PhD on LGATs (since link somehow no longer works?)
Posted by: egoldstein ()
Date: February 05, 2020 01:32PM

The following link can be used to access a recently published psychology PhD thesis, which uses LGATs to explain the link between bipolar triggers and symptoms. It explains how LGATs generate their "transformations", how these processes can be linked with common psychological casualties in LGATs (e.g. extreme mood swings and psychosis), and how other troubling behaviour is triggered by mood manipulation in these trainings. It also addresses, point by point, how LGATs incorporate thought reform (from page 200), as well as other recognised processes of persuasion from social psychology. The thesis synthesises commentary on LGATs by academics, authors, journalists, bloggers, and online contributers from forums such as the Cult Education Institute to paint a compelling picture of the LGAT experience, the way that stress is generated (and released) and what impact this has on the brain.


(If the above link stops working again for some reason, simply Google Stress-induced hypomania in healthy participants : the allostatic "manic-defence" hypothesis.)

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