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Re: Left confused, verbally abused and in debt after Landmark Forum. Anyone else?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 09, 2020 09:42PM


Please refrain from denigrating people in any way that post at this message board.

Anything further and you will be banned.

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Re: Left confused, verbally abused and in debt after Landmark Forum. Anyone else?
Posted by: bakkagirl ()
Date: January 11, 2020 11:49PM

While I, perhaps, should have used the word 'pitious' to describe the YEARS of pleas for help related to Tony Robbins programs,'pitiful' also connotes, worthy of pity. I WAS NOT DEMEANING ANYONE.

I investigated the Tony Robbins' organization and talked to survivors and whistleblowers.

Based on what they told me, it seems that Robbins should have been the subject of a federal investigation a decade ago....golly gee, sexual abuse on industrial scale, hundreds of flip-out's, money laundering, what sounds like trafficking, what sure sounds like sexual blackmail and this related to his Platinum Members...

Truly appalling...

I figure that if a little woman living a world away can gather this information, WHAT MUST YOU BE PRIVY TO?


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Re: Left confused, verbally abused and in debt after Landmark Forum. Anyone else?
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: February 11, 2020 02:31PM


First, I must apologize for being vague. It is necessary.

You seem to remember quite a bit of detail about the final, Tuesday night, session of the Forum.

I am wondering if you happen to recall that the Forum Leader wrote an acronym on the chalkboard/dry erase board? If you attended in 2012, they may still have been using it. I don't know if they use it now or not.

I don't think that either one of us should write the whole thing out here. If we avoid that, it may someday be useful in court, but to refresh your memory, here are some hints:

1) It has to do with "rackets," and what they consist of. The acronym describes a "program" used against people who "refuse to give up their rackets," or who say that Landmark does not work for them.

2) The Forum Leader used the example of Hawaii, and how, when someone leaves, they give them a Lei, but at Landmark, they give them something else, (similar in form) - and "send them on their way."

3) It starts with the letter "G," (for "gossip"), and is 7 letters long. Then it is followed by another word, which is deliberately misspelled.

4) After that, the Forum Leader told us that the acronym was copyrighted, admonished us to never tell anyone. (and then, during the same discussion, the Forum Leader also used the term "terminal uniqueness," which is apparently a rip-off from AA, but you could see that the way he said it made people nervous). He gave no further explanation.

Most of the people in the room were uncomfortable and confused by that discussion, (judging by how they shifted in their seats and the looks on their faces), but glossed over it. The Forum Leader kept it brief, and I think most participants just wanted to get back to their LGAT highs.

I now know that it signifies some of their most horrific abuse. I don't believe that copyright laws will hold up in court, in regards to this, or can protect them from disclosure of this.

There was something else that happened at my Tuesday night session, but it would not occur in every Forum. It requires a patsy, (or a victim of the above-described acronym).

The only people who would fully understand the significance would be either people who were subjected to it, and/or people who participated in administering it. Still, I am looking for others who may remember that discussion, even if they did not understand it.

Thanks in advance for any weirdness you can remember about the Tuesday night session, or letting me know if any of this sounds familiar.


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Earlier CEI posts that refer to Tuesday night
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 11, 2020 09:27PM

A more recent description of LEC provided by 'new future'


Comments on how LEC methods have been changed so as to avoid scaring off new recruits. Refers to Tuesday night. Also by 'newfuture'



Note: this gives an entire page of references to the LEC Tuesday Night


This is for a page mostly about Landmark. Ignore what Corboy wrote.



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