Quantum Evolver Business coaching; Another cultish group?
Posted by: midonov123 ()
Date: April 01, 2006 02:55AM

I recently found this group over the internet:


In my mind, anyone who claims to empower people with a pseudo-scientific rethoric based on Quantum mechanics reminds me of Landmark Education, Scientology, What the Bleep... and other New Age pseudo-science promoters. I doubt very much the "quantum evolver group" is an exception to the rule and I have a huntch it's all the same cultish rethoric.

Here is a excerpt from their website where their "training" is advertise (it's very similar to Landmark but with a different wording):


Coaching Process
The following are QE components that form part of the coaching process: -

1. Test the business objectives and ensure they are aligned with what you desire to experience.
2. Identifying existing belief systems and weeding out the misconceptions that works against the company objectives.
3. Educate the work culture on the difference between beliefs and identity. Many confuse having a belief with their identity, thereby needlessly defending a point of view before even challenging it.
4. Facilitate a paradigm shift into self-empowerment.
5. Adopt a revised code of conduct with positive affirmations promoting self-belief, responsibility, accountability and inspiration.
6. Introduce the QE Step Process® helping the work culture evolve itself in the field.

To support my assertion, here's more. They advertise a Guest speaker/guru George Halou from the "Ramtha School of Enlightement":


About George Helou
George Helou is one of the most dynamic and inspiring business coaches and trainers in Australia today, which is why he is in high demand as a guest speaker by business and sports coaches, mentors, small business, corporations, team building companies and schools.

As the founder of Quantum Evolver and the QE Process, he communicates powerful quantum methodologies backed by behavioural scientific discoveries from the fields of Quantum Physics and Biology.


Student of the Greatest Minds
A student since 1999 of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (His master teachers Ramtha, his Chiropractor Dr Joseph Dispenza as well as other teachers and friends are featured in the hit film, What the Bleep Do We Know? He has also been taught by Deepak Chopra, Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Gregg Braden, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Wayne Dwyer, Louis Hay, Dr Candice Pert, Dr Fred Alan Wolf and many more.

His 14 overseas trips in the past 6 years to gain esoteric, scientific and practical knowledge have been invaluable to his own personal development. Having successfully applied the knowledge in his own life and career, George applied the principals in his coaching and training with great results. This is what lead to the developed of Quantum Evolver.

George has helped transform thousands of lives and many companies through sharing empowering knowledge and guiding the implementation of that knowledge. Through Quantum Evolver he facilitates the understanding of how success is a science.

Clients have included Qantas, Australian Radio Network, Raw FM, Guardian Property Specialists, Bence Property, RAK Bathware, Red Spark, eProperty Market, Central Property Exchange, LifeWater Resources, Art Trading Company, Coldwell Banker Pro Property, Self Fund, Davenport, Multiplex, Stratvest, Mortgage Free Australia, Goodbye Home Loan, Rent, Interest Police, UltraSafe, Kush Kush, Greenwig, Blunt Solutions, Just Floor Tiles, Living Laser and so on.

So, I guess I'm not imagining things! Are there anyone who have heard about that new "business oriented" cultish group, or we could say New kids on the block ? In my mind, it' definitely a new group/guru to be included in the RR database!


Quantum Evolver Business coaching; Another cultish group?
Posted by: midonov123 ()
Date: May 15, 2006 11:15PM

In her book "Cults in our Midst", M.T. Singer talks about business coaching in these terms:


There are many advancement programs, workshops, seminars, and training sessions currently utilized by companies and corporations in the United States and elsewhere that are legitimate in their intentions and often effective in their outcomes. Some of these programs have incorporated new ideas and new ways of thinking, which is why, on occasion, they are referred to as New Age training programs. This in itself does not make them harmful or of evil intent. Yet, a small but significant portion of these programs are not what they appear to be. In some cases, they are fronts for cults or other organizations using thought-reform processes that can cause considerable psychological harm and turmoil and can even precipitate psychoses in some employees without delivering any increased skill, productivity, profit, or other purported benefit.

Clearly, the "Quantum Evolver" business coach George Helou falls into the category Dr.Singer describes as "New Age Training Programs", claiming himself over his website that he was trained by the greatest minds that includes Deepak Chopra and Ramtha!!! See:


Does anyone know about him or about similar (and so blatant!!!) New Age business coach gurus? And can anyone please try to explain to me why so many businesses fall for this type of New Age coaching? Is it just that they are being deceived and manipulated (as suggested by Dr. Singer), or do you think there is a real interest in the pseudo-science and other nonsense these gurus are promoting?

Quantum Evolver Business coaching; Another cultish group?
Posted by: lightwolf ()
Date: May 16, 2006 03:56AM

And can anyone please try to explain to me why so many businesses fall for this type of New Age coaching? Is it just that they are being deceived and manipulated (as suggested by Dr. Singer), or do you think there is a real interest in the pseudo-science and other nonsense these gurus are promoting?
I don't know about this one in particular, Mike.

But I'll take a stab at they why. I don't think they have any interest in the pseudo-science. That's good bait for the individual seekers who want the high of mental masturbation, but it doesn't have the attraction of directly adding to the bottom line of a business. From what I've seen, they get deceived for two reasons:

1. They get sold on the idea that it produces results -- more productive employees with better ideas turn things around, yada yada yada. I'm sure you heard or can imagine the pitch. And some probably do produce results. As others have pointed out here before, an obedient, structured and robotic work force, properly led, can't help but be more [i:a092cb1aa1]immediately [/i:a092cb1aa1]productive to business than people who think for themselves (I do think in the long term you can't beat creativity and individuality, however).

2. Some poor manager has a performance objective to meet that involves team building for his team. He/she has no real clue on how to meet this objective, so they, like the blind squirrel, go in search of something, anything that they can sign up for so they can check that objective off their list. They run across something that looks like it would qualify, don't do a lot, if any, due diligence, and sign up. The song and dance show doesn't have to be that good to win their interest. They aren't putting a whole lot of thought into it. In their eyes, what's the harm?

I've had to sit through a score of the #2 choices -- thankfully none of them have been like this crap, but I expect that lucky streak to run out eventually.

I wonder about a third option, however. As more and more people go through the LGAT factories, many advance in the ranks of business to the point where the can make the decision to bring these groups in. They make a fully aware decision to subject the workforce to this. You're seeing it at the clinic you've spoken of, why not in business too? Remember their mission -- transform the world!!

Thanks for the info -- keep us informed!


QE Business coaching; never was a cultish anything...
Posted by: GeorgeHelou ()
Date: April 03, 2017 12:43PM

These comments looking from the outside in have completely missed the reality of how clients received results in their businesses from my consulting, coaching and training services. When clients stay with you for several years, working on being better leaders, innovators and enjoying increases in turn over and higher profits, it becomes amusing to witness people speculating about something they have never experienced. And to want to draw the long straw and associate my businesses coaching with a cultish organisation is disappointing but understandable.

I understand and appreciate why the comments were made about my website content. In fact, I a humbled by them because while I enjoyed the philosophy of being an observer and learning what impact you can have on your environment by changing your beliefs and perception, I also discovered the dark side, where too many organisations have used and continue to use this new age type of philosophy to exploit for control and profit. I have witnessed people getting worse over the years instead of better from such service providers!

I have learned to dissociate from all of them and I tried to explain to Rick Ross that my website is being shut down because my current sites and brands have moved far from the new age rhetoric. This rhetoric is completely impractical, unnecessary, destructive and has been twisted into head-in-the-clouds ideologies.

This way of being has done me no favours over the years and I have moved on since 2011 from associating with it. This is while I have moved into a more enriching way to service businesses and individuals. I currently coach 30 clients at a time, helping them change the way they relate to themselves and their relationships. Thankfully, keeping my work grounded and practical has reaped great dividends.

Most of us have a past that if we had our time over, we would make very different decisions; ideas, this website’s content and certain associations do reflect a stage of my life where I was very naive and ripe for the exploitation.

I wished this thread, about an old outdated website (being shut down) and a stage of my life that does not reflect my current and future, was removed because being associated with a cultish group when I have been exploited by one is not ideal. At least by responding to these comments it is my way of establishing my position publicly and for the record.

If the creator of the thread can shut it down because it has definitely served it's purpose, then I would be most grateful.

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