Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: skeptic ()
Date: February 22, 2006 12:07AM

Wiser Aussie
[u:0fc5ba797a][b:0fc5ba797a]IMPACT OF MY LGAT EXPERIENCE TODAY[/b:0fc5ba797a][/u:0fc5ba797a]

1. Do not trust people.
2. Spiritual, philosophical and ideological void.
3. Aloneness better than being with manipulative people.
4. Still deeply hurt.
5. Ripped off Spiritually and Financially.
6. Innocence and belief in human kindness ripped away.
7. Feel psychologically raped.
8. Experience cycles of anger, depression, sadness, anxiety and guilt.

Thank you for this. It concisely, precisely describes how I feel these days. #2 makes it difficult to navigate through life. I have almost no framework from which to operate. Nowadays, the spiritual/philosophical/ideological orientation that makes the best sense to me is: SKEPTICISM & DISTRUST.

#3 is tricky for me because I'm not sure I can discern manipulation. In the lgat, the manipulation didn't look like manipulation. So now, I don't know if anything is what it appears. I am trying to learn to discern. Meanwhile, I'm keeping contact with people to a superficial minimum and am even more cautious when in a GROUP of people! Groups are big triggers for me.

Thanks again. This list is very accurate for me, and I'm saving it.


Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: lightwolf ()
Date: February 22, 2006 12:53AM

Thanks WA,

I so appreciate the insight from those of you, like skeptic and others, that have been on the inside and can share what your experiences have been and the impacts upon you. The great thing about this board is that those such as yourself, by sharing your experience, allow the rest of us to have the knowledge from it without having to go through it ourselves. That is a invaluable gift. Your thread on Money & You has been insightful. This list is great. Thank you!


Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
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Date: February 22, 2006 05:40AM

Wiser Aussie
At the start of the 3 1/2 days of this seminar we had to sign an [b:6c44876454]Agreement Form [/b:6c44876454]to the following:

1) [b:6c44876454]Do not wear watches[/b:6c44876454]. We lost perception of time - i.e. Hypnosis.

2) [b:6c44876454]Stay seated at all times.[/b:6c44876454] We were assured 'breaks' would be allocated every 50-60 minutes for refreshments and toilet breaks. However, this was not always the case i.e. there were times we went for many hours without a break. If one walked out they were met by a staff member and interrogated.

3) [b:6c44876454] Confidentiality[/b:6c44876454] - we were not to disclose any content of what happened and what we heard during the seminar. They didn't tell us why however we gathered as the seminar progressed this was supposedly to encourage a 'safe environment' for personal and business disclosures i.e. [b:6c44876454]Personal Confessions.[/b:6c44876454] It also [b:6c44876454]'bound everyone to silence[/b:6c44876454]" and was a 'set up'; to instill GUILT should anyone over-step this boundary. For years I remained SILENT. It is only recently I have been able to freely talk about my experiences openly due to this agreement. Many others are still silent. This signed agreement was responsible for this long silence.

4) [b:6c44876454]Raise hand to speak to group. [/b:6c44876454] This only happened at the Presenter's invitation. No unruly behaviour was tolerated. If you wanted to ask a question or make a comment, you had to [b:6c44876454]stand up [/b:6c44876454]and a [b:6c44876454]microphone [/b:6c44876454]was handed to you. When you finished the Presenter said [b:6c44876454]'Thank you'[/b:6c44876454], the audience clapped and then the microphone was whisked away to the next person. Even tissues were on hand in the same manner. [b:6c44876454]This gave the illusion participant had freedom of speech, however in reality the contrary[/b:6c44876454].

5) [b:6c44876454]Participate 100% - Full Tilt.[/b:6c44876454] This encouraged everyone to push doubts and questions aside, instilling further and deeper [b:6c44876454]COMMITMENT [/b:6c44876454]to the doctrine. "Do" without thinking independently.

6) [b:6c44876454]Sit next to someone we didn't know.[/b:6c44876454] If we sat next to a friend we were more likely to critically and logically assess the goings on.

Reading this reminded me of my own lgat con. The final "course" I took, in 2001, was called 21st Century Leadership. We had to memorize, then stand and recite when called (during silent meals), the "leadership covenant". We also were supposed to carry a card with the tenets in our wallet. When I realized the whole thing was a BIG CON, I threw the card away. I have some notes and can reconstruct it, if not verbatim. It still amazes me how similar all the lgats are. The leadership tenets are:

1. As a leader, I participate fully.
2. As a leader, I tell myself the truth and frequently ask "what am I pretending not to know?.
3. As a leader, I keep my word and honor my commitment.
4. As a leader, I remain 100% accountable.
5. As a leader, I am compassionate with myself and others. I remember we are all wounded.
6. As a leader, I fully express the stand that I am in life.
7. As a leader, I constructively actualize my definition of success.
8. As a leader, I include my people in my life. I remember who they are.
9. As a leader, I keep my conversation constructive and aligned with my purpose. I do not gossip.
10. As a leader, I lead with cooperation. When faced with a lack of cooperation I use the tit-for-tat strategy above the line, then continue to cooperate.
11. As a leader, I never take myself out of the game.

Another thing, in the first course (1995), we got all this information about types of people (supporters, controllers, promoters, analyzers) and information about how to "create agreement" with the different types. I had no idea what any of that had to do with personal growth. I have since come to understand that we were being USED to SELL the course.

Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
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Date: February 26, 2006 01:11PM

Hi there,

I appreciate everyones feed back and information. Thank you!


Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
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Date: March 08, 2006 01:02PM

[u:09eb6ee5af][b:09eb6ee5af]MONEY & YOU FLIPCHARTS - Excellerated Business School[/b:09eb6ee5af][/u:09eb6ee5af]

[b:09eb6ee5af]The Flipcharts Enforced Indoctrination and Loaded Language.[/b:09eb6ee5af]

Money & You Presenter taught mainly from the stage equipped with a flipchart stand and potted "happy" plant.

Money & You Flipcharts had the signature yellow key. Throughout the entire 3 1/2 days these flipchart were taped to the wall in the order written. Whenever we returned from a break, our eyes were immediately drawn to them. Further re-enforcing indoctrination and loaded language in participants, therefore their committment and compliance to their doctrine made easier.

Participants were encouraged to copy them down.

At the start of the seminar, we were issued with a white 3 ringbind folder, note pad, lots of white blank paper, a set of coloured childrens markers and a pen. Printed handouts were stored in this folder. We were told to use the coloured markers because it would encourage learning and retention.

Money & You Flipcharts can be viewed -


[b:09eb6ee5af]Money & You Flipcharts[/b:09eb6ee5af] were used by the Presenter as hard evidence and weapons of defence against [b:09eb6ee5af]questioning and doubting [/b:09eb6ee5af]participants. The doctrine taught carried more weight. Participants in the audience aligned themselves with the Presenter/Doctrine, a force too strong for the daring few who voiced their doubts. These individuals retreated one-by-one [b:09eb6ee5af]defeated and subordinated [/b:09eb6ee5af]to the value of the group.

The daring were quashed! What hope did the rest have?

Wiser Aussie

Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
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Date: March 09, 2006 12:31PM

[u:1a32138100][b:1a32138100]MONEY & YOU SEMINAR THE "BLOCKS GAME" CAUSED PARTICIPANTS TO BREAKDOWN![/b:1a32138100][/u:1a32138100]

I was unprepared for the two [b:1a32138100]psychological and emotional breakdowns [/b:1a32138100]I experienced during the Saturday Night [b:1a32138100]"Blocks Game"[/b:1a32138100] and Sunday Morning [b:1a32138100]"Hot Seat Confessions". [/b:1a32138100]

Before doing the [b:1a32138100]Money & You Program, [/b:1a32138100]games were described during their promotions as [b:1a32138100]FUN & EXPERIENTIAL![/b:1a32138100]. Therefore none of us expected what we were in for. Many others broke down. None prepared for what was about to happen!

[u:1a32138100][b:1a32138100]SETTING THE SCENE[/b:1a32138100][/u:1a32138100]

"...You'll have an opportunity to pick your five team members during the break. Remember to choose wisely because its going to be a very LOOOOOOOOOOOONG night," warned Austin Texan Wayne Morgan.

We were told that each team would be given a bag of coloured wooden childrens blocks. These blocks would help us demonstrate five words :-


We could demonstrate any of the words in the order we chose. When we were ready a team member had to raise their hand and [b:1a32138100]Receivers[/b:1a32138100] would observe our demonstration. [b:1a32138100](Receivers were groups of 6-8 assistants and graduates combined. Amongst them at least one very experienced graduate as Leader.)[/b:1a32138100] When it was over we had to say,
"Our Demonstration is finished!" There was strictly no other communication allowed between Participant/Demonstrators and Receivers.

Wayne's lengthy explanation of the "blocks game" and remarks instilled more Fear, Confusion and Anxiety.

"...The 'real blocks' are the ones sitting [b:1a32138100]around the table[/b:1a32138100], not on
it. .....There will be people that are so concerned about being RIGHT & LOOKING GOOD, they will not get what this game is all about! .....
..... A beautiful woman who did this seminar didn't get this game. Years later when she was in a department store, Pachebel Canon happened to be playing and suddenly she started crying. Tears streaming down her face. In that moment she knew SHE GOT IT! ... So if you don't get it during this game, you'll get it sometime down the track. NO WAY OF ESCAPING IT! ... So don't miss the OPPORTUNITY [u:1a32138100]NOW[/u:1a32138100]!'

[u:1a32138100][b:1a32138100]THE "BLOCKS GAME" - MONEY & YOU FLIPCHARTS[/b:1a32138100][/u:1a32138100]

On Flipchart Paper he drew a red heart and barbed wire around it depicted as little crosses xxx . A detailed picture of it the [b:1a32138100]Struggle[/b:1a32138100] [b:1a32138100]Flipchart[/b:1a32138100] & [b:1a32138100]the Perturbation Flipchart [/b:1a32138100] relating to this game and others can be found on :-


The barbed wire represented our THOUGHTS & ACT in life, which caused STRUGGLE, supposedly preventing us from getting in touch with SPIRIT - the Heart.

Wayne told us the 'blocks game' was designed to [b:1a32138100]remove the barbed wire and Yukberries.[/b:1a32138100] Yukberries were BLOCKS in our life and needed to be CLEARED, so one could live a fuller life with greater happiness.

"These Yukberries HAVE TO BE CLEARED, because they're HOLDING YOU BACK!", Wayne said alarmingly.

PERTURBATING these Yukberries is how they thought they should be cleared. Then 'change and transformation' would take place.

[u:1a32138100][b:1a32138100]BREAKS AREA[/b:1a32138100][/u:1a32138100]

Whilst choosing our team members, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and fear. Many of us parroting-off Wayne's cliches. Meanwhile we were oblivious to the fact that Graduates were quietly and swiftly passing by the breaks area and filling the seats prepared for them. The doors in the breaks area may have been closed, as they often were. Even if they weren't, other Graduates were amongst us making sure we weren't the wiser!

[u:1a32138100][b:1a32138100]ENTERING THE SEMINAR ROOM[/b:1a32138100][/u:1a32138100]

All the usual oblong tables gone. Small square card tables draped with white cloth. Over a dozen tables set. I recall part of the 'blocks game' filmed in the ABC Four Corners Expose.

The mood sombre.
The lights bright.

Hundreds of assistants and graduates seated at the back of the seminar room to observe.

[u:1a32138100][b:1a32138100]OFFICIALS TABLE & AREA[/b:1a32138100][/u:1a32138100]

Seminar Officials were seated off centre at the back of the room directly opposite the front stage. Set apart in a special area. This was the Control Centre. It was OUT OF BOUNDS.

Control Centre functioned as follows:-

1. Music was controlled
2. Boxes of tissues dispensed from here. Assistants were assigned the task of Tissue Fairies and their job was to be light and swift while handing out two tissues per weeping person.
3. Typed notes and handouts were delegated.
4. If someone rebelled and walked out, an official greeted them on the way out.
5. Presenter's wife and franchise staff were also seated in this area.

Sitting at this table gave them a vantage point, as participants backs faced them during lectures. Nothing escaped the Hawke Eye.

Wayne, the Presenter on this occasion, constantly communicated verbally and non-verbally with key people seated in this area. A simple directed gaze and a discreet nod up-close or from afar, is all that was required for what was SCRIPTED next!

As a Participant I was superficially aware of this Control Area, because so many other things were happening that distracted me of the logistics. However my time as an Assistant highlighted in detail what happened behind the scenes.


Wiser Aussie

Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
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Date: March 12, 2006 01:08PM

[u:ab11e18760][b:ab11e18760]MONEY & YOU THE "BLOCKS GAME" CAUSED MY BREAKDOWN[/b:ab11e18760][/u:ab11e18760]

[u:ab11e18760][b:ab11e18760]THE "BLOCKS GAME" BEGINS[/b:ab11e18760][/u:ab11e18760]

Bags of coloured blocks were distributed to each table around 8.30 pm. Pachebel Canon began playing alternated with the "Young & the Restless" theme song throughout the game. By this stage, Saturday night - Day 2 1/2, participants behaviour showed that most of us were sufficiently and adequately brainwashed and compliant.

Our Demonstrations, also called Communications, in the first 2-3 hours, were very much like a game of charades. We had lots of fun, cracked a few jokes, laughed and generally had a good time. However this got us nowhere with our Demonstration/Communication results. Receivers came back with a card saying,

"You were unsuccessful in your communication!"

Every time we laughed our fun was met with Wayne's icey glares. Both 'failure and disapproval' our Punishments. We had [b:ab11e18760]hit the wall.[/b:ab11e18760]

Every so often we'd hear another team joyously jumping out of their chairs,

"Yyyes! Yes!" embracing each other with arms of Victory. It really didn't go down well. Raw emotions were rising. When would be it our turn?

As the night and game wore us down, we heard an angry out-burst nearby. A man stormed out of the room. His team members followed reluctantly. It was part of the rule of the game - ONE WALKS OUT, ALL WALK OUT! Long faces. Hostile and resentful. Disappointment, guilt and letting the team down weighed heavy on his shoulders. This was the calculated design of the game. [b:ab11e18760]Pulling everyone back in line.[/b:ab11e18760]

There is no room for non-compliance because resentments and hostilities towards him are too aweful to bear. Rejection and disapproval from team members are powerful motivators for compliance. The Presenter adds salt to the wound - Severe Disapproval. Compliance will get you in the end.

Many angry out-bursts like this occured during this game. Often the cause being a personality clash with a team member. Yet everyone always returned. Putting their cards on the table. This game had a way of exposing ones weaknesses, flaws, inadequacies, failings in Relationships, Life and Business, problems and unfulfilled dreams. Total strangers knew more about you than family or life long friends.

Pachebel was jammed on play. It made me feel sick. I wished they'd turn that d*** music off! It was eating away at my brain. I was exhausted, confused and in turmoil. "Get me out of here!" But invisible and heavy chains of intense indoctrination secured me to my chair. Communicating these words was difficult.

"There goes [u:ab11e18760]another [/u:ab11e18760]team jumping for joy!" I was hijacked by envy and grief.

"I want you to [b:ab11e18760]really[/b:ab11e18760] CELEBRATE!" Wayne's words imprinted in our minds. These feelings were no accident. Coercing and manipulating unsuccessful teams, and we all were at different stages of the game, to dig deeper within ourselves. This game was PLANNED & CALCULATED.

The message was clear,

"You have got to breakdown .... breakdown the walls! ..... This is the only way to achieve a breakthrough. No escaping it! ..... Don't miss [b:ab11e18760]this[/b:ab11e18760]
opportunity!" I knew I had no other choice. Leaving was not an option. I had to stay.

The room was arctic. Shivering. Trembling. I was terrified. Crying and heaving with pain. I raised my hand. Tissues were not delivered. They promised! I had no choice but to wipe my nose with drenched tissues and sleeves. Traumatised. Perturbed. .....................?????????????? I don't know what happened. All I can say is - I snapped!

Receivers came over. ...................... After our demonstration the leader said "thank you". They all walked away to the far end of the room huddled in a circle to confer amongst themselves. Returning with their verdict, "Love".

We sprang out of our chairs elated! Hugging one another. Our first victorious moment. Yet something in me was literally "split". How could I be deeply traumatised [b:ab11e18760]and[/b:ab11e18760] jumping with joy? It didn't make sense! It felt like two different people co-existing inside me. What a distortion. Victory wasn't sweet at all! By 2 am we successfully communicated more words.

I don't remember[b:ab11e18760] how[/b:ab11e18760] I drove myself home. It was 3 am when I dragged myself to bed.


Wiser Aussie

Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
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Date: March 20, 2006 12:23PM

[u:f227da156a][b:f227da156a]BREAKDOWN NO. 2 AT "MONEY & YOU"[/b:f227da156a][/u:f227da156a]

[u:f227da156a][b:f227da156a]SUNDAY MORNING CHURCH & "THE HOT SEAT"[/b:f227da156a][/u:f227da156a]

I arose from bed. Yet I was dead tired. (Sleep Deprivation) My brain was numb and paralysed. Yet I showered, dressed and arrived at the seminar for a 9 am start. Despite my partner saying, "Don't Go!"

Joining the massive circle of strange/familiar faces, we linked arms singing,

"Morning has broken, like the first morning. Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird ......"

How apt. Broken was me. A programmed Zombie!

* * *
When we were seated Wayne asked if anyone wanted to share last night's game. One of my team members volunteered our experience. We were told to stand up infront of the audience. We all group-hugged and weeped. It was spiritual and moving at the time. According to everything Wayne had said, we had all got in touch with spirit. The barbed wire lifted. The Yukberries spat out. We were on the road to Transformation.

We delivered what they wanted. What spectator graduates came to see - [b:f227da156a]"Sunday Morning Church", [/b:f227da156a]Graduates named it. Yet there was still darkness suffocating me.

[u:f227da156a][b:f227da156a]"HOT SEAT" & BREAKDOWN NO. 2[/b:f227da156a][/u:f227da156a]

After our morning break we regrouped with team members and each of us had to discuss how we felt. The same music looped in the background. I don't remember what my team members disclosed. It's a complete blank. I was drowning. Team members told me to breathe, just as Wayne had instructed all weekend. I felt really ill. I lay on the floor. As I kept breathing suddenly flood gates burst and Pandora's Lid opened ....................?????????????? I was deeply disturbed by it. Words cannot do justice to what happened.

I heard other participants in the seminar room Screaming, Shouting and Sobbing. I don't know what was happening to them either. It was a nightmare! It has haunted me for a over a decade.

* * *

When we had lunch I was shocked to discover it was 4 pm. (Food Deprivation) Time lost.

* * *

[u:f227da156a][b:f227da156a]MONEY & YOU CONTINUES[/b:f227da156a][/u:f227da156a]

After lunch Wayne gauged the numbers of "Complete" & "Incomplete" Participants (Scientology terms used in Auditing) with a show of hands.

The rest of the afternoon Wayne promoted Rebirthing, Auditing & Massage/Bodywork - PRESCRIBED THERAPIES to clear more Yukberries. Each representative of these groups stood forward,

"Make sure you take their business cards during the next break", recommended Wayne.

More [b:f227da156a]Excellerated Business Seminars[/b:f227da156a] were highly encouraged to help us further. One got a sense that the whole seminar was geared for this 'peak moment'. Just like Robert Kiyosaki's books - the first 3/4 written for the [b:f227da156a]concluding promotional punch lines.[/b:f227da156a]

If the punch lines were presented upfront, there would be no takers. However if one used words to [b:f227da156a]BEND THE MIND[/b:f227da156a] then one can lead the horse to water [u:f227da156a]AND [/u:f227da156a]make it drink! How?

[b:f227da156a]CONVINCE THE HORSE HE IS THIRSTY. WANTING![/b:f227da156a]

I recall "Barn Yard" was the final big game. It involved a huge crowd - hundreds of graduates. While everyone was involved and active, I was totally lost. Alone.

The last thing I recall is some women commenting,

"Wayne looks soooo sexy in his Texan boots and jeans!"

Up until then, the Presenter wore strict business attire. The seminars concluded in the early hours of Monday morning.

* * *

What I've described is my personal experience. Everyone who did the "Money & You" seminar has their own account. Not everyone broke down. However, [b:f227da156a]many did[/b:f227da156a]. Participants also broke down in "Powerful Presentations" (during individual speeches that were video taped) and "Creating Wealth" [b:f227da156a]Excellerated Business School [/b:f227da156a]Seminars.

* * *

Money & You Graduates have said the "blocks game" was really an Auditing Session (Scientology practice). When teams successfully communicated a word to the Receivers it was equivalent to a "floating needle" on the E-meter.

Does anyone have any thoughts or information about this?

The "Blocks Game" & "Sunday Morning Church / "Hot Seat" Confessions was highly attended. This is where [b:f227da156a]Graduates got their fix.[/b:f227da156a] I know from experience the 'high' one gets from seeing people gradually breaking down. It really is a drug. Addictive!

As an assistant I observed some graduates doing really weird things whilst observing the "blocks game". One graduate was unravelling metres of "invisible string" from a graduates body, then rolling it into a ball. Other times removing spears, knives and daggers. This person was and is obsessed with the world of the invisible. [b:f227da156a]Robert Kiyosaki and "Pow Wow Events" promote this persons work and books[/b:f227da156a].

I have no doubt that some people who've done "Money & You" will say it was the best thing they've ever done. I said the same 13 years ago. I was brainwashed to THINK THAT for many years, until it "wore off" and I realised that something was wrong with [b:f227da156a]Money & You[/b:f227da156a] and [b:f227da156a]how it affected my life.[/b:f227da156a]

[b:f227da156a]Excellerated Schools "Money & You" Made My Life Worse! ..... It was the worst thing that's every happened in my life! This is true for others too![/b:f227da156a]

See my posts and other peoples experiences:

[b:f227da156a] Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed:-[/b:f227da156a]

I researched to find answers. When I discovered Money & You had subjected us to BRAINWASHING & MIND BENDING TECHNIQUES (Mass/Group Hypnosis, NLP, Mind Control and Thought Reform) I was relieved at first. Finally things started to make sense and click into place. Then I felt RAGE. These people BETRAYED ME - BETRAYED US! I wanted justice and closure. [b:f227da156a]To be heard at least![/b:f227da156a]

When Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Morgan, Blair Singer or any Money & You Presenter is backed in a corner, they will turn the tables on YOU! They are ALWAYS RIGHT!.

I HAVE BEEN [b:f227da156a]HUMILIATED[/b:f227da156a] ENOUGH! NO MORE!

There are days I struggle with guilt. So many innocent people will be DECEIVED & HARMED, as I was by "Money & You". I am urged to do something about it. I want to prevent others from getting hurt. Hence I have written these detailed posts.

[b:f227da156a][u:f227da156a]THE BIGGEST LESSON LEARNT[/u:f227da156a][/b:f227da156a]

The values I have as an ordinary person are worth more than the paper money and brand of love, courage, trust, joy and integrity these so called extraordinary business gurus pride themselves on.

[u:f227da156a][b:f227da156a]CONCLUSION [/b:f227da156a][/u:f227da156a]

Apparently over 50,000 people in 45 countries have attended the Money & You Seminar. Despite all the hype and successes boasted on the [b:f227da156a]Excellerated Business[/b:f227da156a] website, I doubt there are 50,000 happy people whose lives have been transformed for the better because of it.

A list of a few hundred noted and successful Money & You Graduates DOES [u:f227da156a][b:f227da156a]NOT[/b:f227da156a] [/u:f227da156a]IMPRESS! [b:f227da156a] Nor does it justify those severely harmed that remain understandably "silent and anonymous[/b:f227da156a]".

Today, I still have many questions I doubt Robert Kiyosaki et al or any other Money & You Presenter then, today or in the future can answer. Nor has any rebirther/breathworker, auditor/clearer or massage/bodyworker answered.

I spent $10,000! Little did I know I had signed up for a Nightmare! The only value it added was [b:f227da156a]LINING THEIR POCKETS![/b:f227da156a]

These people ACTED like loving friends.

"You've really got to do this seminar or training", they said "It will REALLY help you!"

The time came when I knew I had to stop, for my own sanity. When I said no to the last seminar offer it was met with the greatest suspicion. This is when I found out who my real friends were.

I was just a pawn on their chessboard scheme to wealth and prosperity. Their hugs and love were NOT genuine, but a calculated means to get my patronage. As soon as they know they can't get any more money out of you they will DROP you like a hot cake! It's just too bad if your friendship was genuine. [b:f227da156a]Welcome to the real world of Excellerated Business Schools Money & You Seminars.[/b:f227da156a]

If they had warned me beforehand that the "blocks game" could cause a breakdown, I would have made the responsible choice of[b:f227da156a] not doing Money & You.[/b:f227da156a] Withholding this vital piece of information is [b:f227da156a]DELIBERATE DECEIT![/b:f227da156a] Surely FREEDOM OF CHOICE is a basic human right? It seems [b:f227da156a]Excellerated Business Schools [/b:f227da156a]don't think so.

I can only conclude that[b:f227da156a] Excellerated Business School [/b:f227da156a]care LESS for humanity and MORE for themselves. They are irresponsible, disrespectful and a downright danger to society.

[b:f227da156a]THE TRUTH [u:f227da156a]WILL[/u:f227da156a] PREVAIL! [/b:f227da156a]


Wiser Aussie

Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
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Date: May 07, 2006 01:28PM

[u:fe9dbbe3b9][b:fe9dbbe3b9]More Information on Wayne Morgan - Money & You Presenter in the 1990's[/b:fe9dbbe3b9][/u:fe9dbbe3b9]

Wayne Morgan and wife Lynn are co-owners and co-authors of [b:fe9dbbe3b9]"The [/b:fe9dbbe3b9][b:fe9dbbe3b9]Business School for Real Estate Pros"[/b:fe9dbbe3b9] in Austin Texas, [b:fe9dbbe3b9]"The [/b:fe9dbbe3b9][b:fe9dbbe3b9]Austin Institute of Real Estate"[/b:fe9dbbe3b9] and book [b:fe9dbbe3b9]"How to Get Rich In Real Estate and Have a Life".[/b:fe9dbbe3b9]
Observing their websites it is obvious they are using [b:fe9dbbe3b9]Thought Reform [/b:fe9dbbe3b9]and [b:fe9dbbe3b9]Mind Control[/b:fe9dbbe3b9] Methods in their Real Estate Seminars and Courses.

[b:fe9dbbe3b9][u:fe9dbbe3b9]Note the clues[/u:fe9dbbe3b9][/b:fe9dbbe3b9]:-

[b:fe9dbbe3b9]1. Experiential Learning including Games
2. Accelerated Learning
3. Seminars and Courses running over 3 or more days, a hint that they run late (Sleep Deprivation)
4. Coloured Flipcharts shown in Photos and Scroll Flipcharts, some straight out of the "Money & You" Program.
5. Photo shows Wayne 'hugging' a participant.[/b:fe9dbbe3b9]

[b:fe9dbbe3b9]The 3 1/2 day seminar Wayne did in 1987 he speaks of on his website, is you guessed it ... Money & You![/b:fe9dbbe3b9]

[b:fe9dbbe3b9][u:fe9dbbe3b9]See the following websites[/u:fe9dbbe3b9]:-[/b:fe9dbbe3b9]



Excellerated Business Schools - Money & You Seminar Scam
Posted by: nutrino ()
Date: May 08, 2006 01:08AM

Screenwriters know that there aren't all that many stories in the whole world, usually every new fable is a rework of an old fable... and the art of a good movie is the skill with which you make the Same Old Shit feel like a brand new "breakthru" experience... the sophists were running the same rackets in ancient Athens... they all study each other, they all steal from each other, they all paas themselves of as the one and only true original in town, they all try and weird you out about your messed up false self and how they'll take you by the hand and walk you over to your true self, they all want your money, and if possible they'd like to have you donate your able body to "holy grunt work"... none of them ever have a lot of respect for your individual nature, they are really interested in your "get with the program" i.e. their frame nature, they all have their own house vocabulary which is all superspecial and everything because they make "powerful distinctions" and common assholes such as yourself don't make "powerful distinctions" because you are, by divine plan, pathetic and "inauthentic" without their brand of special sauce... and they can't stand people with strong identities who are capable of thinking, reasoning, and functioning independently of their guru spew, because then you are, well... authentically inauthentic or you Need To Be Right or you won't sing around the campfire like a Good Asshole... no, you are a Bad Asshole !!!, you kept your watch, you won't be the Possibility of Possibility much less The Context of Contexts... and nobody can recall they were doing the same basic routine in the 19th century except then the mental stage props were Hellfire and Brimstone... except you were angling for the Eternal Reward and maybe some one on one action on the earthly plane too, ya see... you even had some Meso-American civilizations that appear to have been taken over lock, stock and barrel by their own cults that eventually led to the wholesale destruction of their societies... and modern genetics suggests to us that there could well be a DNA basis for sociopathy in 1% or so of the population, so this abberant freakazoid conduct is a guaranteed long term human situation that changes its costume every generation or two while the show goes on, same as it ever was...

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