Psi Seminars - divorce correlation?
Posted by: worriedfam ()
Date: January 25, 2022 12:42PM

My husband of 38 years recently attended Psi Basic, then signed up and attended Psi 7 Life Success course. While I don't think Psi is a cult, what I read makes me think there are some brainwashing techniques used. I would assume they do this so people become enamored of the programs and want to spend more money. My husband didn't sign up for the 3rd level course, so at least that is something,

Five days after he got home from Psi 7 he told me he wanted a divorce. This was completely out of the blue for me and I just feel devastated. Note that I read about Psi before he went to Basic and told him I was extremely uncomfortable with his attending. I listed many reasons, including me not thinking it would be good considering he was depressed. I also told him I had read that lots of people get divorced shortly after going. One report said 90% but honestly I don't know how anyone would be tracking those numbers. He replied that while he was incredibly sad it was about him not loving himself and that he had no desire to divorce me and I didn't need to worry about that,

Anyone else have a similar experience? Any advice on helping him get help to get past this when he doesn't want to get help?

Re: Psi Seminars - divorce correlation?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 26, 2022 05:37AM

Welcome to CEI message board, worried fam.

Others have come here with questions about Psi Seminars.

Here's a place to look.


Re: Psi Seminars - divorce correlation?
Posted by: worriedfam ()
Date: January 26, 2022 07:23AM

corboy, thank you for this link. The one "legal action" was super enlightening. And frightening. I notice that many of the threads are pretty old. I will poke around but wondering if anything has changed at PSI. I'm assuming probably not considering the dilemma I find my family in.

I truly love and care about my husband and even if he divorces me I don't want him to ruin his life and other relationships, particularly with our adult children. In our situation I am not worried about him spending money on more seminars, though he also tells me he doesn't plan to. But it is as though he is trying to blow up his life and start over. He wants to divorce me and I see that he is closing other people out of his life because they don't do what he thinks they should do and he takes it all so personally.

This is all so confusing. And he says by suggesting the PSI was a cause that I'm not taking responsibility for my part in the destruction of our marriage. Maybe he's right. However there are all kinds of red flags and changes in his behavior. He doesn't have a lot of personal support besides me, and is now relying on his new PSI friends for support.

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