Gratitude Trainings: Florida/Charlotte Cult
Posted by: JohnHammond999 ()
Date: March 06, 2015 01:49AM

So once again we havw new versions of the same thing. My wife is involved and has turned into a somewhat groupie. She keeps telling me I am a victim and makes me wron for thngs she thought before were OK.
Watch pout for this one. Gratitude Trainings in Florida have the same Lifespring trainers.
Jo Englesson is a guru wanna be leader. She is a good actress. Scary - relationships fail. And she is about money money money. She is craeting other ones as well.

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Earlier posts made to CEI
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 06, 2015 06:38AM


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Re: Gratitude Trainings: Florida/Charlotte Cult
Posted by: JohnHammond999 ()
Date: March 08, 2015 09:46PM

Gratitude Training in Florida and Charlotte is run by Jo Englesson. She is a self made guru who wants everyone to follow her. She and Ray Blnchard Uses same methods of training as other Large Group Awareness Trainings. She is Unethical, they use public Humiliation, Manipulation, and it is definiety a Cult, Everything is about their great leader. There are Agressive and Manipulative Sales Tactics, Psychological Breakdown="Breakthrough, Exploiting Human Weakness for Profit, Food and Sleep Deprivation, Trance and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Embedded Commands, Social Influence, Mind Control, Lake Worth Florida

Gratitude Training does indeed incorporate the same fundamental principles to get people to not think for themselves. that was even was mentioned in part one training, Ray (trainer of part 1, that has been working with Large Group Awareness Trainings for over 40years and according to my small group leader is the highest paid trainer around.

I am so shocked that peope havent caught on to how relationships are destroyed by this woman and her group. It must be the forms they make you sign. This smells like a cult, People seem like robots that are always smiling and then taking your money or your spouses if you dont agree.

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Re: Gratitude Trainings: Florida/Charlotte Cult
Posted by: JohnHammond999 ()
Date: March 14, 2015 12:57PM

I recently found out I had a co-worker that did the Gratitude Trainings in Florida for a year or so. I realize he was always mildly annoying as it was but for that year everyone in the office did their best to avoid talking to him. I asked some of my coworkers why. They said it was because all he was doing was recruiting/reciting back the feel-good messages they were pumping into his head. It did seem to have a somewhat positive effect on his life, but I don't feel like it would be any different than joining a legitimate church and taking it seriously. I think you have to be very open-minded plus slightly dumb in order to "get" anything from this organization. My coworker said it is a cult. I get tht now. Gratitude Trainings are dangerous, like a cult , and make people become strange.

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Re: Gratitude Trainings: Florida/Charlotte Cult
Posted by: JohnHammond999 ()
Date: April 01, 2015 04:28AM

I have been doing more research about Gratitude Trainings in Florida and Gratitude Charlotte and Jo Englesson and the new leader Liliana Barr, Very scary. They are spawned from Lifespring which then was turned into Summit Education. Then this Jo Englesson, self declared author. No integrity but lots of charisma. Perfect cult leader stuff.

This is a truly slimey offspring of Lifespring. One woman in one of the trainings went into a catatonic fit during one of those hypnotic lectures. She was removed from the room. Another woman went into a hysterical fit during an exercise.

Someone was telling me in detail how the tactic is like confidence building along with an Amway style approach to manulipating your friends into the pyramid scheme.The agressive approach is about getting
people into the work. Especially offering free introductions.

There are plenty of weak minded people out there for them to prey on. SO they use the new pop word gratitude to cover up the business of making money. Jo ENglesson isnt even a citizen of the US> Very sad and concerning.

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Not 'weak minded' -- uninformed
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 01, 2015 08:30AM

"weak minded" -- not quite.

"Uninformed and at a vulnerable time" -- that's the situation most of us
are in when we get recruited.

And, too often, we are not told, up front, about a leader's actual background and training.

Instead, we are given only glowing testimonials.

Nor are we told what percentage of subjects benefit and what percentage do
not benefit.

By contrast, when we buy a bottle of aspirin, the package contains information
listing dosage, and the possibility of certain undesirable side effects --
and how to tell when one should stop taking the aspirin and consult one's

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