"The Handmaid's Tale" sets off my Landmark triggers like crazy
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: March 07, 2020 04:48AM

This show is a ptsd trigger for me. I can barely watch it. The woman being tazed is Janine. In another scene, she relates how she was gang-raped. "Aunt Lydia" got all the other ladies in a circle around her, chanting, "It's her fault!" (I have searched, but can't find the scene).

It will become "normal?" A scary thought! Go to 1:20


Next - If only the Lekkies had this much spine. As it was, my recruiter threw the first, (figurative, psychological), rock. She used to be a decent person; capable of thinking for herself. I think by the time it all hit the fan for me, she must have been at about Level 8 on the cultic pyramid, (I think I must have been at about Level 6 - a lab rat). The way i see it, her mind was gone. RIP, my former friend.


Cultic pyramid link, copied from not moses' post, (i read your post, not moses. There was no reason for me to muddy that thread with a comment).


Wanna see The Landmark Forum in Action ? As far as I'm concerned, this is it!

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Re: "The Handmaid's Tale" sets off my Landmark triggers like crazy
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: March 08, 2020 10:04AM

I should add that, of course, the "stoning" is more symbolic and psychological than physical. If you watch the series, from the outside you would see nothing but differences. "Gilead" is (allegedly) a religious society, with much overt physical brutality. Landmark felt like more of a corporate cult, to me. The "philosophy " is very different. The whole thing had a very "corporate" feel, even in the general public Forum and seminars.

But, from my perspective, the mentality was virtually identical. I could not get through ten minutes watching it without being reminded of Landmark.

As such, the "stoning" takes this form, (from a previously posted thread):

"Every shred of privacy is stripped from the targeted individual, and personal information passed around to random people at Landmark. This will then be repeated back to you.(This includes information from 12-step and other support groups. People show up in these groups in crisis, at their worst, and say things that they would never say outside of these alleged "safe spaces"). Items that you have thrown into the trash will mysteriously reappear."

Every time someone repeated something super personal back to me, it was like being hit by a rock. It completely strips away any sense of privacy or security. I felt violated; psychologically raped. At first, I brushed it off as coincidence. Bur the incidents were so numerous and close together that it became impossible to ignore. I'm sure that most of the people saying these things to me had no idea what they were doing. It probably seemsd innocent or harmless enough to them. But it wasn't harmless at all.

More on that "program," which the Tuesday night acronym is also tied into:


If anyone in Landmark is reading this, and you are asked to go up to some person and repeat a phrase, Please, Don't Do It!!!

Just say, "I'm sorry, Aunt Lydia."

Above all, if you are in the program, and decide to leave, don't voice dissent. I thought that my criticism of the program had been very mild. Just leave!! In the words of Brandon Straka, "They came after me; and they'll come after you."

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