Questions for a current MITT consumer/recruiter
Posted by: TheQuestionGuy ()
Date: May 27, 2015 02:53PM

I had a long discussion with my relative tonight. He very much wants me to do the basic and advanced MITT training. Without doing research, I had agreed and put my trust in him that he was recommending something good.

I had a 2nd conversation with a MITT employee who shot so many red flags over my bow, that I put the brakes on quick.

I am at the point in my discussions with my relative where I am going to give him a list of questions that I need answered to my satisfaction before I agree to anything.

I will put my list below but I would like others to add to it as he is going to take my list to the people at MITT to get their answers. I don't think he will get as many answers as he thinks he can, but I am eager to see the responses.

Why must I submit to the will of a stranger (group leader)?
What benefit to me is this submission?
What are the listed theraputic benefits from agreeing to follow low level classroom rules?
What is the privacy policy of MITT?
If the trainers do not work for MITT directly, are they subcontractors?
What is their relationship to MITT Corporate?
Is there a course syllabus?
What are the qualifications of most trainers?
What are the MITT requirements?
What screening if any is done for participants?
As 5 percent either leave or are asked to leave, why do you think I won't be one of the 5 percent?
Will my money be fully refunded if I am asked to leave?

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Re: Questions for a current MITT consumer/recruiter
Posted by: TheQuestionGuy ()
Date: May 28, 2015 10:02AM

Some more questions:

Are videos taken?
Who Sees these videos?
Who watches them in real-time?
Are there one way mirrors used in the training?

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