Life ruined by Landmark; any lawyers willing to represent me?
Posted by: anonday ()
Date: May 05, 2020 02:54AM

Are there any lawyers who would be willing to represent me in a lawsuit against Landmark "Education"? I completed the "Curriculum for Living" in 2012, and I apologized for Landmark until early this year. After reading that 500 page research paper that breaks down their induced-mania trick, I realized what's going on. I see now that they are not a scam, a religion, nor a personal development group. They're not even a cult.

Erhard figured out how to use stress to manipulate people into feeling manic. It's a brilliant trick, at the cost of so many lives. I defended Landmark because it really did help. Of course, as that paper points out, there are some legitimate pieces of information & exercises based on CBT & various philosophies.

It's all a trick. They deceive you with useful information while actually inducing stress for the purpose of making you feel so good on Sunday that you just have to give more money and bring your friends and family.

Now that I see the trick, I'm ready to sue. Please advise me on this. Do I even have a case? I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder prior to attending Landmark. A friend I trusted knew about my diagnosis and encouraged me to go anyway.

Sure, I signed the contract, but that's bullshit. The contract did not tell us we were being induced into mania. We were lied to.

There needs to be a landmark case (pun intended) to make LGATs illegal in the USA, and hopefully the rest of the world.

Please let me know where I can find a lawyer. Thank you. ~ A

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