, laughter and adventure as you awaken the awesome resources you did not know you had!!

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