The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: BTW ()
Date: July 16, 2007 07:17AM

I am the person that posted on Craigslist about WI and Bob and Judith being a cult. I am also the one that posted about them surrending their professional licenses instead of having to face some serious charges, which undoubtly would have resulted in their licenses being stripped and misconduct charges brought against them.

I have a ton of details. I know things personally and professionally about both of them, and many of their followers. And of course I have a total grudge against Bob and Judith for the simple fact that they destroy people's lives and make sure that they take their followers away from their family and friends, really making sure that their followers dutifully put the nail in the coffin with people that won't follow them.

Some people emailed me about the Wrights, and I sent emails back with some details, but always being careful about how much information I shared, because of what I know, it can be traced back to who I am. However, I have given it much thought, and after reading what happened to the gentleman on the men's weekend, I will take the time to write all the nasty little details I know about when I have a chance to later this week (work is killing me--guess I need Judith's fab advice on not having soft addictions :twisted: ) I am sure that a lot of the "lovely" Wright staff will be reading this, and when I post the things I know, they will eventually figure out who this is, which is going to lead me to having to change my phone numbers, etc. But, I am disgusted that the Wrights are still out there...HEY BOB AND JUDITH--how is the Paris apartment? Are your "followers" still paying the bills?

More later.....

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: Skipper ()
Date: July 17, 2007 02:11AM

I don’t think there is and end game. The Wright’s seem to have training for everything. What I find scary is that the Wright’s have parenting programs. It looks to me like they are grooming the next generation of “customers”.

As to your question about how many people become disillusioned with the Wright Institute, I can’t say for sure. My former friends told me that no one has had such a bad experience as I did. Check out and enter Wright Institute and you will see postings from other people who have had similar experiences.

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: Skipper ()
Date: July 17, 2007 02:13AM

WOW!! apartment in Paris!!! I am looking forward to your next post. I’m glad to see someone with intimate knowledge of the Wright Institute coming forward with details about this group.

I wonder if the people at ABC News would be interested in doing an expose on the real Wright Institute. They had Judith on 20/20 a while back. You can see the segment on the Wright Institute website. ( I am sure a more in-depth look at the Wright Institute would make a very interesting segment.

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: SeventhVeil ()
Date: July 17, 2007 02:50AM

Does the "Ohio Street Credit and Collections Company" mean anything to anyone out here? IL Secretary of State business services lists the various companies and corporate identities of leadership (the men's guild, school for exceptional learning (or school for E.L. - which dates back to the mid-1980s I was surprised to find)), anywho - it's all new-agey sounding stuff except the very business-like "Ohio Street Credit and Collections Company" - can imagine how it might fit in to the empire (finances enrollments and goes after those that fall behind on their "committment" without the messiness of the nice people at the school coming after you directly for seriously overdue payments.

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: skeptic ()
Date: July 17, 2007 03:15AM

Powerful letter, Skipper. I relate to what you wrote here:

When I pray, I am not able to pray for Bob Wright nor can I forgive him for what was done to me. I do pray that he and the others will be held accountable by a higher authority and will see the damage they have done to me and others.

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: SeventhVeil ()
Date: July 17, 2007 06:43AM

Skipper - I know out of everything you posted above in your open letter following your experiences at the mens' weekend this might be a small detail - but if it isnt too painful or you havent blocked it out - what was the content and message of the "I F*%K the world" speech you heard? I do not follow who it was directed at and what you meant above when you referred to it but obviously it made an impression.

As to you idea for a follow-up by 20/20 or whatnot, or media coverage generally - I think you'd have to find some specific deception, scandal or untruth/half-truth that is peddled by the purveyors in their "official" bios - sort of like the way politicians running for office have their backgrounds throroughly searched for any issues inconsistent with current positions and/or moral stances. Ie., not practicing what is being preached.

I mean I am no expert but self-help gurus get rich and some disgruntled people on the internet think they arent good probably isnt enough hook to get media involved.

Now - labor code and OSHA violations and what not based on their constant posting for unpaid "intern" help on Craigslist and similar - that might have a hook.

Just my two cents - not diminishing your personal experience or anyone else's who has posted here - just trying to think from a larger perspective as to what gets the media interested....

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: Skipper ()
Date: July 17, 2007 01:50PM

I think the “I F**k the world” tirade was / is Bob Wrights way of saying he lives life to the fullest and the rest of us campers do not. I don’t remember what led up to it exactly. It happened during a general discussion when the gentleman I referred to seemed to be challenging Herr Bob. Bob was screaming at him saying “I f**k the world” over and over in his rebuke of this gentleman. In addition, Bob was telling him how weak he was and how he has a lot of “work” to do in order to make something of his life. Talk about verbal evisceration!! From what I could tell, this man had done some other classes or seminars with the Wright Institute and must have been on Bob’s sh*t list. I think it must be some kind of shock gimmick that Bob used to exert his perceived power over him and the rest of us campers. In retrospect, it makes sense…this is just one of the tactics he uses to break people down and create a dependence on him and the Wright Institute.

I’m no prude, and I have used the “F” word on more than one occasion, but the way he used it seemed so out of character coming from a man who was supposed to inspire us to higher levels of fulfillment in our lives. I guess this is why it made such an impression on me…it was just so out of context with what I thought the weekend was supposed to be about.

As far as the media goes, you may be right. However, you never know when someone with the right information may come forward and tell their story. While it’s not on the same level, the Feds got Al Capone for income tax evasion, not murder, racketeering, etc. All I know is that if enough people share their stories and concerns on message boards like this and, maybe people will have second thoughts about getting involved with the Wright Institute.

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: Matali ()
Date: July 19, 2007 04:07AM

Hello Everyone!

I am not the original poster, but I am the "friend" she mentions. It took a while, but I'm THRILLED that people have started discussing this.

As my friend mentioned, I briefly worked at a small Chicago company that was fully entrenched in the Wright Institute. Honestly, I wanted to quit the very first day. Even the interview was ominous! I can't quite put my finger on it, but the attitude of my coworkers was strangely aggressive and unnerving. I was so uncomfortable that I became [b:55ff77509c]ill [/b:55ff77509c]on the first day.

My employers mentioned the Wright Institute as much as humanly possible. As each employee introduced him- or herself to us newbies, they were all somehow involved in Wright. (At one point I went to the WI web site and saw half of my coworkers in the pictures!) I had no idea what Wright was or what it stood for; it sounded like a community center!

It wasn't until a week or so later that I started to connect their strange behavior with Wright. I can't exactly remember how... I must admit that my memory faults me at that point. It was so unpleasant--and I was so glad to get out--that I haven't really revisited the experience.

One thing I do remember? They repeatedly insulted each other in the interest of "honesty" and "growth."

Anywho, please feel free to contact me and/or ask questions. I want to help!

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: Skipper ()
Date: July 19, 2007 05:23AM

Thanks for relating your experience. I am glad that you were able to sever your ties with the Wright Institute. It takes great courage to do this after being manipulated into their bizarre world. I hope that others (including my former friends) will somehow find their way out. I don’t have much hope though as they have been involved for as long as I have know them. It was hard enough seeing our friendship destroyed because of this. I can’t imagine what it is like for their immediate families. It just makes me sick to think about. Everything seems just fine on the surface, but dig just a little and the sickening truth is revealed in their attitudes of superiority and their disdain for those who do not buy into their groupthink garbage. We don’t all have to be perfect little robots to continue to grow and develop. None of us should look to a couple manipulative con artists like Bob and Judith for any guidance or inspiration.

The more stories and experiences that are posted here, the better!! People need to know that this horrible place is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!!!!!

The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning?
Posted by: SeventhVeil ()
Date: July 19, 2007 06:30AM

Matali - Really happy that you posted and that the "friend" that was the original post here over a year ago is happy and doing well :-)

I want to point those reading this thread to another thread in the Rick Ross forum titled "My Details as to What I Experienced" by "timetogo" who previously posted in this thread... it is about the WI as well.

Interesting how quickly, and how many of "us" there are out here that just happened to be searching for information on the same thing at the same time to all be lead here.

While perhaps not as big as Landmark and some of the other heavyweights out here I think it's great as a resource for those like us that are trying to understand how and what happened to us and what happened to those around us.

Bottom line - just wanted to tip those interested to check the thread mentioned above for yet another experience with the Institute.

Also - interestingly, on the WI website there is a clip of JW (JW media - superbowl clip) clearly telling a local newscaster when talking about the super-bowl and sports as a soft addition:

"I am from Chicago".

So, hmm, she is "from Chicago" and also from 'no possibilities/no role models' Flint, Michigan and a valedictorian etc etc there?

Found that seeming contradiction to be slightly odd...

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