Mankind project
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Date: November 11, 2005 10:22AM

Anyone with any information regarding this group, please I beg you to post it here. It is horrifying what these men and women go through. Any feedback is appreciated.

Mankind project
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Date: March 29, 2006 09:24PM


I'm going to post as much of their 'training manual' as I can on here I believe these sort of mind control techniques should be made open and public so they loose their mystique - or BS depending on how you read it :wink:

Here goes - sorry for the long post! - nothing written after this are my words - all the following is their craziness.

[Moderator/Administrator Note: Subsequent to this series of posts going up at this forum and official complaint came in from the Mankind Project as follows:]

Hi Folks,

I’m about to give you a call about our 1998 New Warrior Initiation Adventure Protocol Book which was posted by RU?ing on your Forum page: []

We hold the copyright for this document (and subsequent versions) and the man who has posted it to your website has done so without our permission. We are very supportive of open criticism of our trainings, but we do not, and will not, give permission for reproduction of our copyrighted material. We hope you understand and will remove this material from your website.


Carl Griesser, Executive Director
The ManKind Project

[Moderator note: In accordance with the Legal Disclaimer material posted by "RU?ing" is being removed and/or summarized within "fair use" guidelines for the purpose of critical review and commentary.

To better understand the policies of this board regarding copyright claims see []

Rick A. Ross, Executive Director
The Ross Institute of New Jersey]

Excerpted from New Warrior Initiation Adventure Protocol Book Revision April 1998

"The New Warrior Network Principles"

What is the "New Warrior Network" or "Mankind Project" (MP)?

It is "A non profit organization and network of independent centers working together to heal the world one man at a time."

Its mission is to "empower men to missions of service."

It is "an order of men called to reclaim the sacred
masculine for our time; through initiation, training and action in the world."

The following are the MP "Core Organizing & Guiding Principle"

"create my own perception of reality."

"outer reality exists as a reflection of my inner world."

"Higher states of consciousness exist and reflect greater abilities to manifest my inner reality."

"Higher states of consciousness embody a life of service, compassion and unconditional love."

"My work towards higher consciousness starts within."

"My inner work begins with awareness of feelings which become the
doorway for discovering and owning my shadows and wounds. (Emotional

"Healing of my wounds comes from releasing my judgments and forgiving from my heart."

"My personal life mission becomes my guiding force that transcends my
wounds and moves me beyond healing into joyous service.

"I take personal responsibility and am accountable for living in integrity with my mission."

The so-called "New Warrior Empowerment Process" supposed intent is to "put facilitators at one with the work at hand. In integrity with the creation and purpose of each process. In tune with the spirit of each process. Involved as a co creator of reality/evolution/manifestation."

The process of MP is as follows:

first recognzie "problem as opportunity. Notice old paradigm, cultural patterns."

Second, "align with New Warrior Principles. Hold clear vision of desired outcome."

Third, "clearing ask[ing] for help identify and deal with blocks".

Four, develop "action plan" and "learn...process."

Five, "access appropriate emotional intensity with an authentic desire to achieve intent."

Six, "Let go of expectations and attachment to outcome [and] trust The process. Be open to Spirit."

Seven, "go through fear! Engage process with full attention and manifest results."

Eight "lessons learned, do a discovery round [and] make adjustments."

Nine, "sincere appreciation, express gratitude and blessing."

MP concludes, "In initiating men, it's not what you do, it's who you are.
We do not do initiation, initiation does us."

[b:8995cf974c]Editor note: [/b:8995cf974c]For anyone that has previously experienced or studied EST, the Forum or Landmark Education you will readily recognize terms such as "authentic," "integrity" and "accountable for living in intergrity."

MP seems to be in large part a copy of Landmark/EST and other mass marathon training or large group awareness training LGAT.

To better understand this process...

See []

To better understand how this process might parallel coercive persuasion or what is more commonly called "brainwashing"...

See []

Please note the following studies of similar LGATs such as the Forum and Lifespring.

See []

See []

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Mankind project
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Date: March 29, 2006 10:57PM

[Note: the following is summary of previous post due to copyright protest from MP and is within "fair use" guidelines for the purpose of a critical review]

[Exceerpted from "New Warrior Training Principles"]

"Build and hold strong and safe containers."

"Include all men"

"Accept and acknowledge each man for where he is and provide an
opportunity for him to move to his next level."

"Provide primarily experiential training."

"Ground all teaching in core consciousness principles."

"Follow during process, from a step behind; Lead during transitions."

"Support and deepen life mission."

"warrior energy" serves as a "blank mirror for the initiates."

"Our hardness reflects the shadows of the initiates."

What is the initiation process like within MP?

"initiation involves separation" and digging "deep into their ancestral psyches to be the men they were intended to be."

Initiates are to "summon up the Warrior energy...summon up a Shadow, that which you repress, hide, deny...Embrace your shadow and draw its energy...Everything that was forbidden and repressed is now brought to light."

Note: The MP process according to its training literature involves led rituals and essentially what appears to be a kind of group encounter practice along with guided imagery, culminating in a directed awareness experince that can be seen as highly manipulated.

There are circles, face offs, directed eye contact, virtually everything is carefully choreographed. These are called "circuits."

Even the "overall greeting process" strives to achieve a "seamless flow" and every man must be ready and know what to do.

MP even keeps "tabs on how many initiates are on site" and coordinates all this "by walkie talkie." There is a "holding area" and designated rooms included. So-called "training leaders" guide this process.

Everything at an MP event appears orchestrated in fine detail including the "outside greeter" and "table," there are even counts going on carefully tabulated on a clipboard by the "Data Coordinator."

Watches of leaders and assorted assistants are synchronized.

And virtually all conversation with new initiates is carefully scripted down to what seems like the last detail.

There are seemingly endless check lists that leaders use to ask for "registration, tuition forms, confidential questionnaires, money" and "special arrangements."

Thee are inspections of initiates, who are checked "for issues either to be worked with later in accountability or a vulnerability which may need to be carefully protected. (i.e. sometimes men bring very tender wounds we can see only when they arrive in person). Sometimes you will see a need for reassurance. Give it! This may be the one final human touch which make the difference for that man hanging in there until he completes the training."

All this can be seen as a kind of group therapy experience, but without the proper professional oversight through licensed counselors or psychologists, which is an often stated problem that makes LGATs potentially unsafe.

Exercise after exercise is very detailed and rehearsed. Nothing appears to be spontaneous, no matter what the initiates may think.

Ultimately the process may intentionally be designed to "snap you right out of that other world in a flash...Nohing makes sense here...only to feel."

This can be seen as a fairly typical LGAT approach to manipulate or solicit a subjective feeling or specific awareness amongst its participants.

MP is apparently big on photo ops and there are "Polaroid...50 to 75 photos, 2 for each initiate."

Both "before" and "after" the process.

MP wants to "record each brother's transformational process as history...and the "Initiate feels honored as we take his image."

There is a "graduation event" like Landmark Education has for its Forum.

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Mankind project
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Date: March 30, 2006 06:14AM

"A complete breakdown of one of their weekends" reflects that every minute is carefully planned and blocked out and that nothing is really vesry spontaneious, though the initiates probably perceive otherwise.

Beginning on Thursday at 7:00 PM through the weekend event ending at Sunday 4:00 PM everything is carefully scripted right down to the "goodbye process."

Mankind project
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Date: March 30, 2006 07:50PM

This follows from the Photographer section in the post above the one above.

[Note: per copyright protest by MP the following it a summary quoting MP material from previous post within "fair use" guidelines for the purpose of a critical review]

"Empowering Intent: Stripping away the outside world."

And participants "sign yet another agreement and taking away his name and giving him a number."

Everything is designated including "pend, name tags, flashlight" and a "candle."

There is an "On site Release Form."

Leaders are instructed to say: "Read this carefully and look at me when you're done!"

Initiates are told "don't talk about your experience when you leave here, don't copy it, don't talk about anybody else when you leave here, and don't hurt anyone while you're here."

Some pivotal points during the training:

"Each initiate basks for a moment in the light as he descends into darkness."

"Each man directly confronts the ultimate questions of life he gets a brief vision of a higher purpose (sacred king & mission) before he continues the descent into chaos and blackness."

Again, there seems to be some manipulation of this process as the "King/Elder" is told "Make real statements of inquiry, light questions. This permits more room to not answer, as many men will not have any answer. We want at this point for initiates to 'hear' and hold the question. You may be surprised by the deep (perhaps archetypal) recognition men display when they feel these questions. You may see or feel them jump, jolt or startle."

There is a "ritual elder serving as the symbolic 'king' ...with a candles placed so as to illuminate both your eyes and the initiates eyes."

Could this be hypnosis?

More choreographed rituals carefully scripted follow more "eye contact" a "blessing" and "prayrer."

There is scripted Q and A with "King/Elder" asking the questions allowing "15 seconds" for a response. And whatever the initiate says the leader says "Thank you."

There is again some acknowledgement of the power of the "process," which "may snap the men from a deeply emotional place of soul to more spiritual cognitive place."

And over the "three days of the NWTA the theme gets planted (1), nurtured (2), tilled (3) and harvested."

"King/Elder" also "plants the idea of mission and service as one of the first things during the greeting Friday night."

"New brothers" then "know their mission and the inner king whom they serve as New Warriors."

MP notes distintions between categories of men such as thos "under 30" and "Men in mid life (age 34 45)."

Then the "Initiates surrender some more of the security of their outside world" and the leader is to "Begin stripping initiates of personal items."

This includes "all jewelry, keys, money, electrical devices, sacred objects,
tobacco, weapons, drugs, time pieces, and food."

This is thne sealed in a "bag" and put "into contraband room."

"Escorts" are used to "firmly guide...initiates to where they need to go."

Firm commands are given such as "Sit there" or "Stand here."

Again, there are detailed and choreographed rituals timed to the second such as bringing initiates to "the pit" at times "blindfolded."

There is an "Escort Coordinator."

Initiates lose "worldly attachments by removing his personal stuff." This stuff is referred to as "identity items."

Every command in this process is scripted such as "Put your stuff on this table," "Open it," "Take everything out" and "Hurry up."

"Reading material" is "confiscated."

The emphasis of seemingly endless scripted questions apparently is submission, obedience and ultimately surrender.

MP initiates are reduced to a number. Staffers ask, "Who are you, number __ ?" Staffers then "repeat" this "with variation as often as needed."

MP explains, "we want the initiate to acknowledge his number as part of
getting him to lighten up on his current identity."

Beginning to sound a bit like "brainwashing"?

See []

"Why are you here?" and "How is this like your life?" MP uses this as what it calls "throwaways." They "don't expect or wait for an answer and accept any answer."

The purpose of all this is "to stimulate some self questioning under pressure and keep [initiates] off balance."

Participants even go through "The Pat Down" a personal search, which MP says "is partially an intimidation process." Staffers are told to "make careful notes about "men with extremely resistant attitudes for accountability team and future reference."

During the MP weekend "initiates are suddenly left in the dark for deeper contemplation and reflection." This helps them to begin "feeling the descent."

Staffers are coached by MP to show "some feelings of anger" and "notice that some asshole" has done something wrong.

Again, this all seems to be a process of breaking down initiates.

MP says "We model a sense of safety within the male intensity of male conflict in which initiates feel strangely safe."

MP says its "training is about taking a look at the shadow, that in ourselves we repress, hide and deny. We look at how our lives as men work or don't work. You could resist, but that is not why you came."

But MP claims this is "educational, and not therapeutic."

The following steps are outlined by MP regarding a process of "accountability."

"Confront with his behavior"

"Ask 'Why'"

"Challenge explanations and excuses."

Coclusion: "Nothing happens by chance" and "There are no accidents."

MP defines "integrity" as "taking responsibility for your life, owning all of who we are, including the shadow."

And "Being accountable means being in integrity."

The stated goals of the MP "accountability" proces are to:

"introduce the concept of 'shadow"

"Break patterns of rationalization and victim."

"Connect consequences to personal choice"

"Get past some identity defenses in getting how and why we do things"

"Feel the forgiveness of honoring shadow through 'make ups'"

"Create safety by demonstration of our ability to handle confrontation"

"Learn that honorable men can be accountable to each other"

"At end, repeat opening Shadow statement."

MP has what it calls a "secret male ritual."

This includes scripted recitations regarding the importance of "commitment, " and to keep MP's practices "secret."

MP states, "All of the processes we do are secret."

And almost like a mantra MP wants its participants to know "This is not a therapy group this is an educational training."

Similar to other LGATs that understand "therapy" is something you might need to be licensed for and that might also require professional credentials.

Initiates are told that the "training...will challenge [them] both physically and emotionally."

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Mankind project
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Date: March 31, 2006 06:13AM

How in the world did you get this information. I am curious as to how you even got involved with MKP.

Mankind project
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Date: March 31, 2006 07:46AM

How in the world did you get this information.

Respectfully, please don't ask. All I'll say is some people don't realise what they share online. So I don't know who they are, I just know everything they have on their computer - fairly legally - through some p2p software. that THEY were a member of, and THEY were sharing this folder - hunt for the right words for long enough..... and you find some things!

I am curious as to how you even got involved with MKP.

They tried to recruit the wrong person!

My mother always told me my questions would land someone in trouble!

To anyone who knows anyone involved in this - do you best to get them out of it! I'm trying to work out where the money goes - if anyone can offer any clues.....

Mankind project
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Date: March 31, 2006 08:04AM

And some more - I am posting this to help other demystify this BS to people who are being conned. I have nothing against any of the spiritual nature of this. People are free to believe whatever they want. They do not need to pay £500 to be starved and deprived of sleep and dignity.

All below is from their not so small manual of mind alteration.

[Note: the following is a summary of previous post due to copyright protest from MP and is within "fair use" guidelines for the purpose of a critical review]

MP states that its "Empowering Intent" is "To change the energy from emotional to cognitive and invite the initiates to explore their masculinity in another form."

Men supposedly "learn by answering...questions," which are scripted by MP.

To acheive this process there are forms and more forms, pens pads and a "Confidential Questionnaire" to find out about what MP wants to know about its initiates.

Everything done including completing forms is times to the minute and carefully orchestrated.

Even the use of toilets may have "therapeutic value in terms of dealing with shame."

MP allows that "the choice of piss receptacle remains the local center option."

MP repeats what it calls the "New Warrior Context" at least three times through the weekend. This appears to be its "visionary" composite philosophy, not unlike other LGATs that insist participants "get it."

"It" for MP apparently is its "Warrior Context"

"reality of our physical world"

"Physics is the study of physical matter. Metaphysics is the study of...the big picture."Imagine all that matter and all of it the same stuff. I'm that same stuff.

"My reality is as I imagine it to be."

"My thought and my belief in my thought create my reality, my universe.
As the creator of my own unique reality, I am essentially alone in the universe as I know it."

"we must agree on at least some of our shared universe, and because this is so, we are co creators of our shared reality..."

"who I am with you is my choice, a decision I make."

"men have been warriors...Unfortunately as technology and the ego self developed, warriors became soldiers destroying and dominating in the service of a tyrant king..."

"The old warrior/soldier is obsolete. The transformation from the old to the new has begun."

"The new warrior has a new mission...[to be] co creators of new way of being for men...with our developed brains, we can make our mission new!"

In what can be seen as a preemptive strike regarding its critics MP says...

"A vision is always ahead of its time and usually unpopular, because mankind resists and fears change. That fear can make it dangerous to be a visionary. The New Warrior lives on the cutting edge facing that fear, in order to manifest his vision into our universe."

MP explains that "Transformation" is "moving from one way of being to another" and "facing the shadows of the past."

And much like Landmark Education preaches in its Forum weekend participants at the MP weekend are told to be "emotionally authentic."

"unconditional love" is also emphasized."

Ultimately MP is about initiates being asked to "co create" a "vision" because "when enough of us believe...we will create unconditional love as the reality of our universe."

Initiates are therefore encouraged to "touch a wound" to express their "vulnerability."

And staffers are encouraged to "Make initiate aware of their issues, blocks and walls...their wounds in hearing each other."

There is an exercise that has as its " open the wounds."

Participants "sit on pillows in [a] pit" with their "pProcess leaders" while MP staffers called "scribes" take notes.

The questioning of initiates through this process grows increasingly more confrontational as the staffers dig deeper through their Q and A process.

Each man in encouraged to "feels the power of the archetypal joyful boy" and "wild man."

MP founder "Ron Hering developed this visualization as a 'gift' for his brothers."

MP says that "this suggests that [they] have actually prepared the way toward enlightenment for thousands of men." And says "Blessings to Ron for a truly awesome 'gift.'"

In what can be seen as fairly standard guided imagery techique men are asked "to close their eyes and begin the relaxation suggestions. When ready do the recitation or reading of the story."

Getting "it" withing MP means also understanding "the Gift."

Understanding that the "purpose of this process is to connect you with the Wild Man, The Adventurer, the child and the sovereign in you.
To give you a Gift that combines all of those characteristics together, in you."

"This is a visualization that will require physical movement" MP states.

The process then directs and seemingly manipulates the feelings of the men through its instructions and a dose of "Holographic Music."

There are breathing exercises not unlike the meditation techniques practiced by Neo-Eastern groups that appear to shape and influence thinking and emotions.

As the men breathe they are told to say "I am," and "I am relaxed."

The process can be seen as a type of hypnosis or trance induction.

In what appears to be an altered state of consciousness acheived by the exercises the men are then told "we're leaving this place, we're going to a place far from here and right next door, we're going to a place you've never been before, and a place you've lived your whole life...And in this time and in this place there is a village. A village with a great man living there, a king, or a chief, or an emperor."

The story goes on and on detailing life in the imaginary realm until "one day something wonderful happens."

All this time a set play list of music provides background.

The men are told that "an Adventurer comes into [their] village, a person seeking excitement, a challenge, the kind of man who wants to find out!"

Thy are then asked to "take on the posture of the Adventurer...the one that likes to be on the cutting edge."

More visualization techniques follow regarding this transformation so that the initiate can "build it, feel it, enjoy it."

The story continues and "The Adventurer is brought before the great man" who tells him what to do and he responds, "Yes! That's just the kind of thing I like!"

He then goes on his journey, MP initiates imagine this through more visualization techniques.

Eventually the imaginary man confronts "his own reflection in [a] pond, and... [says] This must be the place!...he returns to the village and gathers up other men" and they empty the pond "to see what's there."

This takes time but they finally see "the figure of a Wild Man, covered with hair from head to foot the color of rusty iron because he has been under water so long. He is the original Wild Man, a two million old man, Iron John."

Now initiates are guided to become "the Wild Man" and "feel the wild, ancient, two million year old part of [themselves]."

More guided imagery instructions follow.

BTW "women find the [Wild man] him secretly thrilling, and their thighs moisten, but they pretend to be disgusted."

MP initiates are then asked to feel like a "caged" Wild man and feel the bars etc. And to "feel the frustration, rage and energy of the wildman in the cage."

As another musical track plays initiates are asked to "become eight years old again. Remember what it's like to be a child..Allow yourself to feel your child...make the noise of the child. Then feel what it is like to be a child again."

Then they visualize a "golden ball" that "symbolizes [their][and] wholeness.

More music and more about getting the "golden ball back." But only if Wild man gets out of his cage.

And the "key" to release Wild man "is under your mothers pillow!"

More music and it's time to unlock the cage a CD is repeated continuously.

Mor visualization as initiates "feel the lock opening, you feel and hear it click and the lock falls away, the door flies open, and out leaps the wildman!"

Initiates then "feel the Wild Man running towards the woods [and]...know that [their lives] will never be the same again."

Following this seemingly contrived epiphany MP men are encouraged to have "physical contact" for "bonding." Various partnering exercises promote the bonding.

Then there are various group exercises.

MP staffers are told to "Push them to be truthful and to go deep."

"Staff all support their efforts to stand up as a group with cheers and applause...[and] Get the playful juices going in preparation for Midnight Adventure."

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Mankind project
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Date: March 31, 2006 08:26AM

New Warrior Context

Reality starts with what we know. In our reality what we know is physical matter. In the reality of our physical world, physical matter exists. Physics is the study of physical matter.

Recently, physicists have discovered scientifically what some ancient philosophical systems and religions have claimed for millennia. Namely that all matter is the same stuff! We now know scientifically that all matter is light energy and that the differences in the matter we experience are the result of light energy vibrating at different frequencies: Dense matter like rocks, steel or earth = Slow vibrations; Faster vibrations = air, water and flesh.
Physics is the study of physical matter. Metaphysics is the study of all the matter of the universe: the big picture. Imagine all that matter and all of it the same stuff. I'm that same stuff.

And with the matter that is my brain, I seem to have the ability to hold and manipulate that stuff, that light, the matter of the universe, in such a way as to mold and create my perception or the universe. Because my reality, my universe, is to me as I see and feel it to be. My reality is as I imagine it to be. My universe and I are utterly interrelated. There is nothing that can separate me from the universe except me.


This is garbage. Physics doesn't give anyone the power to have control over matter. Clearly the Warrior brain have no understanding of physics.

This is not physics. It's pseudo-science and it's rubbish. Why don't you leave physics to physicists!

... A physicist.

Mankind project
Posted by: lightwolf ()
Date: March 31, 2006 09:30PM

A vision is always ahead of its time and usually unpopular, because mankind resists and fears change. That fear can make it dangerous to be a visionary. The New Warrior lives on the cutting edge facing that fear, in order to manifest his vision into our universe.

Who I am in relation to you is my decision. If my personal mission transcends the old dominating way of being, it will, by nature, become a mission of service. How I choose to serve is my personal mission. And that mission determines who I am in relation to you and the other creatures with whom I share this reality, this planet, this universe.

Transformation moving from one way of being to another, often means facing the shadows of the past. The hurt and pain of the past can be healed. That healing comes from the heart, from emotionally authentic experiences of releasing judgements and forgiving.

With the past healed, and my mission in focus, I know I can relate to you with unconditional love. The child I was, believed that the world could be that way. The man that I am, knows that the creation of that reality begins with me, and it grows with each one of you who will co create that vision with me.
When enough of us believe in the vision and live our lives through our personal mission, we will create unconditional love as the reality of our universe.
All of this BS is garbage. Whether it is Landmark, Lifespring, PSI, Mankind, self-appointed gurus like Wayne Dyer, etc. etc. etc. it is all the same inane drivel. Cheesy au-gratin potato vomit comes to mind.

The pseudo-science midonov pointed to (I loved the "we know scientifically" stuff -- if reality is what we make of it, how can you "know" anything, and besides, string theory is THEORY, not known) is one big piece. Here we have narcissitic empowerment -- seeing yourself as "dangerous," a "visionary," "living on the cutting edge," resisting fear. How the heads must puff up when willing people hear this -- feeding a desire to be powerful with this poison programs them to meet resistance with joy -- resistance is the price to pay for being on the cutting edge, leading a transformation that will heal and save this planet, this universe. In this way they are affirmed and further empowered by resistance. The hooks go deeper.

Healing is never forgotten in this New Age drivel either -- first the siren song that calls in people hoping to get rid of the baggage that makes their life "not work," and then puffs them up with the illusion of power to "heal" others by enrolling them or going off into tangental pursuits such as alternative medicine.

I guess we now know why it is so important for them to enroll the rest of us -- it's not to line the pockets of the powerful of course, or to validate their own experience -- it's to co-create "unconditional love as the reality of our universe."

Please. . . . I'll pass. :roll:

I'll take door # 2.

Thanks RU for posting this info. Even though there isn't a lot new here -- we've seen it in many of the other groups, it does further confirm a pattern.


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