Journalist Raised in an LGAT Looking for People to Share Their Est/Lifespring/MITT Experiences
Posted by: RiverD ()
Date: January 07, 2022 03:50AM

Hey all,

I'm a journalist working on a new investigative podcast for Kast Media about Large Group Awareness Trainings. I'm looking for people who are willing to share their personal experiences in LGATs. Happy to use pseudonyms if that makes anyone feel more comfortable.

I grew up inside a Lifespring spinoff in Oregon called Wings. My parents met in a seminar in the 80s, started working for the company, and raised me on a steady diet of LGAT processes. I was assisting on seminar backup teams by the time I was 16.

I left that world when I moved out of the house and didn't look back. But still, years later, those old LGAT teachings are so deeply etched in my brain that I struggle to untangle myself from that way of thinking.

This podcast is partially a deep-dive into the history of LGATs and partially a way for me to understand the world I grew up in... and hopefully get some distance.

I have been a member of this forum for years -- I actually wrote an exposé for VICE about a cult called Desteni back in 2015 with help from this community. I'd love to speak to anyone willing to share their own stories about LGATs. In particular, Est/Landmark, Lifespring, Psi World, or the copycat group MITT currently operating in LA.

I look forward to speaking to you and hearing your stories.

Thanks so much,


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