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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: jill w ()
Date: January 06, 2015 10:07PM

It's important to note that "Impact Trainings" is just one of the groups to avoid.

There are many others that do the same thing. They continue to rename and rebrand but it's all the same crap.

They are scams! They want your money and they know exactly the people to target.

Follow up research is needed because many of us looking back now realize that we were taken advantage of.

Some claimed that they were helped and in that moment they direct you to tell others to get more people a pyramid scheme.

Any group that offers a 4 day seminar is the first red flag.

Second red flag is the money they charge. There is help out there for FREE.

Be smart. Do some digging.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: formerimpactgrad ()
Date: January 06, 2015 11:32PM

Agreed, Impact is one of many. They just happened to be the ones that scammed me.

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Another Red Flag - Release of Liability/Waiver Forms
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 07, 2015 09:29AM

Here is another tip off that something is exploitative:

LGATs often require subjects to sign away their right to sue/mediate
for damages in event they incur harm during the seminar or workshop.


If they shove a form at you, do not sign it. Take it home
and go online, and see if other groups with bad raps
use the same paperwork.

The Anticult, a member of this discussion forum, first drew our
attention to this important point.

Most LGATs claim to teach you are responsible for your life.

Yet via these forms, the LGATs refuse to admit responsiblity
for the power they claim to possess.

No ethical physician requires patients to sign such forms.

Final tip: always keep control over your transportation, your phone,
keys, watch and laptop. Do not give in to pleas that you do a
carpool. If you want to leave and the others insist on staying,
you're stuck -- you want to get out of Dodge and you dont have a

Use your own car, dont let anyone guilt you into carsharing, keep the
keys, and take care to park where you will not be boxed in by other

An additional tip: never discontinue drugs you are accustomed to taking.

That includes caffiene. Take caffiene tablets with you just in case
they refuse to provide caffienated beverages -- something most of us
use to start the day.

Caffiene withdrawal can be hellish -- you dont want to inflict this
on yourself AND have possible LGAT tech piled on top of of you as well.

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another red flag/sleep deprivation
Posted by: jill w ()
Date: January 07, 2015 11:14AM

One doesn't have to be a genius to recognize the power of sleep deprivation.

These sessions can go into the evening.

Then they sometimes give homework that will keep you up even later.

Who hasn't experienced that feeling of tired to the point that it takes away the ability to think clearly?

Yes, be smart and recognize that this is a tool that is used very successfully.

Being tired sometimes also can make people more emotional. They pick on people who are already going through trauma or drama.

The mind games they manage to play and all at your expense.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: army-of-me ()
Date: January 15, 2016 10:40PM

An friend in Utah just got sucked into the Impact Training cult a few months ago. Had I known in time I would have warned him before he started. :( I was especially worried because he had just gone through a divorce, which you all know makes him more vulnerable to Impact Training's techniques. Just hoping and waiting, but since I'm not in Utah at the moment, I just have to hope and wait and see if he'll be OK.

So far he's still using Impact Training's assigned vocabulary on social media (they replace certain words with their own words and definitions, so you will only make complete sense to other "trainees"), and it's bringing back a lot of negative feelings from my own awful experience. I did send him a message once I realized what was going on: he posted on Facebook about going to a place that was teaching him to "take on his life", "deserving money", there being "no right and wrong" and ending the post with "444444", so it was pretty obvious where he was. (Those are all typical phrases they teach you to use.)

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Ali5683 ()
Date: September 09, 2016 03:16AM


Ugh, I get so sad when I know of someone entering Impact. I try to warn them but it usually doesn't do anything until they see the destruction for themselves. I've been out since 2009 and I still get flashbacks of the horror of what happened there. It's scary!

Also, anyone who was in Impact when Ward was around (between 2005 - current I believe) knows he's a creepy guy. This confirms it: []

Hang in there! :)

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: September 11, 2016 08:59AM

MODERATOR: Note that the SL Tribune link here is about the Manager of Impact Trainings, Ward Bushman. You will want to read the article. Bushman's bad publicity is extremely bad news for the LGAT Impact Trainings.

Also, should not the posting on Impact Trainings in Utah be consolidated with this subject?

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: formerimpactgrad ()
Date: September 13, 2016 12:19PM

That is an incredible development. Someone in LMT 3 sent the attached screen shot to me from their Facebook Group, it is Impact's response to Ward getting arrested. I'm not sure if the attachment feature works yet or if it takes awhile to fully load (I have tried to add the file a few times already) but if it doesn't show up soon then I will try something else.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: formerimpactgrad ()
Date: September 13, 2016 12:40PM


Attachments: Impact Trainings Response to Ward Bushman.gif (81.9 KB)  
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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: anonday ()
Date: September 16, 2016 02:01AM

formerimpactgrad Wrote:
> ...

Doesn't download for me.

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