Landmark Tuesday night session: Threats, Acronyms & Set-ups
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: January 07, 2017 02:15PM

From what I have read on these boards, (unless I'm missing it), very little has been pointed out about the Tuesday night session of the Forum, other than that participants are pressured to bring guests, and that there are a lot of "feel good" testimonials. All of this is true, but...

When I did the forum, there were a couple of brief periods in the Tuesday night session that made me uneasy. These were sandwiched in by the F.L., and though I believe  that many were uncomfortable with the content,  I suspect  that the brevity was intentional, so that most participants would not remain focused on these parts.

Toward the beginning of the session, as people were sharing their experiences,  the F.L. asked a question as to whether or not anyone was experiencing confusion.  Several people actually responded to this, but the person that the F.L. was after was pointed out by the staff at the back of the room, so he zeroed in on that person.

After a few more testimonials. The F.L. came back with another  question; "Did anybody f***  __________?" 

The same person whom he had focused on earlier responded to this question, and he followed up with several more questions, all of which were answered in the affirmative. 
The whole point of this conversation was so that the F.L. could point out to this person that they actually had no idea who they had f***ed, (and obviously, that the F.L. did).

When I saw this happen, I had assumed that the participant in question must have been drunk. I now believe, (through  unfortunate experience),  that L.E. had spent months grooming this person for this event.

Later in the session, the F.L. talked about "rackets," and mentioned people who absolutely refuse to give up a "racket," or who say that the Landmark method doesn't work for them. He used a peculiar term to describe this, and though it certainly sounded threatening, the threat was not explicit. He then went to the dry erase board, and drew out an acronym, supposedly describing what a "racket" consists of.  He did say that the acronym was copyrighted, so I won't spell it out.

The acronym spelled out a word, but unbeknownst to others, (it seems to me. I am guessing from my experience),  it also spelled out the (alleged) name that the person in the above paragraphs had f***ed.  He also added on another word at the end, which, coincidentally,  turns out to be the last name of that person, only scrambled, (does this remind anyone else a little of Voldemort?).

Of course, I knew nothing of this when I took the forum, other than the brief discomfort already mentioned.

The significance did not become apparent to me until I had f***ed someone with exactly the same name, (and same description, and everyone at L.E. seemed to know about it), and was then asked to assist with a Tuesday night session of the forum. But then, the person I was with swore up and down that they had nothing to do with L.E., so I guess they couldn't have been from Landmark. I won't say that Landmark sends people out to find people in their everyday lives and mess with them, (using information obtained from their "friends" in Landmark),  but wow - that's quite a coincidence.

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