Pan Global Solutions - My Help Network
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: August 09, 2022 09:06AM

This is an update.

Pan Global Solutions -My Help Network is the exact same group we were involved in that went by the name The House of Help Pan Academy.

Raja Bharut calls himself Pan Raja in a video interview on his websites.

We have written extensively about our experience and warn that he uses hypnosis and mind control techniques to gain access in controlling his recruits minds for his sole purpose.

He has many people working for him and recruiting for him. His organisations are global and since it's "charitable" he has tax free benefits in Australia.

He asks for donations. He's a multi millionaire. Not the humble character he portrays himself to be
He's shrewd and sly.

We hope this warning will save others from the trauma we experienced and the years of healing.

Thank you.

Re: Pan Global Solutions - My Help Network
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: August 20, 2022 08:14AM

The video interview with Pan Raja can also put the observer in a state of trance and hypnosis. Beginning with a trickling stream. Instantly putting one in a very relaxed state. His conversational style is loaded with hypnotic trance. The pace and timing of his words, the hand and finger movements.

For those who've left his high pressure group be aware there are triggers and word activations. "Help each other" as innocuous as it sounds to most, in this group is a powerful activator, that puts one back under his spell.

Its important to use "critical thinking" for those who decide to watch his video.

Don't believe all that seems benign.

There's even mention of helping the rich to help the poor. There lies the core of his intentions. He wants people's precious time and honest earned money to finance him.
This is how he's made his millions.

Selling this dream of helping each other and creating a new world of peace. Being with him was a contradiction to everything he professed.

This is not an honest way of acquiring money. Its deceitful, it's lazy and parasitic. Using mind control on good honest unsuspecting people is an ethical crime. He is a small short man with something to prove. How fragile and dangerous he is. He's no victim. Don't believe his sob stories. He's cunning, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Re: Pan Global Solutions - My Help Network
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: August 24, 2022 10:35PM

Great video that illustrates mind control techniques, thought reform and trance induction used by Raja -

"What is a Cult and How Does it Work?"

by Margaret Singer

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