Re: Choice Center- Los Vegas
Posted by: MotherTheresa ()
Date: September 17, 2019 01:43AM

Dear Writer, Thank you for having the courage to share your experience on this site, as I to have gone through the same exact experience. I started experiencing PTSD/Chronic Stress/Anxiety and symptoms of Fear after returning from the Choice Center in Las Vegas. I also stopped talking to my relative and acquaintances, and couldn't even see photos of them.

Tapping into peoples past traumatic events, and keeping people in the past is not a way to help people heal from their past traumas, but is a method they use to retain them, and to take advantage of these poor hurt vulnerable people that are in deep pain. It is a way to get them to recruit more members, coaches, and leaders to grow their pyramid scam, and create more wealth. This Center is continuing their expansion to other States.

A lot of the leaders and coaches use heavy drugs, yet they tell the students not take any of their medications nor smoke during the so called Business Development or Emotional Intelligence classes. Most attendees are borderline suicidal, and if they are not, they leave feeling suicidal. Socializing with people they find things in common with might be the only reason why some feel it helped them. Some coaches were even sexually involved with students that were married.

Choice Center wants to make people believe that there is something wrong with you, that they're the only ones in this world that can help you. If there is nothing wrong with you, they will do everything possible to make you and your family believe that there is. Coaches are well trained to persuade, talk about love and hugs, speak gently, be persistent until they find your weakness and trap you. It's easy to fall when it's someone you trust like a family member or a celebrity.

Days after the family member finally spoke about the traumatic experience as a child. The relative was forced to speak after an argument created by the aggressive attempt to recruit other family members and friends, using choice center coaching tactics/words and trying to make them believe that something was horrifyingly wrong with me. My crying came from seeing so many people suffering and in pain for so many days in this cult, and knowing that my relative and friends had fallen into a cult. I stayed in class because my relative paid a large amount of money, and I trusted that family member. Some leaders truly have a good heart just have fallen into the wrong hands, into the "Mouth Of a Serpent" called the Choice Center in Vegas.

Re: Choice Center- Los Vegas
Posted by: Truecrimewriter ()
Date: January 08, 2020 04:45PM

here is an interview with someone who did break the "code of silence" - and an insight as to why there is such a code. Interesting how they make the people keep that code!

Re: Choice Center- Los Vegas Not a cult
Posted by: choicevictim ()
Date: April 07, 2020 02:44PM

Heath and Heath's sister, Cassandra paid for this for Heath, her daughter, her husband, her best friend, her secretary.

Each person pays $2400-$2800 (depending if you get a $400 discount). When you MULTIPLY 6 x $2800= $16800 plus expenses.

Re: Choice Center- Los Vegas
Posted by: Blaidd_164 ()
Date: April 24, 2020 09:47AM

First off anytime any of us share our story it helps. I have been contacted by a few people to help get refunds. I always suggest leaving a bad Yelp review as well.

I have not been to the boards in a very long time. I spent most of last year in a training program, eat, sleep, train… What free time I had I really didn’t want to think about one of the worst times of my life.

The reason I was so susceptible was I had just gone through a life changing event. Over night I lost about 70% of my useable vision. While I was morning that loss and trying to get back on my feet I meet the person that recruited me. She is blind and licensed social worker here in Las Vegas. The exact kind of person you would turn to for help. She asked me to take a “leap of faith” and for the first time in my life I agreed.

Unlike many others on these boards and elsewhere I have a different “profile” of the people from Choice. I do not think it has as much to do about money as most do. I know the money is importantto further their goals but I don’t think its so people can get rich. I have seen the amounts of cash Choice “donates” to their “Coaches” causes. There is not a huge amount of money left to get everyone “rich”. Now there could be some money laundering going on but so far no one has found evidence of tht.

The FBI concluded their investigation and it states on the final report that Choice is a white-collar cult. That is the only part of the report I feel the need to share. I spoke to the ADA at the end of last year about the “swatting” investigation, we are taking a new path per my request. The assault was interesting, instead of the Choice coach getting in trouble the metro detective had an internal affairs case filed against her and is still pending. The leaders of Metro are aware that Choice is a cult and have several horror stories officers have taken from victims. I am still in contact with some of the top people in the Henderson police. They were aware Choice was a cult before I even told them. It is out of their jurisdiction and they are glad it is not their headache.

Now in response to what PoloDave said. Simply you have the right to yoru opinion. You have the right to feel how ever you want to about Choice, and about me. With that said just because you have that right doesn’t mean me or anyone else has to agree with you. I really doubt you have a friend that is an agent in the FBI, I think if you did after about a 2 minute conversation he would be as aware as all of us here that you are a member of a cult.

I really do hope that you and anyone you loave that was abused by Choice get the help you need someday when you are ready to admit what really happened to you.

Before I took my break to go to training last year I was very angry about my Choice experience. I was angry at myself for letting someone make me doubt who I am. I have always been a strong person and it was just so not like me to fall for such things. I have finally forgiven myself for falling for something so obvious. I wanted it to be true so bad I chose to look past red flags. I have always felt and will always feel the same way about the person that recruited me. She is just as much a victim as the people she coaches.

I wish everyone effected by Choice nothing but my best wishes. You are not alone. All we can do is support each other and try to get the word out.

Re: Choice Center- Los Vegas
Posted by: NormanLondon ()
Date: July 28, 2021 11:25PM

Be very careful with this group. Most of the so-called trainers are ex-Lifespring which was a very dangerous group in the 80s and 90s. Lifespring caused the deaths of a number of people, they caused psychological damage to many people. LS was eventually shut down around 1995 due to the vast number of claims and lawsuits against them, bearing in mind there must have been many more they settled before trial. Everyone is looking for answers but let the buyer beware. They may not have the answers you want. So Lifespring was shut down, the Federal Reporter (US Law Reports) is full of cases against them but the 'trainers' can regroup and rebrand and do it all again. The description of heavy sales pressure to bring in family and new members, the long hours of 'training', the control and manipulation I am reading on these pages sound very familiar. As I said, be very, very careful with this group. You could be one of the people whose mind is seriously damaged and if that happens it could take years to heal.

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