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Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: August 08, 2022 11:44PM

Hello Everyone,

Raja Bharut of My Help Network is also the leader, but he's not the leader. Guru but he's not the guru.
Courier as he calls himself, of the Universal Truth. He gives for free for Pan Global Solutions.

He is the Raja we encountered who wanted our money and mind to serve him as he wished.

He does an interview calling himself
Pan Raja. He is asking for help i.e. money, because we should all help one another. What he really means we the ordinary people and likes of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Politicians, Rich Business People have to help him to spread the word of helping each other.

I've watched the use of his hand gestures and holding his two index fingers spaced apart when he speaks and I know this is a hypnotic technique. The same way he put us in a trance and in a state of hypnosis.

We are no longer fooled by his fake humbleness. He is a cunning, sly wolf whose a multi millionaire asking for more money to finance Pan Gaia a huge property in the Bundaberg area. Unless he's sold it. No doubt he'd have other properties. He has roots in Australia and overseas. A huge network of people work for him.

The website is -

The first time he's ever done an interview and made himself known to the public.

He must be desperate. Craving the supply and energy he needs to feed his ego and pseudo personality.

I've seen the real Raja and he is not loving. He is not giving. He is controlling, manipulative, coercive
and self serving at your expense. Meetings with him go for hours. You are food deprived. He sits in a chair doing all the talking for hours on end. Manipulating your thoughts. After he hits you with what he wants and he pressures you to make a decision to serve him by tomorrow. It's a very high pressure situation. He's not the easy going fellow he portrays in the video. If any it triggers the traumatic experience we had.

This is a warning for everyone who comes across him and validation to those who are too afraid to say anything about the damaging and harmful experience they had with him.

Buyers beware!

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