Barnabas Life Transformation - Dallas, TX
Posted by: prshaw ()
Date: February 26, 2006 09:25AM

Hi ! !

I have a client who attended an eight day life transformation program called Barnabas through a Bible church in Dallas, TX. The program goes Fri - Sun, then meet again Wed- Sun. The people are sequestered at a hotel during the meeting days, don't leave for home in the eveings, etc. The meeting starts off with people speaking out to everyone else regarding their "issues". After the first three days my client commented to me " We all didn't know what we would do with out each other after last Sunday night until we meet again the next Wednesday". Since finishing Barnabas my client has been distant and rather involved with the Barnabas graduates/Trainers.

Please give me some insight into all of this as I was told Barnabas participants cannot discuss their experiences with people who are not doing Barnabas and or not connected with Barnabas.

Is this Life transformation/emotional Barnabas seminar considered a CULT ?

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Barnabas Life Transformation - Dallas, TX
Date: February 28, 2006 12:24AM


set aside some time to read through this forum section, and i think that many of your questions will be answered.

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