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Date: June 26, 2019 10:11PM

Hi there,

Can you help me. My brother has been involved in PSI for the past 3 years in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. As soon as he started going and getting deeper and deeper into it he started dissociating with people who love him. Now he’s trying to divorce his wife of 15 years. They have two toddlers. My sister in law is really a nice person and has endured all of his PSI stuff and even did some seminars herself. She has been the glue in their family. While he’s been going around doing his development. Now, he wants to separate from her and everyone is just shocked. He also started developing feelings for another PSI member and claimed an emotional affair. She lives in another province. My brother did all the way up to MLS PSI program and went away for a few days and had been left somewhere and pick up 2 days later. Ever since then (1.5 years a go) his behaviour has been distant. When you ask him why he wants to leave his wife all he says that we are too different, different wave lengths, I am exhausted and tired, we are done, she’s not as developed as me, she hasn’t supported me, she’s so negative etc. There is nothing concrete he can identify. He’s not himself. He also pressured all of my siblings and their partners to attend the PSI introductory program. They all said it seemed basic and just talking about positivity etc. Things that are common sense.

I am worried because he has this mental block if he has been brainwashed. He did tell me once that he had someone he talked about PSI almost like a minder that he discusses things in his life. I also am concerned that his block has might be a direct result of some sort of brainwashing. am I speculating or can this be true? Do you know of any info that can support my theory of brainwashing and having a minder. How have people broken away from PSI?

Please help me if anyone out there have had similar experience with PSI can you share it on this thread because the more I can capture it help us to get through

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