Re: What are these "negative effects" of Landmark Forum?
Posted by: Fabgonzo ()
Date: April 15, 2023 06:26AM

RRmoderator, you’re 100% correct. Landmark is an example of very organized and subtle evil. Their 1st course (The forum) can be beneficial only if you continue the advanced course right afterwards to complete the training. But if you discontinue, it can me devastating, because the Forum is all about your past and going back to your childhood, and the ADVANCED COURSE is all about breaking trough your past and creating a new future. Attending the forum and NOT finishing, you stay stuck in your past forever. Ontop of that, the fact that landmark privately owned FOR PROFIT, and they have fierce competition makes them very dangerous, since they HAVE to constantly recruit in a monthly basis to survive. This makes them unethical and sinister. They constantly signal how virtuous they are, yet you see how UN-virtuous They are by they relentlessly brainwash and manipulate their participants on why they have to recruit friends and family members if they wanna be good people, and are selfish if they don’t recruit. Landmark will always confuse you on how good they are, but at the end of the day, if you put your emotions aside and judge it from an “outsider, unbiased and objective” perspective, all they are is a company trying to survive and will do anything to just stay in business and keep their owners happy (Landmark makes average 50 million a year). If you truly wanna be a good person, you have to forget about just trying to profit. Landmark has helped many people, but aslo have destroyed many peoples lives, some have even committed suicide. Please whoever is reading this, STAY AWAY FROM LANDMARK. Better and healthier options are constantly reading good books, top licensed therapists, talk to a pastor or priest, go to church, talk to friends or family member. Landmark NEEDS your money to survive, they are what I call subtle evil.

Re: What are these "negative effects" of Landmark Forum?
Posted by: Fabgonzo ()
Date: April 15, 2023 06:33AM

Please for your safety, DO NOT JOIN LANDMARK. it destroyed my life. I’ve had huge setbacks in my life because of their slapdash and manipulative training. It’s not for everybody. It can help you or destroy you. They prey on your emotions and only some people have benefited from it and that’s why you’re maybe considering joining landmark. Landmark are experts in selling and will sell you on why you need to join. The founder of Landmark was an expert door to door sales man with NO COLLEGE TRAINING. He’s an expert seller, which means he can manipulate your emotions in a heartbeat and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they still exist; as his brother and sister now own Landmark and he constantly advises them on how to have the slickest sales system. If you join landmark, enter at your own risk. They only tell you the good, but the “not good”, it’s never their fault. Pure stone cold victimhood, manipulation and authoritarianism. The farther down the rabbit hole you go with LGAT and Landmark, the more you realize they are pure hypocrite. Good luck.

Re: What are these "negative effects" of Landmark Forum?
Posted by: ellenaaa ()
Date: April 22, 2023 08:49AM

This is old news but still one of the best as far as Landmark is concerned. The comments are terrific.

From the Wayback Machine:



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