Relationship issues after LGAT? Choices Seminar
Posted by: sportsguy44 ()
Date: September 09, 2016 09:11AM

have read a lot on here and very informative. need some clarity or opinions.

my ex gf and I dated for 6 months, first 4 were dream last 2 were nightmarish at times. she had high narcissist tendencies and was raised mormon, although she's not strict besides drinking and sex. very secretive about her life and on social media, always confused me with words and actions (hot/cold), never really appreciated time together etc.

any way, she went to choices seminar in Texas as a coach in late July (who could be a coach at these things? hurling insults about strangers lives for ego?!), first time I heard bout it from her and she said she's done it her whole life bc her mom did it. me having no idea what it is or why she couldn't tell me.i researched. I have an MBA from big ten university so I'd like to think I'm not totally stupid lol.

she came back and my fears came true. i told her before she left i read about ppl coming back differently and ruining relationships. she came back self absorbed,mean, angry, disrespectful and more but it was always my fault for taking it that way. she did what she wanted and when she wanted. after coming back we went out for my bday, which she got me excited for weeks in advance. that night,no gift,card, anything, she was 30 mins late to dinner and then fell asleep cold. I said next day it was kinda rude and she said she took time out of her night to be with me even though she was extremely tired. no remorse or respect. my fault.

that was the last time I saw her, and she dumped me cold by phone with no reasons few days later. hovered for week with mind ganes but every time she reached out it somehow alluded to her hurting me or her rubbing mean lies in my face directed towards my vulnerabilities as I'm former 6 year depressant, which I defeaTed until now. when raging, she used everything she liked me as a flaw or that I'm a monster in a sense. I'm a sweet caring guy and very chivalrous. she complemenTed me on it many times. now she says she feels undsafe to visit me. way dramatic.

I've read about what they do at the lgat, but can anyone relate to this sort of behavior post-seminar? she's completely different person and looked zombie like when she came back. she also tried to recruit me to go about 5 times and each time getting more insulting "I won't transform to the true person I can be". "your choice to not learn your full self"

also, I think her actions of leaving me cold and hurt and rubbing it in my face are effects of this seminar.

any help or advice is appreciated,thank you!

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