Human Awareness Institute
Posted by: HurtingAngel ()
Date: February 21, 2017 05:53AM

I would like to talk to someone who has had their sexual boundaries violated at a HAI event. I absolutely do not want to talk to HAI apologists or anyone who wants to claim that it never happens. I know from firsthand experience that it does and, in my case, the victim was ostracized while the perpetrator was allowed to stay in.

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Re: Human Awareness Institute
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 21, 2017 10:49PM

Information provided here may be triggering.

Please feel free to step back if feeling overwhelmed. The CEI
message board has been here for 14 years.

-------HAI Harm Reports ---------------

"Healed with a Kiss"


HAI Awareness Hypocrites webpage


A discussion about Human Awareness Institute began on this message board
back in 2005.

A lot of HAI apologists showed up.

What bothered many was that HAI Level 1 seemed benign and that Level 2
was far more intrusive than what Level 1 participants had been told when
encouraged to do Level 2.



human awareness institute
Posted by: Luvverly (
Date: June 07, 2006 03:58AM

To clarify, MOST people at my L1 were obviously expecting to take their clothes off, it just struck me as a curious omission that myself and three or four others had not been told. Perhaps HAI assume (and that's a big assumption since you may have come across them via their website) that whoever recommends it to you will mention it? (in my case the person didn't)

I'm still interested in examples of what happens at L2, particularly the large group exercises since it appears from Daydreamer's and other's posts that these can be overwhelming/shattering.

Here is a list of persons who did describe what troubled them about HAI.










On page 5 of the HAI discussion, Rick Ross gave a description of what characterizes an event as being
a Large Group Awareness Training. This is not a matter of opinion.
An LGAT has sprecific characteristics and Mr. Ross lists them.

An LGAT is not characterized by belief system but by organizational


A discussion of the LGAT issues took place here.


The HAI discussion thread on CEI goes to or beyond 19 pages. I'll
go back and see if I can find any more participants who
gave harm reports.

And wny am I doing this?

Because some people want to read for themselves any harm reports and
because so many HAI apologists showed up that those harm reports
became difficult to access.

Here, concerned readers can cut to the chase.

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Re: Human Awareness Institute
Posted by: HurtingAngel ()
Date: February 22, 2017 05:38AM

I went through and read everything on the thread over a year ago. I specifically want to hear about sexual boundary violations and how these are handled.

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