LGATS, honesty, and "integrity"
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Date: December 30, 2017 07:10AM

"Telling 'truths' amounts to extracting information for later use..."  
- Amazon review about Real Love book, [www.amazon.com]
(from another post by corboy).

This is so true of LGATS, and it seems to be the truth about all of them.  Either someone will decide to share something very personal in front of the whole group, or someone in the LGATS organization will drive you to tears, and uncover some deep wound in the subsequent "coaching," which they will later use to get to you even more injuriously.

But about the "integrity" :

In spite of the constant mandate to "be your word," the people I dealt with would use their words very carefully, so you had to be careful in how you listened. 

You had to be very careful to not make any assumptions, even if they seemed perfectly logical. If someone extracted a promise from you to not gossip, you would assume that it went both ways - that they were expressing the ethics of the organization, only to find that everyone there who you were dealing with was talking behind your back. Anything you have ever said to anybody is fair game.

In my time at L.E., I constantly heard the word "integrity."  Interestingly enough, I never did hear the word "honesty," though to most people, the two qualities would go hand-in-hand.

I found that my honesty was used against me. The mandate to "be your word," is also used against participants.

To most people, keeping ones word is a matter of integrity, but LGATS will turn this against you. Keeping your word IS integrous,  and that would be the whole point for most of us, BUT I think the LGATS organization have an underlying motive.

Keeping your word also makes you more predictable,  and LGATS will use your predictability against you.  Sometimes, they will even have extracted a promise from you as to how you will respond to A, B, C, or D.  They then set up A, B, C, or D, but with some unforeseen variable which will make it impossible to keep your word, or where keeping your word would cause you severe injury.

As the organization strives to make you more predictable,  they themselves are insanely UNpredictable. In fact, their actions fly in the face of everything they preach. YOU must be your word. They don't have to. It's a very unlevel playing field.

In my experience, though they tell you to "be your word," they are not accountable for anything they say, or even promises made to you, behind closed doors. I learned that the hard way.

To them, it's not the truth that matters, but whether or not you can prove it. Consider the often-cited  part of the forum, where the forum leader tells everyone to be back in their seats by 7:35, and then changes it to 7:25, after the fact.  They have forbidden any recording or note-taking, so it's your word against theirs.  For some reason, the forum leader prevails here, even though it's his word against the word of maybe 150 people. This is scary, when you think about it.

Here they are, telling a bald-faced lie to 150 people, right in front if their faces, and 150 people know that the F.L. is lying, but submit to it anyway. Although I guess that "pathological lying" is no official diagnoses, when abnormal lying is described, this is it! 

These people are causing participants to distrust their own senses, and their own recent memories. They are convincing 150 people to not trust or believe what they just heard and what they just saw.  And they say that their programs "empower" people. How? If you remain in the room, allowing this to blow over, you have just given away your power to a pathological liar. 

Where the hell is the integrity?

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