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Posted by: aaronangelle ()
Date: April 09, 2011 02:58PM

I am new in this community. please tell me about impact training. What is this?

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Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: April 12, 2011 09:34AM


The best way to get the answer to your question is to just read this extensive thread and to check the related archive and search buttons. Impact is a typical Large Group Awareness Trainng (LGAT), which is unique only in its headquarters location and unique backgrounds of its founders.

Please share your impressions here as you develop insight in your quest for an understanding of Impact Trainings.

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Date: April 12, 2011 09:47PM


This thread is 167 pages long, please read it and post additional questions afterward.

IMPACT IS A CULT. <=== "Period!"
Posted by: impactisacult ()
Date: April 13, 2011 10:32PM

Me again. Still reeling from my fall impact experience. I am clueless how the average person can go thru summit, liftoff, etc. All I did was the first one, Quest. My mind is oatmeal. A total haze. This is so much more than what I believe to be the typical LGAT. It really all comes down to this: do you want to think for yourself, or have someone else think for you? Some would answer that, if honestly, that perhaps someone else may be an alternative. Not me.

But let's assume, for conversation's sake, that you decided on "B." Would you not want to choose something reputable? Do your research, that's all I ask. Do not take this person or that person's recommendation or rave review. They may be in their own 'fog.' Go out and do your own research. You have it all with this group folks: mind manipulation, brain-washing (both subtle and overt), peer pressure, group dynamics, Hawthorne Effect, a slew of 'conditioned responses,' and even a Nazi connection. No, I am not kidding. Google Impact, Werner von Braun, and the Nazi connection. Take that research and couple it with the fact that I heard Hans say the following: "everything I learned that goes into Impact I learned from Werner von Braun."

This is not just a fad or something that is 'cult-ish.' It is very, very dangerous.

Re: IMPACT IS A CULT. <=== "Period!"
Posted by: Ryk ()
Date: April 14, 2011 02:04PM

I cannot agree more. We were exposed to an LGAT called the "Centre of Light" or Insight Training Centre." Upon researching this forum and consulting many other sources, the conclusion is the same. There are numerous overlays between the various approaches followed by basically all the LGATS described on this forum, and they are all based on similar priciples ranging from ancient rites, rituals and symbols, access to the primitive brain (hence experiences described as going "beyond thought and feeling)", thought reform processes (read the stuff on the Chinese thought reform programs and you will shudder), brain washing- etc etc.

Do NOT believe participants' ranting reviews and feedback who claim to be travelling on cloud nine. The experiences are very real and very deep, and I dare say that those who keep making those claims are the very ones who are stuck in their own delusions and they are unaware of their stuckness. The shit hits the fan so to speak when you awaken from the nightmare and see it for what it really is. This I think is one of the biggest dangers- not knowing that you are stuck.

DO YOUR RESEARCH and DO NOT ENGAGE WITH AN LGAT- it has one outcome only, for heaven's sake. Just keep reading here about all the other contributors to this forum.....broken relationships (I almost lost my marriage twice but with huge grace did not), my family had no clue who I had become, I ended up with PTSD and depression, a lost identity, the list goes on on on for many others. I hope I have said enough.
As a final note, I disassociated with the LGAT described hereabove that I was party to up to 2003, and the struggle continues, just as an illustration of the long lasting effects. That is exactly why I continue to bring my experience to this forum - to help others who are struggling and fighting the same battle.

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Posted by: ImTierd ()
Date: April 16, 2011 04:12AM

Can anyone share with me what happens the second weekend of the LM1 trainings?

In going through all of the handouts and memories I have I honestly don’t remember the order everything happened. I don’t even recall for sure exactly what came in TIT 1 and TIT 2. From what I hear they’re trying to push so many people through to TIT 3 that they throw in as much information as early as possible anyway. So I don’t think the order is completely "clear" in the trainer’s mind, either. They just kind of teach what the group "calls forth". So, this is the best recollection I have and regardless of the order, it’s all based on things I learned in TIT. I will speak about it in the first person and it may sound at times like I actually believe this stuff, but believe me, it took everything I had not to add my sarcastic comments and point out the logical fallacies inherent in this doctrine. For what it’s worth, I hope this helps! If nothing else it might spark memories in others that have had LMT (formerly TIT) and thus they may provide additional information.

During TIT 1 we talked about the creation, Moses and the red sea, parts of the Bible, especially parts that talked about doing things that Jesus and Moses did and the phrase “will you change it”. There was a big emphasis on how the history of the world was already planned out and that the time of destruction had passed and gone, but didn’t happen because the vibration of humanity had changed the predicted outcome. Basically, we begged for the earth not to be destroyed because the experiment of Earth was not finished yet. The experiment of earth was the fact that we all wanted to come here and descend to a low vibration and then see if we could pull ourselves out of it. We wanted to do this so we could learn what love and joy and peace and all of these other positive emotions are. A very basic version of this whole thing is explained in “The Little Soul and the Sun”, which they often read in either Summit or Lift-off. So, now we’re here doing everything we can to ascend back to our higher vibrational selves that somewhere inside we already know we are. Side note: If anyone is thinking this sounds familiar, just compare it to the LDS doctrine about the plan of salvation and becoming as god is. It’s here where they also emphasize (again) that Christ didn’t say to become like him. He said to be as he is, meaning we already have the power inside of us to be like Jesus Christ. Along with this there is a grand lecture about Satan and how he is really a gift and the true brother of Jesus Christ because he is here to be an ultimate polar force in our path of learning. Satan is the one that volunteered to lower his vibration lower than everyone else so that through his perceived evil we would have the contrast to good that we were looking for. In this way we should be ultimately grateful for his (Satan’s) sacrifice.

TIT 1 also talks about the chakras and energy centers of the body. We talked about how these energy centers are horizontally placed in our body and that through the life experience and the lower vibrational fields they are now clogged. There are colors associated with each of these energy centers. As we tune in to them we can sense the vibrancy of the colors. This is how we know whether they need cleansing or not. We also talked about the vertical pathway that connects us to “source” and how because of the denseness of the earth it has also become clogged. We did a mediation where you put your hand over the different chakras and start spinning your hand in a clockwise direction - all the while picturing its color and clarity. After you have your chakra spinning you then start pulling out the negative energy in order to clear it. After the chakras are clear you start pulling the light down from the central sun through the vertical pathway thus clearing your physical self of the density. By doing this regularly it can lead to health in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This addition of light also raises your vibration and other people will begin to sense this and begin to be attracted to it. The afore mentioned physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are also known as the four lower bodies.

We received a diagram of the four lower bodies and were told about how we experience they are affected by the activities of our lives. Basically, the etherical body is affected first and then the mental followed by the emotional and the physical. If we let trauma go far enough then that is when emotions start to make us physically ill. However, if we’re in tune then the affect will never get that far and the whole point is to be in tune enough to know when things are affecting the etherical body and “nip it in the bud”.

All of this together makes up the chemicalization process. Basically it starts with a commotion sor of thing where you don’t feel in control of your world because everything is shifting and changing it and conditions flare up in finances, relationships and emotions. The there’s a stirring up of old ideas where old opinions, relationships, health problems, financial affairs and memories of past unhappiness is prevalent. During the quietness stage there’s a transition from lesser to greater good. The instruction is to not get frightened or discouraged. There a period of feeling an apparent loss or failure where you may feel stripped or bare. Something drops away to make room for the new and whatever is taken will be divinely restored. During the fulfillment stage a new good begins to appear in your world. Natural unfolding of events and ideas come about and you may not want to talk about it. The suggestion is to quietly nourish this and it will wax strong. Through this constant “cleansing” this is how we receive our abundance.

I remember a process where we chose a partner who then took plaster of paris and made a mold of our face. This mold represented the true release of the masks we’ve been wearing that hide our true spiritual, divine selves. We then spent a couple of hours decorating the masks to show our gratitude for how they have served us and the gifts we’ve learned from them and that we now release ourselves from what they have bound us to.

This is where we learned about the five rites. The five rites are a series of stretches intended to bring you in tune with your chakras and the energy flow through your body. It is a “grounding” process during which you set your intention for the day. If you have ever done a yoga or Pilates session then you have done the five rites without even knowing it. It is once you are in tune and clear that you can then begin to clear your chakras using the previously mentioned meditation.

I also remember doing a process where we had to go out into the world and sense the vibrations of our surroundings. During this time we also collected and prepared a “stretch” that characterized one of the chakras. We used its color and music to emphasize it’s properties. It was another of those times where we watched people sing and dance and stretch and by the end of each “stretch” everyone was up singing and dancing and stretching so we would all be filled with the power of that chakra. At the end we danced around the room in the “rainbow” of light with the rainbow colors hung up at the front of the room.

I think I'm overwhelmed. Like I said before, I hope this is useful.

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Posted by: ImTierd ()
Date: April 16, 2011 04:19AM

Just to let all of you know, my divorce is final after a long battle over spousal support. I was constantly asked "what makes you think you deserve anything from me" IMPACT can destroy any relationship if your not on board with attending these trainings. Be educated and smart!

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Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: April 19, 2011 08:21AM

In June of 2009, author GratefulRage posted 11 items on a variety of threads here. The most helpful to me were the comments on the effects of BPD and PTSD when combined with LGATs. After nearly two additional years of experience, it is clear to me that these are mental health issues that are greatly agravated by Impact Trainings. Since there are about 2% of the general population in the U.S that have BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder, it would seem logical that there is an even higher percentage, perhaps 10% or so, of the average Quest class with BPD on entry to the training. In retrospect it seems that the expelling of trainees in the first hours of Quest was an attempt to weed out the BPD folks and others with some mental disorders of whatever kind and thus reduce potential liability. The process is not perfect and the result of the Trainings is most unfortunate for those with disorders who remain in the trainings.

I am most grateful for the comments of GratefulRage. These comments fit better than any others I have found to explain the erratic behavior of some Impact Trainings graduates that I know. These comments can be found on page 152 of this thread, or you can do an author search to see what other wisdom GratefulRage left here.

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Date: May 27, 2011 07:52AM

Hopeful Soul
...If you believe that the LDS Church is just another LGAT, then that is your right.

By definition, the LDS church is most definitely not an LGAT. It's status as a widespread Christian cult, by this website's definition, is plausible though I don't think it is important. My opinion is that family/social isolation and rejection to to non-conformity of the group is religious in nature, and that is what Impact, Mormonism and, well all religions and cults have in common. The main difference being that with modern religion, this manipulation occurs primarily between individual believers (within families mostly); while cult-leaders wield it like a weapon upon all of their members as a control measure.

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Date: June 15, 2011 08:02PM

I post the following quote from scaredwife. It appears that GLF and Impact Trainings are cut from the same cloth. It appears also that scaredwife has already learned a lot from this board and will, with hope and patience, deal with her painful and distressing situation.


My husband is currently at the training for the Great Life Foundation, located in Salt Lake City. I had no clue what he was getting himself into until 10 min before he left for the first meeting and I read about it online. From everything that I can find on it and other LGAT's like it, I am very worried about him. He won't tell me anything that is going on b/c of the code of conduct he has to follow. I told him that I didn't like that at all- since we should not be keeping secrets from each other. He has miraculously given up drinking caffeine of any kind (even though I've been trying to help him with that for months), spends hours on his homework that he won't share with me and neglecting other duties between our family and church. He comes home at 1 in the morning and today, left again at 9:30 b/c can't be late. He promises me that he will be a changed man when this is all done. I woke up this morning to hear some of his phone conversation and everything he spoke of (arc support, red/black game, yelling, etc...) is stuff I have read about and I don't like. He's mad that I am not supporting him, but I don't know how! He won't tell me what is going on, is gone ALL day long, leaving me alone with 3 young children. I don't see any changes b/c he spends all his time either on the phone or writing in his journal for the class. He's even expressed interest in me attending the same meetings, but I've flat out told him that I won't and have no interest in it at all.

Can anyone please give me some more information about GLF? What can I do to support him? What is life going to be like when he gets done? I'm so scared and worried sick about him. I feel like I'm loosing my husband already and the more he attends these classes, the further away he slips.

Thank you for you help... I just don't know what else to do.

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