Re: Choice Center- Los Vegas
Posted by: MotherTheresa ()
Date: September 17, 2019 01:43AM

Dear Writer, Thank you for having the courage to share your experience on this site, as I to have gone through the same exact experience. I started experiencing PTSD/Chronic Stress/Anxiety and symptoms of Fear after returning from the Choice Center in Las Vegas. I also stopped talking to my relative and acquaintances, and couldn't even see photos of them.

Tapping into peoples past traumatic events, and keeping people in the past is not a way to help people heal from their past traumas, but is a method they use to retain them, and to take advantage of these poor hurt vulnerable people that are in deep pain. It is a way to get them to recruit more members, coaches, and leaders to grow their pyramid scam, and create more wealth. This Center is continuing their expansion to other States.

A lot of the leaders and coaches use heavy drugs, yet they tell the students not take any of their medications nor smoke during the so called Business Development or Emotional Intelligence classes. Most attendees are borderline suicidal, and if they are not, they leave feeling suicidal. Socializing with people they find things in common with might be the only reason why some feel it helped them. Some coaches were even sexually involved with students that were married.

Choice Center wants to make people believe that there is something wrong with you, that they're the only ones in this world that can help you. If there is nothing wrong with you, they will do everything possible to make you and your family believe that there is. Coaches are well trained to persuade, talk about love and hugs, speak gently, be persistent until they find your weakness and trap you. It's easy to fall when it's someone you trust like a family member or a celebrity.

Days after the family member finally spoke about the traumatic experience as a child. The relative was forced to speak after an argument created by the aggressive attempt to recruit other family members and friends, using choice center coaching tactics/words and trying to make them believe that something was horrifyingly wrong with me. My crying came from seeing so many people suffering and in pain for so many days in this cult, and knowing that my relative and friends had fallen into a cult. I stayed in class because my relative paid a large amount of money, and I trusted that family member. Some leaders truly have a good heart just have fallen into the wrong hands, into the "Mouth Of a Serpent" called the Choice Center in Vegas.

Re: Choice Center- Los Vegas
Posted by: Truecrimewriter ()
Date: January 08, 2020 04:45PM

here is an interview with someone who did break the "code of silence" - and an insight as to why there is such a code. Interesting how they make the people keep that code!

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