Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Sunnrayne ()
Date: July 07, 2018 02:27AM


I’ve read every single post on here and can personally relate to many of what has been said. I’ve graduated quest and understand that these types of programs are malicious in nature.

Anyways, I’m writing this because I’m doing research for a documentary on these types of programs. We are looking for those we can interview about their experiences in LGATs. These can be anonymous if you’d like.

The hope for this is to bring awareness to this issue, the appeal, the consequences, trauma, etc. If you’re interested please reach out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: sisoftrainee ()
Date: March 26, 2019 09:12PM


I am brand new here. I have a question. Is anyone familiar with Be You Trainings?
From what I can gather, they are very similar, or a spin off of Impact. This forum has been tremendously helpful with what I am currently going through with my youngest sister.
Any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I need to know what to say or do to try to reverse her new “thinking” (if you could even call it that.)


Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: March 18, 2020 12:47AM

There are two bits of good news coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic. The impact on Impact and other LGATs will be devastating. Also since viruses do not do well in hot weather, global warming may be just what we need for a while.

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