REAL Physical Health Problems Said to be "Limiting Beliefs"
Posted by: Noncompliant94 ()
Date: April 08, 2018 11:00AM

I need to tell SOMEONE about this and ask about this and I didn't know where else to other than here.

As some of you know, my (now ex) fiancé and I did the LGAT together. Part of the LGAT was convincing people that any and all health problems come from limiting beliefs. That we create them in our head and are "choosing" to have them in order to be "victimy."

At the time of the training I had a medical condition called vaginismus that makes it very painful to have sex. That is a legitimate medical condition (although there are psychological components to it). After the training almost every day my ex told me over and over that my condition was just a limiting belief I was making up in my head and would just NOT believe that this was real or physiological in any way.

I am also autistic and of course he said that's a limiting belief/a story I'm telling myself as well. But the former part felt especially coercive because I felt that he was trying to get me to do something that would be super painful for me for a LEGITIMATE, non "limiting belief" reason.

I was wondering if any of you have experienced anything similar? If this is common in LGATs?

Sorry if this post is TMI.

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Re: REAL Physical Health Problems Said to be "Limiting Beliefs"
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: April 09, 2018 05:12PM


I have seen a lot of people, especially "new age" types, subscribe to that belief. As far as I'm concerned, they can have their beliefs and voice them.

The way i saw it tweaked by LGATS was in the way that some of the people involved would push. If you have been diagnosed with these conditions, then your boyfriend is unqualified, and had no place trying to override your doctor's diagnosis and medical advice. My LGAT "friends" also seemed to feel more qualified than my doctors, so set up their own little "field tests" in an effort to prove my diagnosis wrong. As in your case, they were NOT qualified to diagnose or treat me.

When i signed the consent form to participate, i saw paragraphs included which stated that these people were NOT doctors or mental health professionals. Taking that information in mind, a reasonable person would assume that they would not try to dabble in this stuff, but then they go ahead and practice flooding, etc. They are overstepping,

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